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Ok so this is the first journal in forever
Got tagged by :icontheneonfire:

Here you go.

The Rules
1. You have to post ALL the Rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves.
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 13 people.
5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags.
7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
8. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking ABOUT the entry.
9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator tells you.
10. Be creative with the title. No " I got tagged" stuff.

Here's my questions...

1. Who's your favorite MLP char?
Been a while since I watched it... Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash

2. If you're forced to choose to save only one company from liquidation out of two which it'll be? Nintendo or Sony? (No you can't do a third opinion, I'm tired of the Microsoft hate.)
Nintendo, definitely

3. Cooking or cleaning?
Cooking all the way. Cooking it actually fun, it's just doing the dishes afterwards that is a pain...

4. Least favorite food?
Hmmm.... Broccoli and marzipan?

5. Worst video game you've played?
I don't play a lot of "bad" games, but probably E.T (yes, the old Atari game) that I tried at a game con.

6. Thing you regret the most? Be it writing, drawing, or stuff like that.
I don't really regret doing much, honestly? Can't think of anything

7. You wake up in the middle of nowhere without any of your memories or evidence how you got there, what you do?

8. What you like to have the most?
More money, a game design job...

9. Regular gameplay or Nuzlockes?
Regular gameplay allllll the way - Nuzlockes seems to require too much grinding to manage, and just seem annoying to do for me.

10. What you wish what Microsoft will do to Rare? No Nintendo.
I guess selling some of their old IPs?

11. What you thought about the news about Lionhead Studios and Press Play?
Kinda sucks, I didn't really personally care about the games they made but it's always sad to see studios being closed

12. How are you doing?

13. This isn't a question.
ok lol

Tagging whoever wants to do it because screw the rules. Might come up with questions later yeah
Got tagged by :iconrooboid: earlier


1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves, answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged them and make up 10 questions to pass along.

3. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.

4. You guys: make this your journal entry!

My facts:

1. When I speak to myself I usually talk in English, even though it's not my first language.
2. I want to be a game designer
3. I love rhythm games
4. I learned to read when I was 3
5. When I was a kid, I collected candy wrappers. I had two full shoeboxes before I quit
6. I'm currently (just about to start!) going to college for Game Design
7. I have a 10-page Word document listing things I've misread
8. I don't like potato chips
9. I have a huge backlog of games
10. I'm asexual

Questions for others:

1. Do you share an emotional connection with a specific Video game. If so, how?
Maybe Pokémon (main series), my first game was Pokémon Crystal and I've loved the series ever since

2. Do you wear jewellery? 

3. Are you sober while answering this?
Yeah, I don't drink anyway

4. Is there a certain item of clothing you just hate on people?
Not that I can think of

5. Favourite VOCALOID in terms of Voice?
Gumi maybe

6. Do you gots the bae?

7. If you had to name one inspirational figure in your life who you think helped sculpt you into the person you are today, who is it?
Hm... Shigeru Miyamoto would be one of them, maybe

8. Favourite gaming platform? Any specific reason why?

Right now it's the Wii U

9. Are you feeling so fly like a G6?
Hm... no

10. Please sum up your current mood with a Haiku.

Excited, can't sleep
Tomorrow I start college
Study game design

Not tagging anyone right now
[x] You have an OC that resembles yourself (Derana, kind of... she was originally a sona character but moved away from that. Also Chaletica in personality)
[ ] One of your OC's has your name (No, Zanreo is just... myself, and I don't have any characters named Silke either)
[x] You have OC's that are siblings (Chaletica and Suzie, and Nintendo, Ameritendo and Eurotendo. Some of my characters also have siblings that I haven't really made into characters yet)
[x] You are constantly drawing your OC's (Pretty much the only thing I draw)
[x] You constantly receive positive feedback about one or more of your OC's  (from some of my friends, yes)
Total: 4/5

[x] You have more than five OC's (yes)
[x] Your OC's are varied (yeah)
[/] You have a main OC whom you love the most out of all your OC's (I like all the Consolers characters, but Nintendo is of course one of my favorites. Biased... nah)
[ ] Your OC's are mostly mythical (I wouldn't say so, no)
[ ] A lot of your OC's were adoptables (nope, none)

Total: 2,5/5

[x] You have a 'bad boy' or 'bad girl' OC. (I guess some of the Consolers characters might fit that)
[ ] You have a girly OC (I'm not sure any of them are very "girly")
[x] You have a 'cool' or 'sly' OC. (Derana, Sony... though more "sly" than "cool")
[/] You have a sporty OC
[x] You have a fun OC (Zangella, Nintendo, HAL and a lot of the other Consolers characters)

Total:  3,5/5

[ ] You have a lot of 'perfect' OC's (Not really)
[x] You have a lot of 'imperfect' OC's (Flaws are what makes characters fun)
[x] Most of your OC's are part of a fandom (If "personifications of game companies" counts as fandom)
[x] Most of your OC's are non-fandom (If "personifications of game companies" doesn't count as fandom)
[x] You have an OC that isn't straight. (for my anthros, Chaletica is asexual, Polly is lesbian, Zangella is bi (and some of them I haven't decided on yet), as for the Consolers characters... I can't really imagine companies caring too much what gender their partner is)

Total: 4/5

[ ] You have gotten a polished toy, framed art, ect. made of your OC (I wish...)
[x] You are constantly talking about your OC's to friends. (Yeah)
[/] The first thing you did on dA was make an OC. (Well, I did draw a character I made myself as my first pic on my first account, but never used that character again)
[ ] Your OC participates in a role play. (At least not yet, could be fun)
[x] You have made your OC in a game  (Consolers and a few anthros in Tomodachi Life)
Total:  2,5/5

Now add your totals all together
Then times them by 4
Then title your journal as "im --% addicted to my ocs"

I really should draw my anthro characters more again, do more with them. Maybe make a simple comic
(under construction, information might change)

Consoler - A term for a company that also makes their own video game consoles. Being a Consoler gives you lots of power and high status among the other companies, who makes games for the Consolers, but it's also risky, and if not successful you can lose lots of money and might have to give up this status because you can't afford it. Several companies have tried being Consolers at one point through the ages, but most of them had to give up quickly after lack of success and go back to making games for the others - in some cases it even made them leave the game industry altogether or go out of business. Consolers are usually competitive, and tend to fight and argue with each other a lot.

"Big 3":

Full name: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Human age: 20
Birthday: September 23, 1889 (Made her first game in 1975)
From: Kyoto, Japan
One of the Consolers, Nintendo is a friendly girl who is also one of the biggest video game companies. She's been around for much longer than you'd expect, though not always as a game company. After initially working with card games, she dabbled in various businesses before deciding on games and becoming a Consoler - something she's found great success in. Currently she seems to take life easy and be laid-back most of the time, trying to focus on having fun, but she's also sick of being looked down at or ignored by other companies and big parts of the industry, and can have a bit of a temper relating to this. Some say her personality has drastically changed in the later years - which she herself considers to be for the better. Despite her rivals at first mocking her for her strange choices, they tend to imitate these after they get popular. She strongly believes gameplay makes for the best experience, and sometimes takes risks that end up becoming huge successes. She might not always be the best with all the new conveniences of the other consoles, but makes up for it with her own unique vision of the industry.

Full name: Sony Computer Entertainment
Human age: 19
Birthday: November 16, 1993 * (Sony founded 7 May 1946)
From: Tokyo, Japan
Before he made games, he started out as a Consoler by teaming up with Nintendo, however, long story short, this didn't work out. He decided to become a Consoler by himself instead, and had instant success with the Playstation console. Other companies loved him and his nice development policies, to Nintendo's annoyance, as several of them started focusing more on him instead. He had great sale sucesses in the past, and his games still sells well, but he has lately had some money trouble. But even with several mistakes in the later years, he still seems to have a huge number of fans.

Full name: Microsoft Studios (previously Microsoft Game Studios)
Human age: 19
Birthday: 2002* (Microsoft founded April 4, 1975)
From: Washington, USA
Originally working with computers, after he had made games for some years, he decided to become a Consoler after he felt somewhat threatened by Sony's new console. Since he already knows a lot about computers and the Internet, he's skilled in online features such as multiplayer, although he's known to charge a bit much for this. But he claims this is to ensure the best gaming experience. Lost a lot of trust earlier this year, but has got some of it back after changing policies.

* Note on birthdays/founding: while these companies make things other than video games/consoles, and were founded earlier, this comic will focus on and be about their video game branch, and the "Sony" and "Microsoft" characters refer to Sony Computer Entertainment and Microsoft Studios unless otherwise mentioned. So their "birthday" will be when the video game part was founded. (While Nintendo didn't start out as a game company, the whole company changed into a game company instead of just making a game branch apart from the other things they do.)
So I've been looking at those collabs where several artists go together and one draws sketch, one draws the outlines on top of that sketch and another one does the coloring (I think they're called "switch collabs"?) And I think this would be interesting to try!
I'd need two others for this, and we do three pictures where we switch between doing the sketch, the outlines, and the coloring of each others drawings. Would be fun, and a nice way to compare artstyles!
Preferably someone with somewhat different art styles than me. So, anyone want to join?
So my summer vacation is soon over. But this time it's not too bad because I'm starting game design school :D and I'll live there on my own! Yay!

SO, various stuff that happened over the vacation:
- Got addicted to animal crossing for a while :D
- Went to Desucon, was awesome :D And I got to stay at a friend's house so I didn't have to pay for hotel!
- Got a PS2 from a friend (we had decided to meet up at desucon for that because the mail was being stupid) and also bought a N64 (with Banjo-Kazooie) they had at one of the stands. Expected to get one console and came home with two hehe
- Drew some Consolers, even though I haven't posted that much
- Won an animal crossing giveaway on tumblr, tons of bells and several special exclusive japan-only sets aww yeeaaaaaaah
- beat about 9 games
- completed Ouendan 1 and 2 and Elite Beat Agents on highest difficulty hell yeah
- Watched Monsters University, great movie :D
- I helped a friend run this thing on tumblr called "Camp Hyrule", which was basically Nintendo-related activities, contests ect. for a week, it was fun even though less people than expected joined and participated
- pretty much just being lazy around the house

so I've had a pretty nice vacation! it's been fun!
So I was thinking about that art challenge where you draw yourself in the style of a anime/comic/game/ect.
And I was thinking I wanted to try out some more!

So, just leave a series in the comments and I'll try drawing them! This is fun :D Doesn't have to be a series I know, or that I watch/play, as long as they have a good style to draw in. (preferably no live-action/realistic series because you can't really draw in "their style"...)
that is all.

they are great
so, hi people!

So we recently got a new year and stuff. Let's make good launch of 2013! :D And so far it looks very good gaming-wise!
Animal Crossing and Luigi's Mansion for 3DS... expecting some info about 3D Mario and Wii U Zelda at E3...

And let's not forget the new pokémon! yesterday the 6th gen was revealed, the game is coming out in october this year! it looks so awesome and I'm so hyped already!

And this year I hope to get into school for game design! gonna make the video games yes :3
If you have 00-10 ... write [I'm a goody-goody]
If you have 11-20 ... write [I'm still a goody-goody]
If you have 21-30 ... write [I'm average]
If you have 31-40 ... write [I'm a bad kid]
If you have 41-50 ... write [I'm a very bad influence]
If you have 51-60 ... write [I'm a horrible person]
If you have 61-70 ... write [I should be in jail]
If you have 71-80 ... write [I should be dead]
If you have 81-90 ... write [I got a ticket to Hell]


[ ] Smoked
[x] Consumed alcohol (just a small sip)
[ ] Slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex
[ ] Slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex
[ ] Kissed someone of the same sex
[ ] Had sex
[x] Had someone in your room other than family
[ ] Watched porn
[ ] Bought porn
[ ] Tried drugs


[x] Taken painkillers
[ ] Taken someone else's prescription medicine
[x] Lied to your parents
[x] Lied to a friend
[x] Snuck out of the house
[x] Done something illegal
[x] Felt hurt
[x] Hurt someone
[x] Wished someone to die  
[ ] Seen someone die


[ ] Missed curfew
[x] Stayed out all night
[x] Eaten a carton of ice cream by yourself
[ ] Been to a therapist
[x] Received a ticket
[ ] Been to rehab
[ ] Dyed your hair
[ ] Been in an accident
[ ] Been to a club
[ ]Been to a bar


[ ] Been to a wild party
[ ] Been to a Mardi Gras parade
[ ] Drank more than three alcoholic beverages in a night
[ ] Had a spring break in Florida
[ ] Sniffed anything
[x] Wore black nail polish
[ ] Wore arm bands
[ ] Wore t-shirts with band names
[x] Listened to rap
[ ] Owned a 50 Cent CD


[ ] Dressed gothic
[ ] Dressed girly
[ ] Dressed punk
[ ] Dressed grunge
[x] Stole something  
[ ] Been too drunk to remember anything
[x] Blacked out
[x] Fainted
[ ] Had a crush on a neighbor


[ ] Had a crush on a friend
[ ] Been to a concert  
[ ] Been dry humped
[ ] Been called a slut
[ ] Called someone a slut
[ ] Installed speakers in a car
[x] Broken a mirror
[ ] Showered at someone of the opposites sex's house
[x] Brushed your teeth with someone else's toothbrush (took my brother's by accident once. ew...)


[ ] Considered Ludacris your favorite rapper
[x] Seen an R-rated movie
[ ] Cruised the mall
[x] Skipped school
[x] Had surgery
[x] Had an injury
[ ] Gone to court
[ ] Walked out of a restaurant without paying/tipping
[x] Lied about your age  


[ ] Owned/rented an apartment/house (how is this bad? if anything it shows you're mature and responsible enough to live on your own?)
[ ] Broke the law in the police's presence  
[ ] Made out with someone who had a GF/BF
[ ] Got in trouble with the police  
[x] Talked to a stranger
[x] Hugged a stranger  
[ ] Kissed a stranger
[ ] Rode in the car with a stranger
[ ] Been harassed
[x] Been verbally harassed  


[x] Met face-to-face with someone you met online  
[x] Stayed online for 5+ hours straight
[ ] Talked on the phone for more than 4 hours straight
[x] Watched TV for 5 hours straight  
[x] Been to a fair
[ ] Been called a bad influence  
[ ] Drank and drove
[x] Prank-called someone
[x] Laid on a couch with someone of the opposite sex
[x] Cheated on a test

Grand total: 40
(posted this on tumblr a while ago and want to share it here)

I've known for a long time that when I grow up and get a job, I want to follow my dreams, no matter how unrealistic or difficult.

And what I want to be, right now at least, is a game designer or something in gaming (well, except programmer or any coding stuff), failing that I want to be an animator, or illustrator or something with drawing, or something "creative" at least… it's things I have an interest in, and that I think I would enjoy working with. (plus the thought of having my own series/franchise is pretty neat)
Well, I'm not sure what my family will think about this, and even though I know my parents want me to do something I like and won't "force" me into anything I don't want, they might want me to choose a "safer" career and encourage/hint me towards this… but still, I'm going to do what I want for myself. I know it's hard to make it, but I just can't see myself doing much else.
It might be hard and a competitive market, and I might not make it, but I definitely won't make it if I don't try. So I'm at least going to try… and if I make it, if I actually end up designing games or drawing stuff for a living, I will know I've done the right thing.
(and if not, I'll have a degree in animation/design and things, which can come in handy in similar jobs so I have something to fall back on, also my highschool education will give me general work competence so there's that)

well, I can only wait and see what the future holds for me
and whatever happens, at least I won't end up in some job I hate or get bored with just because it's a more "safe" job that pays well or something.

and to anyone else:

follow your dreams, do what you want to do yourself!
listen to some advice too, and know your skills and weak points, but in the end you and only you should choose who and what to listen to and what you want to do for yourself in your own life, follow your own heart. Don't let anyone 'force' you to get a job you don't want.

zanreo out
So I haven't made a personal journal in... forever.
Anyway, I turned 18 earlier this month : D and for my birthday I got a tablet (medium Bamboo Fun), Ghost Trick (awesome game you all should play), Android phone and money.
I also had lots of fun on my vacation in Spain!

So, anyone want to join me for an iScribble collab some day? It's been a while since last time, and I want to try again...
Just comment if you want to join?
If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, (even if we don't speak often or ever) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and I.

It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph in your journal and see what your friends come up with.
tagged by this guy: :iconflygonfan:

1. You have to post these rules.
2. Each person has to post five things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the tagger's questions, then make 11 new questions for the people you tagged.
4. You have to tag 11 people and you have to post their icons in your journal.
5. You neeed to go to their page and notify them that you've tagged them.
6. Tag backs are a no-no >:[
7. You're tagged if you read this LOL is also a no-no. You have to tag them like the rules say.

5 things about me:
1. I'm going to Desucon this year
2. I don't like marzipan or chips
3. I've just started drawing with promarkers
4. I'll be 18 the 18th next month. Both numbers are 18s.
5. I like Ace Attorney, Homestuck, Pokemon, Hetalia and other stuff yay

1. Did you want to do this?
2. Favorite style of art?
3. Fruits or vegetables?
4. What type of pizza toppings do you like?
5. Do you like books?
6. Animation or live action?
7. Favorite childhood show
8. Summer or winter?
9. Is this a question?
10. Are you gonna tag people?
11. All 11?

1. Well, I was bored so it was okay.
2. I like most styles, but I love the more cartoony ones.
3. Fruits
4. Bacon, chicken, tomatoes, pesto...
5. Sure, depends on what book though.
6. Animation, mostly!
7. Different things... Pokémon, I guess? Didn't have all the cool cartoon channels as a kid... :c
8. Summer
9. The definition of "question" is something being asked, so yeah, it is. A question about itself.
10. Sure
11. nnnnnope.

My questions:

1. What's your 3 favorite games?
2. Ladder or stepladder?
4. Do you love large bananas?
5. What's the most disturbing thing you've seen on the internet?
6. What is your opinion on pears?
7. So what were YOU doing on the crime scene?
8. What should I do with 2 cows, a bucket of purple paint, a chainsaw, Lady Gaga's meat dress and a helicopter?
9. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
10. When he went, had you gone and had she, if she wanted to and were able, for the time being excluding all the restraints on her not to go, gone also, would he have brought you, meaning you and she, with him to the station?
11. Why can't I hold all these limes?


1. Copy these rules, and the List, into your journal so people can see that you are in the challenge. When you have done one of the flavor themes you can put a link to your deviation right next to the flavor so everyone can see which themes you have done.
2. You can interpret the themes how ever you want.
3. You don't have to draw if you don't want to. It can be photographs, poetry, stories, crafts or whatever you want, as long as it's made by you. If you do photomanipulations using art made by others you need to have permission and give proper credit of course.
4. One flavor theme for every picture/photo/whatever.
5. They can be done in whatever order you choose, and there's no time limit.
6. If you haven't heard of these words, you can look them up on Wikipedia:
7. Write in the comments for your artwork if it's part of the challenge and what theme it is. And please give credit by linking in your comment too.
The 100 Flavor Challenge can be found here:…

100 Flavors Challenge

1. Raspberry
2. Apple
3. Caramel
4. Hazelnut
5. Rhubarb
6. Miso
7. Redcurrant
8. Orange
9. Nougat
10. Coffee
11. Eucalyptus
12. Paprika
13. Ketchup
14. Cream
15. Bitter
16. Blueberry
17. Cherry
18. Marzipan
19. Pistachio
20. Passionfruit…
21. Pumpkin
22. Thyme
23. Fish
24. Chili
25. Mustard
26. Coconut
27. Liquorice
28. Peanut
29. Soda
30. Ginger
31. Plum
32. Charcoal
33. Carrot
34. Salty
35. Lime
36. Raisin
37. Radish
38. Cheese
39. Savory
40. Apricot
41. Pepper
42. Bread
43. Mango
44. Lingonberry
45. Onion
46. Tofu
47. Sweet
48. Gooseberry
49. Avocado
50. Wine
51. Mushroom
52. Almond
53. Olive
54. Soy sauce
55. Banana
56. Vanilla
57. Chamomile
58. Spinach
59. Sour
60. Peach
61. Peppermint
62. Honey
63. Vinegar
64. Pineapple
65. Milk
66. Kiwi
67. Cloudberry
68. Cashew
69. Cucumber
70. Rotten
71. Persimmon
72. Parsnip
73. Saffron
74. Meat
75. Grape
76. Toffee
77. Parsley
78. Blackberry
79. Cactus
80. Cocoa
81. Walnut
82. Tutti frutti
83. Curry
84. Strawberry
85. Mandarin
86. Chocolate
87. Buttery
88. Cinnamon
89. Wasabi
90. Lemon
91. Cranberry
92. Pecan
93. Garlic
94. Melon
95. Tea
96. Butterscotch
97. Bland
98. Egg
99. Blackcurrant
100. Pear

(This seems interesting.)
First one stolen from :iconreinohikari:

[x]You have a short temper.
[x]You often act on your emotions without thinking first.
[]You are very competitive.
[]You like to play with fire.
[x]You are not a strong swimmer or you can't swim at all. (not a strong swimmer)
[x]You prefer warm weather over cold weather.
[ ]You often lose control over yourself.
[x]You can be quite reckless.
[]You sometimes hurt people without realizing it.
[]People have often called you insane.

[x]You have a calm, laid-back personality.
[]You like to go to the beach.
[]You rarely get angry.
[]When you do get angry, you know how to control it.
[x]You think before you act. (usually)
[]You are good at breaking up fights.
[]You are a good swimmer.
[x]You like the rain.
[]You can stay calm in stressful situations.
[]You are very generous.

[ ]You are physically strong.
[x]You have a close connection with nature.
[ ]You don't mind getting dirty.
[x]You form strong opinions on issues that concern you.
[ ]You could easily survive in the wild.
[x]You care about the environment.
[]You can easily focus on your work without getting distracted.
[]You rarely get depressed.
[]You aren't afraid of anything.
[]You prefer to have a strict set of rules.

[x]You have a free spirit.
[x]You hate rules.
[]You prefer to be out in the open rather than in small, enclosed spaces.
[x]You hate to be restrained.
[]You are very independent and outgoing.
[ ]You are quite intelligent.
[x]You tend to be impatient.
[x]You are easily distracted.
[]You can sometimes be hyperactive and/or annoying.
[x]You wish you could fly.

[x]You spend most of your time alone.
[x]You prefer nighttime over daytime.
[x]You like creepy things.
[]You like to play tricks on people.
[]Black is your favorite color.
[]You prefer the villains over the heroes in movies, TV shows, videogames, etc.
[x]You don't talk much.
[x]You are atheist.
[]You don't mind watching scary movies.
[x]You love to break the rules.

[/]You are very polite.
[ ]You are spiritual.
[/]When someone is in trouble, you never hesitate to help them.
[]You believe everything you see or hear.
[]You are afraid of the dark.
[x]You hate violence.
[x]You hope for world peace.
[]You are generally a happy person.
[]Everyone loves to be around you.
[]You always follow the rules.
Total: 3

Air and darkness :D
[x] Cancer is your zodiac sign
[] You hate the color red
[] You like to program computers
[x] you fail at it!
[x] You don't put up with anyone's bullshit
[] you love to argue and support your arguments with empty logic
[] you never smile
[x] you get aggravated easily
[ ] you act like an asshole but deep down you care for your friends
[ ] you have problems with relationships

Vriska Serket (♏)
[] Scorpio is your zodiac sign
[x] Dark blue, is your fav color
[x] you Love to role play
[x] you like spiders
[x] you like end of the world scenarios such as the zombie Apocalypse, fall out invasion etc
[] magic 8 balls are cool
[] you are very manipulative
[] you are a huge bitch
[x] you easily get bored
[x] you blame your problems on other things, such as "bad luck"
[] you have an addiction to breaking things
[x] you never clean up after yourself
Total: 7

Tavros Nitram (♉)
[] Taurus is your zodiac sign
[] your fav color is orange and/or brown
[] you love card and role playing games
[] You believe in FAIRIES, even though they AREN'T REAL.
[x] you are too sensitive
[/] you never really "hate" anybody
[x] you like to commune with wildlife
[x] you have a friendly attitude
[] you are pretty good at poetry
[] you LARP
[x] you sometimes stutter when you talk
total: 4,5

Terezi Pyrope (♎)
[] Libra is your zodiac sign
[/] your fav color is red and/or teal
[] you are more interested in taste and smell then sight
[x] you love dragons
[x] you lov3 to sp34k 1n l33t h3h3h3
[x] you love plushies
[x] you love to role play
[] you are a sociopath
[] you are almost always grinning
[] you take interest in law and justice
[x] you like to draw
[] you can be really flirty sometimes
total: 5,5

Kanaya Maryam (♍)
[] Virgo is your zodiac sign
[] your fav color is jade
[] you love fashion
[x] you love to sew
[x] you love literature
[] you have no problem getting into fights
[x] chainsaws are awesome
[] you like make up
[x] you are a pretty creative person when it comes down to it
[] you like the taste of blood
[] getting revenge is always high on your list
total: 4

Aradia Megido (♈)
[] Aries is your zodiac sign
[] Maroon is your fav color
[] you inadvertently make frog noises
[] 0_0 is your fav emote
[] you like ARCHEOLOGY
[x] you like to destroy things out of boredom
[] you can hear voices that no one else can hear
[] you used to role play
[] you are obsessed with temporal inevitability
[] you are a very violent and confrontational person
[] you're sometimes spooky in appearance
[] you love talking about depressing things
total: 1

Equius Zahhak (♐)
[] Sagittarius is you zodiac sign
[] your fav color is royal blue
[] you have a widow's peak
[ ] you sweat a lot
[] you love being strong
[] You have a great appreciation for THE FINE ARTS.
[] Practically everything MAKES YOU FURIOUS
[] You have so much rage, it can only be expressed through STAGGERING QUANTITIES OF PHYSICAL VIOLENCE.
[ ] you like to build things
[] you have some pretty strange fetishes
[] you love playing high stakes games
total: 1

Nepeta Leijon (♌)
[] Leo is your zodiac sign
[x] your fav color is green
[x] you love cats
[x] :3 is your fav emote
[/] you are into furrys
[x] you love to draw
[] you have a heightened sense of smell
[/] you are freaking obsessed with friendly role-playing (not obsessed, but I like it)
[] you have a naive view of everything
[] you love "OTP" (one true paring)
[] you are just too cute
[x] and very playful
total: 5

Sollux Captor (♊)
[] Gemini is your zodiac sign
[] your fav color is yellowish green
[] you speak with a bit of a lisp
[] you are totally sick hacker
[] you have bi polar mood swings
[x] you are pretty introverted
[] you beat yourself up over little things
[] you like to keep everything mismatched such as your clothing
[x] you think you are not good enough
[x] you rather be technical then use brute force
[] you think you have voices in your head, but it really is just your paranoia
[] your best friend is a dick
total: 3

Feferi Peixes (♓)
[] Pisces is your zodiac sign
[] your fav color is magenta
[] you love wearing colorful clothing
[] you love to swim
[x] you get really excited easily
[] you are very very perky and energetic
[] you are optimistic and fearless
[x] you are stronger then you look
[x] you love looking after animals
[x] you are very modest
[ ] you have a pretty good tolerance when it comes to annoying things
[x] you have a slightly rude and insulting side
total: 5

Eridan Ampora (♒)
[] Aquarius is your zodiac sign
[x] your fav color is purple
[] you dress flamboyantly
[] you have an affection for tales of historical leaders, conquerors, and military history.
[] you have a massive ego
[x] you love magic and wizards
[] you have a genocide complex
[x] you swear like a sailor
[x] you try to make friends with everybody regardless of their opinion of you
[x] you get jealous a lot
[] you are romantically lost
[] you are kind of a tool
total: 5

Gamzee Makara (♑)
[] Capricorn is your zodiac sign
[] your fav color is indigo
[] you like clowns
[x] you like sweet things
[x] you like to bake
[x] you are pretty laid back
[x] you don't like knowing the technology or science behind things
[] you are impulsive and/or unpredictable
[x] you are silly and eccentric
[] you like insane clown posse (but Gamzee doesn't...)
[x] you cuss a lot
[] you are a stoner
total: 6

So I'm Vriska and Gamzee... well this was unexpected.
Stolen from :iconunknownfelix:

1. You started to play videogames at the age of...?
8 or 9(yeah I'm late I know). When I got Pokémon Crystal for my birthday.

2. First game you ever played?
Pokémon Crystal

3. First console you own/owned
Game Boy Advance

4. Consoles you owned/own?
GBA, DS, DS Lite, 3DS, Wii

5. Your favourite genre(s)?
Platform, adventure, action adventure, point and click, SOME puzzle... I like/can enjoy most stuff that's not FPS or MMORPG, really.

6. Favourite game character?
That must be characterS. Either way:

Waluigi and Lakitu from Mario
N from Pokémon
CATS from Zero Wing, just for his quote xD

maybe adding more later lalalala

7. Which element(s) in games is/are most important for you (story, graphic etc.)?
Good gameplay, and a good/okay visual style(NOT the same thing as graphics)

8. You don't care about ...?
This is going to sound controversial to some, but not all games need a "story" to be good. Of course a good story is always nice, but most(note: most) of the games I enjoy are still enjoyable without one. Also, graphics, as in "technically difficult/realistic graphics". As long as it's okay to look at without burning my eyes, I'm fine.

9. Prefer PC or Console?
Console all the way.

10. Okaaay nao your 3 Fav games?
Favorites are very hard to decide and I need more than 3, but:

Super Mario 3D Land and the rest of the Mario series
Pokémon Heartgold/Soulsilver and the rest of the series
Ace Attorney series
Zelda series
No More Heroes

11. 3 Games you didn't like...
I hardly buy games that aren't good, so uh...

Nintendogs (got boring after a month)
Medal of Honor
Pokémon Dash(liked at first many years ago, not anymore)

12. One game that's totally overrated in your opinion?
COD, MW2, those kids of things... Also... Pokémon Red/Blue(compared to the others in the series), too much nostalgia.

13. Ever played an online game, if yes which one(s)?
Does Neopets count? xD

14. What do you think about ...Tomb Raider?
Never played it. Would maybe like to try once.

15. ...Tetris?
It's okay, nice for when you have nothing to do.

16. ...Sonic?
Sonic is cool, but I prefer Mario. Also, the 2D games are better.

17. ...Spyro?
Can't remember having played it, but seems cool.

18. ...The Sims?
Never tried it. Only seems fun for killing the Sims in different ways, otherwise meh.

19. ...Legend of Zelda?
Awesome. One of my favorite series.

20. ... Assassin's Creed?
Never tried it... seems okay, but not sure if it's really my type of game...

Agh! I'll try again...

22. Game(s) you'd love to see?
A Waluigi game! Really, why hasn't one been made yet? I'm sure it would sell well.

23. Game(s) you wait for at the moment?
Luigi's Mansion 2
Mario Kart 7
Animal Crossing 3DS(I liked wild world, but I think the experience gets better when I can go online how much I want because the system actually supports our type of interwebs...)

Also hoping for Phoenix Wright vs. Professor Layton to be released in the West! Well, it's got an official English name at least...

24. Tag some gamers here, if you want to
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stolen from :iconrans-green-moon:

The score you get is what age you act.

[ ]You know how to make a pot of coffee (no need to since I don't like coffee)
[ ] You keep track of dates using a calendar
[x] You own a credit card
[ ] You know how to change the oil in a car
[x] You've done your own laundry
[ ] You can vote in an election
[X] You can cook for yourself
[ ] You think politics are interesting


[ ] You show up for school late a lot
[X] You always carry a pen/pencil in your bag/purse/pocket
[X] You've never gotten a detention
[ ] You have forgotten your own birthday
[ ] You like to take walks by yourself
[x] You know what credibility means, without looking it up
[x] You drink caffeine at least once a week (does coke count?)


[X] You know how to do the dishes
[X] You can count to 10 in another language
[ ] When you say you're going to do something you do it
[X] You can mow the lawn
[ ] You study even when you don't have to
[x] You have hand washed a car before


[x] You can spell experience, without looking it up
[ ] The people at Starbucks know you by name
[ ] Your favorite kind of food is take out
[X] You can go to the store without getting something you don't need
[/] You understand political jokes the first time they are said
[X] You can type pretty quick


[ ] Your only friends are from your place of employment
[ ] You have been to a Tupperware party
[ ] You have realized that practically no one will take you seriously unless you are over the age of 25 and have a job. (don't want toooo)
[ ] You have more bills than you can pay
[X] You have been to the beach
[X] You use the internet every day
[X] You have traveled overseas for more than 5 times
[ ] You make your bed in the morning
[ ] You realized people of the opposite sex might just make better friends.

TOTAL: 17,5... which is accurate.

This is scary since I took this... 1 or 2 years ago and the result then was still accurate to my age...
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[ ]You are Aries.
[/]Your favorite color is red
[/]You use this emote: 0-0 (I thought it was 0_0? And I use O_o, which I guess is almost the same)
[x]You lost interest in lots of things lately.
[ ]You have a nemesis/rival.
[ ]Somebody wants you dead. (Well, I hope not?)
[ ]You have really long hair.

[ ]You are Taurus.
[ ]Your favorite color is brown.
[/]yOU SOMETIMES USE INVERTED CASE (accidentally at times, but I usually fix it before I post)
[x]You are indecisive.
[x]You can't hate anybody. (well, except for a select few douches)
[x]You love Pokemon and such things.
[/]You get along with everyone.

[ ]You are Gemini.
[ ]Your favorite color is mustard/yellow.
[ ]You have a lisp.
[ ]You love bees.
[ ]You tend to wear different colored socks, shoes, mittens...
[ ]You like 3-D glasses.
[ ]You are bipolar.

[x]You are Cancer.
[ ]You favorite color is gray.
[x]You get angry easily. (somewhat)
[ ]You are a jerk.
[x]Deep inside, you actually care for your friends.
[ ]You always want to be the leader.

[ ]You are Leo.
[ ]Your favorite color is light green.
[ ]You tend to talk in third person
[x]You love to roleplay.
[x]You looooooooove cats.
[ ]You are a weaboo.
[/]You are cute.
TOTAL: 2,5

[ ]You are Virgo.
[ ]Your favorite color is dark green.
[ ]You Like To Write Every Word Starting With Big Letter.
[ ]You love fashion.
[x]You like dressing up in unusual ways.
[x]You like chainsaws.
[ ]You've been heartbroken

[ ]You are Libra.
[/]Your favorite color is red [or teal].
[x]YOU US3 L33T SP34K. (|3(_)7 |/\|43|\| 1 |)0, | (_)53 |*|20|*3|2 1337)
[x]You love to cosplay.
[x]You like dragons.
[/]You prefer smells and tastes over sight.
[ ]You're always grinning.

[ ]You are Scorpio.
[x]Your favorite color is blue.
[x]You are over-dramatic. (Sometimes)
[ ]You love the number 8.
[/]You are quite fond of spiders.
[ ]You are a bitch.
[/]You like to manipulate.

[ ]You are Sagittarius.
[x]Your favorite color is blue.
[ ]You put some sort of a symbol before you type.
[ ]You are always sweaty.
[ ]You love milk.
[ ]You are muscular.
[x]You've had your glasses broken at least once.

[ ]You are Capricorn.
[ ]Your favorite color is indigo.
[ ]YoU mIx LoWeR aNd UpPeR cAsE.
[ ]You are not quite sane
[ ]You are religious.
[ ]People tend to find you annoying.
[/]You wear weird clothes.
TOTAL: 0,5

[ ]You are Aquarius.
[/]Your favorite color is dark purple.
[ ]You refer to people with shortened names.
[ ]You love science.
[ ]You don't have a lot of friends.
[ ]You have a bizarre haircut.
[x]You love capes.
TOTAL: 1,5

[ ]You are Pisces.
[/]Your favorite color is purple or dark pink. (purple)
[x]You get excited easily.
[/]You are rich.
[/]You love to swim.
[ ]You're cheerful most of time.
[ ]You are also optimistic.
TOTAL: 2,5

Terezi and Tavros. Which are actually my favorite trolls, haha xD
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1. Asked someone to marry you? : Innocent

2. Kissed one of your Facebook friends? : Innocent

3. Danced on a table in a bar? : Innocent

4. Ever told a lie? : Guilty

5. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back?: Innocent

6. Ever done an extremely stupid dare? : Guilty

7. Kissed a picture? : Innocent

8. Slept in until 5 PM? : Guilty

9. Fallen asleep at work/school? : Innocent, though I've been close many times...

10. Held a snake? : Innocent

11. Been suspended from school? : Innocent

12. Worked at a fast food chain/restaurant? : Innocent

13. Stolen something? : Innocent

14. Been fired from a job? : Innocent(no job to be fired from...)

15. Done something you regret? : Guilty

16. Laughed until something you were drinking came out of your nose? : Innocent.

17. Caught a snowflake on your tongue? : Guilty

18. Kissed in the rain? : Innocent

19. Sat on a roof top? : Guilty

20. Kissed someone you shouldn't? : Innocent

21. Sang in the shower? : Guilty

22. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? : Innocent

23. Shaved your head? : Innocent

24. Slept naked? : Innocent

25. Had a boxing membership? : Innocent

26. Made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?: Innocent

27. Been in a band? : Innocent

28. Fired a weapon? : Innocent

29. Donated Blood? : Innocent

30. Eaten alligator meat? : Innocent

31. Eaten cheesecake? :Guilty :D

32. Stolen a friends girlfriend/boyfriend? : Innocent

33. Dyed your hair? : Innocent

34. Liked someone, but will never tell who? : Innocent

35. Been too honest? : Guilty

36. Ruined a surprise? : Innocent, I guess...

37. Ate in a restaurant and got so bloated that you couldn't walk afterwards? : Innocent

38. Erased someone in your friends list? : Guilty

39. Dressed in a woman's clothes (if your a guy) or man's clothes (if your a girl)? : Guilty

40. Joined a pageant? : Innocent.

41. Been told that you're handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said : Guilty

42. Still have communication w/ your ex? : Innocent(what ex?)

43. Cheated on a test?: Guilty

44. Get totally drunk one night and you have an important exam tomorrow? : Innocent

45. A total stranger treat you by paying your fare? : Innocent

46. Got totally angry that you cried so hard? : Guilty

47. Tried to stay away from someone for their own good? : Guilty, kinda...

48. Thought about suicide? : Innocent

49. Thought about murder? : Innocent.

50. How about Mass Murder? : Innocent

51. Rode in a stranger's vehicle? : Guilty

52. Stalked someone? Guilty
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