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Comic Shorts X-mas 2012

A few days early.

Comic Shorts may not of updated in awhile (for various reasons that may or may not include a TON of computer gaming) but that doesn't mean we can't still throw up a picture for the holidays!

So yeah have the Comic Shorts Reproduction cast fighting the Santa suit from Invader Zim, Shadow of the Colossus style, climbing up it's limbs and junk.

I MAY upload a color version as well before Christmas itself hits if I'm happy with how it comes out.

And if you feel so inclined check out our website: [link]
Don't expect any updates any time soon as the next major project you'll probably see from us is a video game. Unless we lose interest in which case it will be a bunch of sprites and sketches for a video game idea.
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The apocalypse is just a joke, and the giant monster behind you is probably fake! ;p
Love this, very funny, and I wish you the same Christmas as well! A merry one, that is.