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Feeding Frenzy


Feeding Frenzy

Once a week, Sora loaded up his truck with the farm's animal byproducts and drove out into the woods. The tradition had started about a year before. Sora had found a young naga, his own age, emaciated and hungry and digging through their trash for food. He was lucky he'd caught the creature before it went after any of the live animals. That particular day, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The woods were a bit quiet, but Sora drove to the naga's preferred meeting place without any trouble. Riku; that was the naga's name. He didn't tell anyone, neither his family nor his friends, about his little missions to the wilderness. Sora figured he

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Joker says HI

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My Bio
(VenomMyotismon cosplay on Japanizam festival 2012)

Gimme sexy when I want or the boys GET SPANKED!!!! ;P :horny:

Just had to write that down! :love:

Random thingz: HI! My name is Ana, the Gothic Man! :rofl: *just kidding, that's not the way you pronounce my last name, but it sounded funny* :rofl: *And yes, I'm a GIRL! :XD:*

Though I'm a physics student at university in Belgrade, that doesn't mean I'm interested just in physics. :aww: I tend to learn and try out different things in my life, maybe just to see the reaction of other people. I have always loved animals - I still regret the fact that I won't become a veterinarian in the future. My current goal is to become a physics professor, but I always say that if I finish four things, I can die happy! :iconlarryplz: (And those are: 1. Publish a novel; 2. Make a short but amusing game; 3. Make a short cartoon; 4. See Dracula's castle)

Personal stuffz: I think of myself as an honest person, cause I always say the truth to the people I love and care about. *I know that not everyone likes to hear it, but if you care about me the same way I do, you'll understand - that means that I expect the truth from you too* I forgive if you don't say anything at all! :hug: That's why I appreciate Vanxee as my first and most awesome tutor/mentor! :cuddle:
Deep within my body and soul, I'm a philosopher, fan artist, karateist, gore/macabre/blood/fantasy lover and a proud vorarephil! :love: That doesn't mean I won't fav cute&fluffy things from time to time! :meow: I play flute! :XD:
As for art, I love to draw male characters/creatures, devilish smiles *for some reason, smiles always make me happy! :aww:* and try out different styles and mediums. I'm always open for suggestions and critiques! :nod:

The big "no-no"s: *I don't hate them, but I dislike them* Liars *I think I'm human enough to dislike the persons that look me into the eyes and lie. I forgive the first time, but if it continues, it makes me pissed! :chainsaw:*, people which don't have their own opinions, mosquitos *especially when there are dozens of them in the place where I am*, math, fish *I like to watch them swimming around, but as food, it makes me sick as soon as I smell them* and hot&spicy food.
I also tolerate "gossips" because people who make them don't have smarter things to do nor they have a life. :nod:

Conclusion: "My profession? I'm a witch - I speak the truth." - Sergei Lukyanenko "Day Watch"

Thus, I define myself as evil. :meow:

That's all from me! Thanx for reading and trying to know me better! :hug:

Current Residence: My room, next to a physics book, a pencil and a computer! ^^
Favourite genre of music: Everything that keeps me in the good mood!
Favourite photographer: Do best friends count?
Favourite style of art: Surealism! (iliti nadrealizam za srpsku celjad! :D)
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Sony always! ;)
Shell of choice: Mmmm..... Ear shell?...
Wallpaper of choice: My wallpaper! :D
Skin of choice: Dragon and vampire skin mix! :P
Favourite cartoon character: Mask, Myotismon, Joker, Grievous, Hades, Mayuri, Cedric, D, Meyer, Morbius, Alucard, Abel, Ryuk....
Personal Quote: Laboranda es! (You should always try hard!)

Favourite Movies
The Mask, Silence of the lambs & Interview with a vampire! ^^
Favourite Writers
Kim Newman, Anne Rice and Darren Shan (though I hate how he's finished Darren Saga)
Favourite Games
Just ALL of the Legacy of Kain series! ;)
Tools of the Trade
Everything that has to do with vampires, devilish smiles, nagas, dragons or martial arts! :D
Other Interests
Drawing, writing, MALE: vampires, dragons, nagas, mad clowns or things with HUGE devilish smiles...



EDIT: Thanks to the amazing *Tsa05 ( I'm having subscription again! :woohoo: I'm planning to work with him on an awesome project that you guys will hopefully see soon enough! ^w^ END OF EDIT! As you'll see in a matter of hours, I won't have a premium subscription anymore. Maybe I'll renew it at some point when I become more active here. In the meantime, I'll feature some awesome deviations here and brighten my gallery up! Hope you enjoy it! Take care and love ya all! :hug: :glomp: :blowkiss: (and thanks to all who wished me happy birthday, you guys are awesome! :iconbigheartplz: I was away for a couple of days at that time, that's why

Positive news!

Positive news!

I know I have been gone for a while now, but it couldn't be helped - for a year now, I've been working as a physics teacher at a local Elementary school. Truth be told, I was quite terrified when I started working, but now - I see that working with children is my true calling, dream job to say at least. I am finally doing the things that I wanted for a while now: Physics needs to be taught in a modern way, using all the modern technology that's around us. (In my case, games are the best option! :D) The bad things in this whole case are: 1) I have very VERY limited time for drawing - I use all that time for drawing commissions; 2) I haven't f

My deviantART Story

My deviantART Story

 I never thought I would come this far! 8 years for me is SO MUCH! I started here with some personal artworks (featuring 2 characters from my unpublished novel - Dranos and Normina)..... and cards like these that I made for all sorts of people...........shortly coming to Joker fandom...... (I love you all people that I met during this period! :heart: )..... ....finally opening up with my views and preferences...... .....and now finally working on high quality works and selling my own artworks! .....this little Teemo figurine was a gift, but look! I'm even making figurines now! :D I do love and enjoy staying in here. Met so many

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Stay safe!

Thank you! <3 Sorry for replying so late! ;_;

Happy Birthday

Thank you! <3 Sorry for replying so late! ;_;

np. better late than never
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Hope you are going to have a wonderful day. :3c