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CSR Episode1: Page 7

EDIT: So I finally got this inked and updated! LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS! You may of noticed that the background doesn't really have any of the usual "shading" well, though the page does look kind of plain it also looks a lot cleaner. I noticed that despite the bit of detail that shading the background takes, it's time consuming and looks messy. So I decided to leave it out for the last page here. What does that mean for the future? Well not a whole lot actually.

The first issue takes place in what I like to call "the white room" (which I'll be uploading something about soon) so there's no real detail in the backgrounds. In future issues things will actually take place within the world of Comic Shorts and thus will have backgrounds. (Think city-scapes, the inside of buildings, maybe forests, etc.) So stay tuned people! :la:

Okay... I know... not inked. I'd like to say "Well for the sake of time they're all going to be like this now so I can get pages done quicker."

The honest answer? I was playing Terraria when I should of been working on this. I'll update it later when I get the inking done though, promise.

Oh and that last panel there Label Buddy is being dragged off by the cuccos or something... hence the claw marks in the ground... and the blood from his severed arm. (if you noticed in the last page there was an arm flying out of the cartoon "fight cloud")

Go to our website and look at the comic there too! Now updated every other Wednesday! [link]

To read from the beginning start here: [link]

Next page: NONE! Episode 1 is done now please wait for a long long time for Episode 2 to be written drawn and submitted! :D Go look at ~Lekonua's comics while you wait.
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Does this mean I can start queuing up Spritoverse episodes again?