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The Piper in the Winds by MarwanGreenCritter, visual art

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  • Oct 27, 1984
  • Malaysia
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Marwan Choose5

He/Him only, please. (No They/Them.)

I'm just a guy who likes to draw stuff from time to time.

My fursona is Marwan, that little green critter seen prominently in my gallery. By the way, please don't ask what species he is... Too many people asked him that question, and he hates that. He's just... a critter, an original species of mine.

Giftarts are always appreciated.

Go ahead and thank me for favs and watches. Seriously, I don't care. You're welcome. After all, some people just want to show their appreciation for being loved at all.

Don't fret if I add you to my Watch list, but I didn't mark you as a Friend. It simply means I really like your artwork and would like to see more of it, but I don't know you well enough just yet. Consider befriending me; I'd like to meet new friends. Though, if you add me as a Friend, I'll also automatically mark you as a Friend as well.

I accept commissions. More info here. I won't be updating my commissions list anymore because it's a pain to constantly update it. Let's just say that you all know who you are I'm tracking for every commission I've been asked to do.

Please don't ask me for free art. I don't do requests, sorry.

Favourite Visual Artist
Whoever who can draw cute things...
Favourite Movies
Too many to list, but mostly CG movies from Pixar and Dreamworks Animation
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Too many to list, but mostly trance musicians
Favourite Books
None specific
Favourite Writers
Don't have any
Favourite Games
These days, I often play Warframe
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Clip Studio Paint EX, Flash Professional CS5, Photoshop CS2, a mouse and a tablet
Other Interests
Computers, music, drawing, movies
Many, many years back, I used to write a journal entry called "Deliberate English Mistakes". I have always been a rebel when it comes to how I want to use the English language. This is partly stemmed from the fact that, here in Malaysia, being a Commonwealth country, British English is the only acceptable form of English allowed in schools. And I hate that. :disbelief: Admittedly, I've always been exposed to American media, so I'm way more leaning towards American English and their spellings, so it always irks me that spelling colour "color" gives you zero marks, and "sidewalk" is not a word but "pavement" is. I hate being told to use only British English, which is literally what our university's Final Project stated in our report guidelines. Now that I've graduated, I'm free to use whichever form of English I want. I'm not sure if this is even a thing, but I do appear to have what I called a "grammar OCD". As in, I'll only accept one way of using the English language, while
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Yesterday, I watched this Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2021 livestream, and... I do have a few things to comment, specifically about some major reveals such as the playable MALE Viera, and a few other stuff. I remember back when Vieras and Hrothgars were first introduced back in 2019. The Internet practically lost their shit, not only because Hrothgars were the first -- and only -- true "furry" playable race in FFXIV, but also because Vieras and Hrothgars were female-only and male-only, respectively. Seeing the FFXIV community exploded into flamewars over not being able to play as a male Viera, that really makes me sad. I mean, we have more playable race options now. FFXIV still has fewer playable races than the more popular WoW, and the developers have stated that there will be no more newer playable races after that. (That means no Burmecian. =( ) But the mere fact that there are newer playable races at all is supposed to be a blessing. We don't have to play as humans (Hyurs) all
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This journal had already been posted on Fur Affinity about a week ago. The reason why I had not posted it here earlier as well is because I've been pondering if I should also post it here, too, especially since I want to keep my adult art activities separate from DeviantArt. Recently, adult Pokémon artist InsomniacOvrLrd got hit by a DMCA strike on Patreon, by Nintendo of America. He had been doing this adult Pokémon fanfic series called Haven, and it's especially disheartening for him to have to cancel that series altogether in its current form, by removing all Pokémon- and other Nintendo-related works in his Patreon page, to keep his Patreon page in a good standing. More info here: It seems that you'll always be in danger of this happening, when much of your art output had been Nintendo's properties such as Pokémon, especially when you're making money out of them via Patreon donations. It's very possible that this is happening because
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Selamat Hari Jadi, Abang Marwan! Teruskan melukis demi minat terhadap kesenian yang tinggi :#1:

Terima kasih! :aww: Maaf, terlambat nak respond balik. :dead:

Nice to meet you!

Hello! =) Nice to meet you, too!

Would you rather play Fallout New Vegas (with mods I use) or your favorite game?

You are awesome.
Oh crap, I didn't realise it was your birthday yesterday since I just watched you >_<

Happy birthday!!