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Neon Fluttershy Wallpaper

Fluttershy wallpaper

Twilight: [link]

Rainbow Dash: [link]

Pinkie Pie: [link]

Rarity: [link]

Applejack: [link]

Princess Celestia: [link]

Princess Luna: [link]

Nightmare Moon: [link]

Cadance: [link]

Chrysalis: [link]

DJ-Pon3: [link]
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20/10 Masterpiece 🙌🏼

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is this for desktop?
I did back in 2016, i had no experience with any kind of Tiffany stuff and only 2 days of access to the tools and also no explanation as to how that stuff worked. So its not good, but do i have to fear to be sued because of bad rushed plagiarism and no credits to the original artist? D:
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Cutie and best pony looks great!
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This is PERFECT for my Note 3 wallpaper!
Ill post my wallpaper and Ill mention iyou to my description!
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Can you make a lyra one or teach me how to make neon wallpapers? I really like it, though!

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Firstly, this is amazing. But, sadly, it has been stolen! 
I am warning the artist now.
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Okay, they've blocked me and flagged my comments as spam. Guess that's my que to report.
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SimGretina, one of the greatest remixers/song writers used this, and a few others.. and I just absolutely love it so much... I wanna know how one does this... Can you give me The Inside scoop on your amazing Art Ideas?
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Wonder if Sim has her own Devianart account here... nice to point that out though
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Can't stop thinking, at the end of episode 26, when Fluttershy goes crazy with not getting near the animals at the gardens of the gala.
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what program do u use for this??
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I use photoshop cs5, but you can do it in other programs too
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okii, thank you :D
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Will there be a Derpy Hooves one? :)
These wallpapers are just amazing!
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its so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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