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Honesty = EVIL XD
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My Bio
(VenomMyotismon cosplay on Japanizam festival 2012)

Gimme sexy when I want or the boys GET SPANKED!!!! ;P :horny:

Just had to write that down! :love:

Random thingz: HI! My name is Ana, the Gothic Man! :rofl: *just kidding, that's not the way you pronounce my last name, but it sounded funny* :rofl: *And yes, I'm a GIRL! :XD:*

Though I'm a physics student at university in Belgrade, that doesn't mean I'm interested just in physics. :aww: I tend to learn and try out different things in my life, maybe just to see the reaction of other people. I have always loved animals - I still regret the fact that I won't become a veterinarian in the future. My current goal is to become a physics professor, but I always say that if I finish four things, I can die happy! :iconlarryplz: (And those are: 1. Publish a novel; 2. Make a short but amusing game; 3. Make a short cartoon; 4. See Dracula's castle)

Personal stuffz: I think of myself as an honest person, cause I always say the truth to the people I love and care about. *I know that not everyone likes to hear it, but if you care about me the same way I do, you'll understand - that means that I expect the truth from you too* I forgive if you don't say anything at all! :hug: That's why I appreciate Vanxee as my first and most awesome tutor/mentor! :cuddle:
Deep within my body and soul, I'm a philosopher, fan artist, karateist, gore/macabre/blood/fantasy lover and a proud vorarephil! :love: That doesn't mean I won't fav cute&fluffy things from time to time! :meow: I play flute! :XD:
As for art, I love to draw male characters/creatures, devilish smiles *for some reason, smiles always make me happy! :aww:* and try out different styles and mediums. I'm always open for suggestions and critiques! :nod:

The big "no-no"s: *I don't hate them, but I dislike them* Liars *I think I'm human enough to dislike the persons that look me into the eyes and lie. I forgive the first time, but if it continues, it makes me pissed! :chainsaw:*, people which don't have their own opinions, mosquitos *especially when there are dozens of them in the place where I am*, math, fish *I like to watch them swimming around, but as food, it makes me sick as soon as I smell them* and hot&spicy food.
I also tolerate "gossips" because people who make them don't have smarter things to do nor they have a life. :nod:

Conclusion: "My profession? I'm a witch - I speak the truth." - Sergei Lukyanenko "Day Watch"

Thus, I define myself as evil. :meow:

That's all from me! Thanx for reading and trying to know me better! :hug:

Current Residence: My room, next to a physics book, a pencil and a computer! ^^
Favourite genre of music: Everything that keeps me in the good mood!
Favourite photographer: Do best friends count?
Favourite style of art: Surealism! (iliti nadrealizam za srpsku celjad! :D)
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Sony always! ;)
Shell of choice: Mmmm..... Ear shell?...
Wallpaper of choice: My wallpaper! :D
Skin of choice: Dragon and vampire skin mix! :P
Favourite cartoon character: Mask, Myotismon, Joker, Grievous, Hades, Mayuri, Cedric, D, Meyer, Morbius, Alucard, Abel, Ryuk....
Personal Quote: Laboranda es! (You should always try hard!)

Favourite Movies
The Mask, Silence of the lambs & Interview with a vampire! ^^
Favourite Writers
Kim Newman, Anne Rice and Darren Shan (though I hate how he's finished Darren Saga)
Favourite Games
Just ALL of the Legacy of Kain series! ;)
Tools of the Trade
Everything that has to do with vampires, devilish smiles, nagas, dragons or martial arts! :D
Other Interests
Drawing, writing, MALE: vampires, dragons, nagas, mad clowns or things with HUGE devilish smiles...
EDIT: Thanks to the amazing ~Tsa05 ( I'm having subscription again! :woohoo: I'm planning to work with him on an awesome project that you guys will hopefully see soon enough! ^w^ END OF EDIT! As you'll see in a matter of hours, I won't have a premium subscription anymore. Maybe I'll renew it at some point when I become more active here. In the meantime, I'll feature some awesome deviations here and brighten my gallery up! Hope you enjoy it! Take care and love ya all! :hug: :glomp: :blowkiss: (and thanks to all who wished me happy birthday, you guys are awesome! :iconbigheartplz: I was away for a couple of days at that time, that's why
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Positive news!

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I know I have been gone for a while now, but it couldn't be helped - for a year now, I've been working as a physics teacher at a local Elementary school. Truth be told, I was quite terrified when I started working, but now - I see that working with children is my true calling, dream job to say at least. I am finally doing the things that I wanted for a while now: Physics needs to be taught in a modern way, using all the modern technology that's around us. (In my case, games are the best option! :D) The bad things in this whole case are: 1) I have very VERY limited time for drawing - I use all that time for drawing commissions; 2) I haven't f
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 I never thought I would come this far! 8 years for me is SO MUCH! I started here with some personal artworks (featuring 2 characters from my unpublished novel - Dranos and Normina)..... and cards like these that I made for all sorts of people...........shortly coming to Joker fandom...... (I love you all people that I met during this period! :heart: )..... ....finally opening up with my views and preferences...... .....and now finally working on high quality works and selling my own artworks! .....this little Teemo figurine was a gift, but look! I'm even making figurines now! :D I do love and enjoy staying in here. Met so many
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Stay safe!

Thank you! <3 Sorry for replying so late! ;_;

Happy Birthday

Thank you! <3 Sorry for replying so late! ;_;

np. better late than never
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Hope you are going to have a wonderful day. :3c