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My Bio

2021 - so I will always be grateful for Xnalara without it I would have never started 3D modeling but it's obvious the program will never have a real update again so continuing to invest time on it seems pointless when way better options exist and my new main program is now Daz3D. its just as easy to use offers way better graphics real-time and actual rendering plus I'm kind of likeing making my own unique characters rather than what is just from videogames. but I still wish I could Easily import the XPS format into Daz3D because it's not the models that are outdated it's the software used to view them and I still like the way the XPS format is structuredbut some day I'm sure this will be a reality. But I'm going to start releasing custom models for Daz3d soon theres just a few more tricks I need to learn to make this happen. So in the mean time I'm just going to keep uploading my renders.

2020 - Just the last old school xnalara model artist left on deviantart.

Let's give it up for the fallen great ones they and there legendary modeling skills you will be forever missed. if not for them I'd have no skill my self. And if you don't know who they are you missed out on xnalara golden years. Because nowadays everything has fallen apart. If I see one more mesh mod made using the Doa5 body I'm going to find a way to reach through the screen and strangle that person. It's tuning us in to a one trick community. It's time to grow and bring the individuality back to are creations and not mass produce the same thing over and over again.

2015 - I never touched 3d modeling software until 2012 when I found xnalara. before that I was into program modification, on everything from basic application activation cracking to windows and android interface/control customization and manipulation also some light network security penetration hacking. but a series of unfortunate events led to an abrupt end of my hacking endeavors. after that I only really used a computer for basic internet use and android rooting. but after messing with xnalara for a while I figured I try my hand at 3d modeling, and thanks to the knowledge I gained manipulating and twisting programs it allowed me to quickly learn and excel in mesh modification and design. and now can do just about everything whether it be texture creation, customization and mapping or mesh designing/editing and advanced armature rigging. but I also know for every one thing I do know there's 10 more thing I don't know.

the best thing I've learned when modeling is don't fall in to a routine keep trying different ideas and concepts. try not to make a model the same way twice because when you fall in to a routine, you are no longer learning.

Favourite Movies
Cruella, Ready player one, Alita battle angel, Patema Inverted, Ghost in the shell, Deadpool, iron man, the wall, pulp fiction, Cybel, Four rooms, hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, most Kevin Smith movies, scanner darkly, FF7 advent children
Favourite TV Shows
Rick and Morty, Dream Corp LLC., ATHF, robot chicken, perfect hair forever, adventure time, Gumball, Unikitty, workaholics, Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, Knight Rider, Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
NofX, afi, dead kennedys, pink floyd, Silversun Pickups, Metric, K-Flay, NERO, infected mushroom, muse, metric, modestep, me first and the gimme gimmes, 311, jon lajoie, no buffer
Favourite Games
Cyber punk 2077, gal*gun, watch dogs, code vain, days gone, last of us, dusk diver, Raging Loop, death stranding, dead space, WET, alice madness returns, ff7/ff8/ff15, red dead redemption, GTA, deus ex, bioshock, legacy of kain blood omin/soul reaver,
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Daz3d, GIMP, blender, XNALara, Cloak, make human, Face-Gen, meshlab, 3d max, Utorrent, windows,


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Yeah if game models are in daz they might as well look the part. When in Rome right

Talim for Genesis 8 -  HD Texture and Shaders

I Love Her So Much! I've wanted her in Daz for awhile now and made many failed attempts to do so. Finally I don't have to knock myself out trying anymore.

194 2019 09 07 Emote Squeee
Nezuko for G8F and G8.1F