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April 11, 2014
Narshe by zano has a beautiful composition and atmosphere, very fitting of the beginning of Final Fantasy VI.
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Final fantasy VI fant art. Magitek armor entering Narshe. EDIT: WOW. thanks for the DD guys. This is awesome! 

I have prints of this image available. Note me for details!
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Hello, please help me, how can i find this picture in 4050x1698px 2.22 MB ???

I would like details about a print. Thanks!
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So I really love this piece.  The moment is captured perfectly.  I love how Narshe looms in the background of these beautifully designed Magitek armor suits. From the dim lighting to the howling wind blowing up snow and twisting the branches of the distant trees, you just nail the atmosphere of this scene.
I would like a print. Please message me. 
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amazing!  I need to resize this to 1920+1080!
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Wow that is really great :)
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Excellent love it Vivi emote - Hat slip 
wow. stunning.
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I had to login to DA for the first time in forever to tell you:

This is AMAZING and thank you for sharing it with us.
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Hi Carlos

I hope it's OK to message you out of the blue. 

I edit a print fanzine called HyperPlay RPG (available at We're doing an 'Art Of RPGs' special edition of the mag featuring the best RPG fan art from around the world. And we'd love to include your wonderful Narshe.

We would of course credit you and include you in our Thanks section along with any links you want us to mention. If you wanted to give us a small paragraph promoting yourself/your projects, we'd be delighted to include that too. I'd be delighted to point our readers towards your page, for example.

I should mention we're non-profit so no one gets paid for contributing - it's all for the love of the games and the reward is getting your name up in lights and your work promoted to our global readership. We've featured/are featuring other DeviantArtists (Ding9633, jingsketch, genzoman, qiqo, chrisozfulton, JakeMurray, Lubrian, castcuraga etc) and that works really well for everyone. Anna Vuong and the legendary Wil Overton also contribute.

The 'zine is print only, by the way. We have about 1,000 readers worldwide.

We go to press in a couple of days, so please let me know what you think asap (I will message you elsewhere too in the hope I reach you in time). Just a quick "Yes!" or "Go to hell!" will be helpful. (Well, maybe not the latter!)

Anyway, thanks for your time, and well done on being such a great artist!

I really hope you'll be happy to join our fan endeavour. The mech-trek to Narshe is my favourite sequence in gaming.

All the best

HyperPlay RPG fanzine
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omfg /i want to have babies with this painting
Hello friend!  I'd like to purchase and download a high resolution version of this image so I can print it for my house.  Where can I do that?
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Loved that game.
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A 2560x1440p version would be very nice :)
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Hey, do you have any more prints available? Would love to hang this in my cubicle. 
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This is one of the most inspirational video game scenes in history. I remember playing this game for the first time and just shivering with goosebumps at this opening sequence. Your art is magnificent. It does this scene justice. Well done. 
Utterly AMAZING!
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This is some awesome work
the talent to project the exact feel at that moment in the game instantly brought me back to the first time i played.

if i could be so bold, i'd suggest you make a picture of Sephiroth
something akin to this in game shot…
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