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Maud Pie

:iconmaudpieplz: :iconsaysplz:I only have one word, "ROCKS":iconsaysendplz:


Pinkie Pie© Hasbro
Maud Pie© Hasbro
My little Pony© Hasbro
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© 2014 - 2021 ZantyARZ
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Aw, I love them! (Also I can't believe Maud was introduced so long ago.....)
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Maud is clearly ecstatic here. Good picture. 
Kinda odd to see Pinkie so calm. I mean, there's no motion blur at all. ;)
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"Well, Pinkie, are you gonna kiss me, so I can focus on something other than rocks for a little while? I do have feelings and I want to express a sexy side of me. Let's find a quiet place to explore our sexuality in private."
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They really are lovely, love them both. Heart Heart 
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They 2 are so cut e in this painting i love it!
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Ohmergorsh this is soooo adorable!!!!
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I have only one word too  cool
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How sweet! Meow :3 Hug Huggle! Heart Love 
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That's so sweet!Hug Love the drawing technique!
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I continue to enjoy Maud as a sibling more than Shining Armor, and this art helps show why. :)
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That was such a good episode, very sweet
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Love the love that Pinky is showing her sister! :D
i wish i had maud as a sister
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:iconmaudpieplz::iconsaysplz: I don't really like candy.  But I love Pinkie Pie.:iconsaysendplz:
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How wonderful!Clap 
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