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Ultimate Moderator by Zanreo Ultimate Moderator by Zanreo
Another of my characters drawn for the 30 characters challenge, she was made as a character for Dangan Ronpa OC roleplays (as the Ultimate/SHSL Moderator) but I never got to use her :c So here's the Ultimate/SHSL Moderator, Yoshiko Minami (or Ryokera)

A girl who grew up on the internet after having a hard time socializing with others, she quickly found the world of internet forums. She joined a lot of different communities, but her favorite forum quickly became "Gamertopia", a big forum for discussing video games and various other geeky interests, plus whatever else was on your mind. While the community was generally nice and she found it easier to talk online, she also discovered how the internet can bring out the worst in some people...

After years of being an active and helpful member of the community, she was offered the position of moderator after several of the other mods resigned - which she instantly accepted. Loved by most of the community and hated by trolls, she always does her best to keep the forums a good, friendly place and has a very low tolerance for trolls, spammers and other forum troublemakers. Usually friendly, helpful, laidback and not too serious, but when trolls and spammers appear, her personality is said to drastically change...

Her forum experience, internet friends and years of online discussion have helped her come out of her shell even outside the internet - though it's painfully clear she's mostly used to talking over the internet. Even when offline she finds great pride in being a moderator and she usually goes by her online nickname "Ryokera", occasionally brings up forum rules (which she carries around in her pocket), makes sure everyone knows of her "forum powers", and sometimes even carries around her real-life banhammer replica (made by herself from foam and cardboard), the "Troll Crusher of Great Forum Justice". Her irl friends, who aren't members of that forum, just find it amusing and thinks she's kind of a "chuunibyou" but her power and reputation is real... on the internet.
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April 6, 2017
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