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Welcome to Zanpakuto-Club!


Zanpakuto means soul-cutting sword and every shinigami (soul reaper) has one. A zanpakuto is born with their shinigami and is a reflection of their soul. By learning the name of their zanpakuto, a shinigami can then begin training to become stronger.

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bankai ppl by tobiee
Sode no Shirayuki cosplay - Ice by AngyValentine
Kazanbai (Zanpakuto Spirit) by Dracofelis
The Blade Is Hollow (Red Version) by MangakaOfficial
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Zanpakuto Spirits
BLEACH - Wabisuke by Ao-Saru
Suzumushi by Ao-Saru
On the clouds by Dracofelis
BLEACH - Tachikaze (croquis) by Ao-Saru
Sealed State, Shikai, and Bankai
Pit Power by KoreyCooper
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: Bleach OC - Hideki Miyamoto by c-hemistry
: Bleach OC - Maanasi Kavarai by c-hemistry
Zanpakuto Pairings
Bleach -Captured- by SarahsPlushNStuff
Commission - for YamashitaHeikichi 5 by Serahime-Hana
Muramasa's Obsession by ravefirell
KazeXNeko 1 by SuperiorSamaa
Zanpakuto Replicas
Benihime by HanakoUkitake
Ichigo Zangetsu by meanlilkitty
Cutting Moon by meanlilkitty
Sougyo no Kotowari -Shikai- by HanakoUkitake
Jumping Mouse Arrancar - Design Trade by KirasDarkLight
Squalo the Sexta by KirasDarkLight
Nidhogg Reference Sheet by KirasDarkLight
Cosplay and Accessories
Censure of the White Haze by Tiburonsama
Sode No Shirayuki and Rukia cosplay by rondole
Sode No Shirayuki - Male cosplay 2 by rondole
Rukia kuchiki by AleDiri
Fan-Made Zanpakuto
Mayonaka no Akumu (OLD) - PC by KirasDarkLight
Tutorials and References
End Cap Tutorial by fixinman
Daily Deviations
:Hitsugaya Toshirou: by zyein
Contest Entry: Not in the Mood to fight by KasumiKetchum
Slaughter BLEACH FANART with GRIMMJOW by Cristina-Rodriguez

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Zanpakuto Shinso by Metal-CosxArt Zanpakuto Shinso :iconmetal-cosxart:Metal-CosxArt 21 25 Hyorinmaru by chirumu Hyorinmaru :iconchirumu:chirumu 218 20 Neliel Tu Oderschvank by Arya-Aiedail Neliel Tu Oderschvank :iconarya-aiedail:Arya-Aiedail 1,933 97 Rukia. by jessally Rukia. :iconjessally:jessally 573 87 BLEACH - Kurosaki ICHIGO -Burn by Washu-M BLEACH - Kurosaki ICHIGO -Burn :iconwashu-m:Washu-M 6,510 561 Bleach: Ichigo Kurosaki by prismtwine Bleach: Ichigo Kurosaki :iconprismtwine:prismtwine 39 16 -BLEACH- by borammy -BLEACH- :iconborammy:borammy 2,407 148 Cutout number 3 by LittleMeroko-chan Cutout number 3 :iconlittlemeroko-chan:LittleMeroko-chan 46 8 Bleach: Final Getsuga by Sideburn004 Bleach: Final Getsuga :iconsideburn004:Sideburn004 2,692 278 Abarai Renji by Ecthelian Abarai Renji :iconecthelian:Ecthelian 8,524 610 Ichigo Orihime by Ecthelian Ichigo Orihime :iconecthelian:Ecthelian 6,474 436 Bleach by spirapride Bleach :iconspirapride:spirapride 7,338 721 Mugetsu - The Dyed Ginger by mansarali Mugetsu - The Dyed Ginger :iconmansarali:mansarali 3,659 700 AN Bleach by ningyee7 AN Bleach :iconningyee7:ningyee7 2,901 136


We're also listed at The-Bleach-Directory
and on Bleach Groups by Grouple
Hello everyone, this is Maddie,

I just recently became active again, and feel awful that this group has been abandoned as it has. I took on the role of founder/co-founder in the hay day of the group and since I left it's just declined and I feel horrible. With that said, I want to invite some new people on the Admins team and help get this group back on its feet.

Please Note me if you're interested.

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Chigami Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I've done a blog post about my old Ichigo Kurosaki cosplay from 2009-2010. Includes a mini guide on how I made my shihakusho robes and also photos of my self-made Shikai Zangetsu prop sword:… ;)
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