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:O..... this is honestly outstanding dear. the way u was able to play with the lighting and shadowing to create a glorious master piece ...

i actually personally love this. the composure and color i feel is spot on and i feel i could see this on an actual cover of a CD and b...


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Hi name is Zanny dears, (Zalonder just fancy sounding last name i use)
pleasure to meet and talk to all of you. feel free to note me if you just wish to talk or have any questions
yes i am an artist but it more so personally i do it and I'm still old school on paper as i have issue trying to get my program and pad to work. T.T What brings you to my part of the DA server and comment and or share via note and lets talk and hang out and become great friends. Overly caring and great quite person who tends to be motherly like to everyone. so i hope that my differences do not think less of me as we are all special in one way or another and all deserve to be cared for. Hope to see much art and chatter from you all and plz enjoy.
(making another for few friends who did not and could not be in our other group)
(all info regarding the topic is the same other than the characters: examples having all the other details artwork and stories included)

2nd DnD character (color) by ZannyZalonder

MY NAME: Zanny
CLASS: Barbarian
Subclass: Draconic Shaman
RACE: Dragon Child (half/elf)(double dragon child parents)
BACKGROUND: Gladiator: Coliseum
ALIENMENT: Chaotic Good
LANGUAGE: Common, Elf, Draconic, Primordial: (ice/water, earth, fire), Sylvan
AGE: 100
SIZE: Medium
HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 116lbs
EYES: Green
SKIN: Fair
Scales: white/mirrorish
HAIR: Violet
GENDER: Female
PERSONALITY TRAITS: I didn’t grow up wearing clothes, and I still don’t like the feel of them on my body. 
IDEAL: Harmony. I try my best to keep a healthy balance between my draconic origin and the humanoid world. (Good)
BOND:I respect anyone that respects me, not because they’re scared, but because of who I am. 
FLAW: White, I’m remarkably bestial and rely more on instinct then intellect.
HP: 13 of 37
AC:15(no armor)
SPEED: 30ft
Dark vision
Draconic Nature
Draconic Empathy
Draconic Resistance: (White/Cold)
Fey Ancestry
Dragon Claws
simple weapons
martial weapons
light armor
medium armor
disguise kits
Unarmored Defense
Danger Sense
Reckless Attack
Draconic Ancestry
Draconic Attunement  

Explores pack
4 Javelins (thrown,1d6 piercing) 
Great sword (Heavy, two-handed, 2d6 slashing)
a set of common clothes
a disguise kit
belt pouch containing GP
An enormous scale, perhaps from a dragon 
A little black book that records your dreams, and yours alone, when you sleep
1 Tiny Dragon scale
2 Tiny Dragon Claws
strengthening ring



Ivrie born of her 2 Dragon child parents she was left with her father only as her mother still died from birth. Her father being truly evil abandoned her shortly after in which she was taken captive and raised enslaved.
At the age of 3 it was seen she no ordinary half-elf, thou most just thought she was an elf, in fact she was a dragon child. Growing a set of small wings and tail , while also having horns and scales appear just like that of her fathers traits. They where of a white glistening mirror like scales.
Growing up then she was soon put into a coliseum. As many of her enslavers felt she be worthy challenger with her bloodline. Living life every day tortured and fighting just to live and eat she slowly became one of the strongest they had.
Thou all of this plus her parents weighed heavy on her mind and she developed issues controlling herself. Balancing her crazy bloodlust and rage  with her good nature and wishing to live.
Eventually after living a slaved life she bought her way out of slavery and living each day fighting but it all she knows so most time still lives her life fighting. She now only has and owns the basic from her life in the fights and a dragon scale from her pass, and little black book. this is her story and her looking for new life.


Starting my journey a after some time i been running from a little gnome who insist i must wear a shirt, i down right hate clothing and refuse as what appeared as a succubus elf stepped out between her and i. she ran right into her leg and was nocked down but we soon seen that the new appearing succubus elf and i are being stared at by  others around because of our lack of garments. 2 others a teifling and  human monk arguing as they walking into town as we see the tiefling starring at us. the succubus signals an insult to them. but it soon is showed up as an army over the hill many rats invaded the town as i and others around started slaughtering left and right thou the new coming teifling was overwhelmed by them and nocked out but recovered but in the end our elf befriend one of the swarm of the rats left on our teifling claiming as a pet. i secretly take some rats for snack and eat in the privacy of the inn rooms the little village provided us.  later on it shown that our rat remembers our tiefling friend now and has funny relationship when they see them. the elder of the village asked us to deliver a letter for help to the main city. thou on the way i came to carry our gnome friend on our tail and soon we passed a church while our succubus tiefling and i all felt that not a place for us and only our new monk friend went and traveled to it as we head to the city. our monk avoid a trap door and made it in where they meet a priest  who a monk and informs them they was the one who sent them a letter by a dove. which he received when we got a letter and asked by elder in village to travel. he informed him he need to travel  up the mountain to meet a true elder but will have to cross the a river so wide it said to claim all who cross it. thou in trail they could not read the map  and ended as they came up to the town as we was going to. thou we made it there first and our elf showed the letter and was let to pass they never noticed the gnome on our tail but nor did i. thou guard is on alert for me sadly feeling i threat while they was meh to our tiefling. once we looking around i notice a stronger armored gladiator and i take my time making my way over. they informed me the arena destroyed by a person who somewhat resembled my traits and spoke in language they did not know. thou i felt i could feel who i knew about them. he otld me they left but while informing me of there strength which tickled my fancy for blood thirst wanting to fight them, but not knowing where or able to compete i walk back holding my info to myself but not before they pointed out the gnome on my tail and a pick up and poke with my claws which woke them up disgruntled. as we made it back to the others who agreeing our her pet rat as he dislikes them. we search and notice what appears to be the chancellors.  soon followed by the monk who let in with out concern as they found us and it appears our elf and my appearance is drawing attention. thou once in the house we notice a smell that vaguely unware to me but others notice it and slowly makes us feel woozy we make it to the larger door while others avoided it i kept pushing to open it but only after the gnome poking me a lot making me angry did i break it open and collapsed from the scent. many tried to wake me up but only from be tricked with tasty food which was not there  we see what is church and i stick to the back of the group and the succubus stayed out as our gnome friend handed the letter and inquired about aid thou was told they send help. Thou we hear ruckus outside as public shouts about a man matching the description i heard before as they push most of us around and we eventually made it out and dragged to country side where we seen a path of destruction and half eaten animals from claw marks and bite marks. we make our way seeing small encampment a person made i soon can tell by there looks they not human and i speak to them but no one can understand us. he being pissed for us invading the area and claiming it all for them. soon our succubus unleashes a devastating ice spell freezing there food and doing nothing to them. they pissed off i inform the rest about there kind and that of our personality  thou sadly they did not care and was evil and angry. i recklessly charge in, in a rage but missing slightly in there new dragon like form others pelting at them with our elf being highly effective slowly they all drain it down but in there attempt to flee i tackled them and held them back as others tried to hit them and not me. i kept them in my grip till the very end all but one time when i slipped trying to claw them but quickly stopped and held them back. Learning the few words from them which others do not yet know partly personal things and warnings. Eventually after many devastating attacks on us and i lucky for are shared kinship traits keeping me alive from there fierce breath right to my face. while others not so lucky but thanks to our little gnome being a druid they kept us alive as few was on the verge of death. thou it ended with a final warning i heard i could hear, "YOU SHALL PAY YOU SHALL PAY GREATLY LATER FOR THIS" i tired from using up most of my strength but i was able to get few scales and claws from them to hold onto along with our elf carved out an eye and i ripped out the skull by mistake and handed it to them. her pet rat how ever super excited and ate and cleaned it up. as we now recovering from our crazy fight against a dragon of my fathers kin side thou i think and wonder how long i can keep it up so i do not turn crazy and or others around turn on me. 

After our crazy let victory over this creature we made our way back to the town but on the way we happen to run into a carriage and they offered us a ride back so we had short rest before we met the others at church again. upon arrival thou kind of pushing our gnome friend in first as most of us would have rathered not entered. We informed him and yet now before leaving, i told them about our reward as they promised but yet did not give us. so after a crowed gathered as we told to seek audience with curator of the mages here for further information. thou our gnome friend wondered off as we climbed the many stairs up the tower and was puzzled by we not able to get to top and open door to magical library where happen stance our succubus and tiefling read few books as my mind was spinning over the fact of lacking what anything here was and how useful and our monk just calmly walking in. we told after our succubus elf and tiefling after learned how to talk with animals from a book and she could understand her new pet rat. thou what we told was also questioning us at same time on why we never used the magical elevator to arrive at top from bottom. all dumbfounded as we entered it in the back to only find a room filled completely with books and one larger in center filled with what looked like a small person resembling our gnome friend and an old man enjoying tea. after puzzled few touched the books being shocked and we all eventually entered the book only after finding out the old man was the wizard inside it and sucked us all in. thou as our monk dropped our succubus elf informed the wizard he maybe evil in a joking manner and he turned him into pink bunny for time being. we talked and was told we now brought a curse and the greater threat not the city which happen in few days and we be hunted but the greater dragon who father of the kin who was killed. so after chatting our tiefling wizard was gifted a robe to make sure they did not die as much and our succubus elf received an electrical whip to use and sadly i could not but was given a ring to train with to make me stronger as i told by a spirit living in a blade i to weak to use it and must return after i am strong enough thou how long this will be we are all unsure. and are gnome received some rock armor after some refreshments and thus we all kicked out but our elf friend who turned ill and was sent to hospital part of the book. as we then told to travel down a hallway the gnome tiefling and i along with are still bunny monk  as it got to point we needed to crawl and i made others go first and once we got to a door i broke it and some angry cook sprayed pepper in my face. room filled with pepper and i and others tried to crawl out avoiding the soup boiling below us sadly my tail did not make it over and i hide it quickly soothing it from the heat as cook not seemed interested in its new flavor. after we steeped back there coming from another room after opening door looked to be a duchesses  with giant cleaver and a turtle cow laying on the table being tortured. we all sadly was rushed by her and our wizard  did figured her face with fire and i soon after cleaved here head off as it rolled into other room only to our surprise the cook did nothing but took it and placed it into the soup. after moment we helped the fellow out and received is shell hanging there which was a small adventure on its own trying to reach and get it safely as we seen the remains of a giant egg shell laying besides where was there friend sadly we told and as they sadly left to inform them of what had happen. we told to look for the grinning cat which was in the other room and he lead us outside which happen to await an army coming that way and he took us into forest where i and tiefling pushed  into the stump and we all fell and to where we traveled  some how landing safely, into  series of doors into a building which after seeing i got my arms stuck in punching threw for some time. finally after that ordeal we entered a room and there food and drinks on table which ended up making us grow and shrink and after wards we saw tiny door that we entered and made a brief camp as i started to cook up what he we found around making some fruit teas and salads. mean while this happening our monk stayed outside the room we was in so they still outside it awaiting our elf and passed out. while this was happening our elf friend had terrifying experience in a horror hospital with mirrors and had to sneak around in a mirror world after watching her reflection killed of by a werewolf when in this world sneaking around she met a little girl who helped but seemingly kept changing herself too and was noticed by here eyes changing from blue to green so after bit time she found a potion that made her shrink and lucky her pet rat was large enough to ride now and she scurried about but was captured and placed on table covered by glass jar by the werewolf trying to melt she only did and fell into the drawer below and acting like a doll when the girl came back but had changed as from what she had learned in this state she only bring issues and the werewolf came back but did not notice her as her pet rat pulled her into a dark corner of the drawer. but now lucky there was a crack in it and her and the rat was able to wiggle out and get on the table where a key had been grabbing it and making her way back she was spotted as she tried to make her way back to a small door that the good little girl had entered after they turned small narrowly escaping the werewolf's grasp as her pet rat wiggled free by there tail and quickly unlocking the door and vanishing threw a portal that was on the other side back into a world and she fell and was then followed by the little girl which was the good one slowly she ate a cookie to make herself grow and fed it to our elf friend too and picked her up and placed her in her pocket  only later after some shaking and the girl reached in and pulled her out but sadly this was the bad girl and she tossed her and the rat threw a  mirror back to the real hospital on the other side where she narrowly made it pass the others without question but saw glimpses of there looks briefly from them on the other side. once out she was back into the wizards tea party and  she then informed of us leaving and he lead her out and pointed her down the hall way as she then followed and saw the cook and soup which had the ladies disfigured head in it  and was lead out by a grinning cat to same stump upon which when she traveled she saw a sleeping monk of ours and she took the liberty of tieing him up next too the doors as she entered and knowing already of the food and drinks from the mirror world she shrank and joined us on the other side as we hall rested briefly.  thou we interrupted by a abnormal knight with a strange aura and 2 mushroom creatures which from looks he barely could do anything too and same with i thou after being burned alive almost along with the mushroom i dragged away from the flames by a group which later became 7 of them of knights in pointed silverish hats and lucky for them they helped us defeat them thou they weary of us because of my appearance and watched me along with after our wizard thinking maybe not fully thinking  attacked them with fire as well, which ended up in the end them casting a spell on us knocking us ut but me fighting back and our gnome escaped and ran in a deer form away to safty. they now carried our elf and teifling away as they bound an gaged me and carried me after then. what awaits us we are unsure and we are unsure if our monk friend our cleric gnome will be able to rescue us or help us.


Journal History


Skelly Lizard
druidic lizard person brought back by a necromancer as part of a worded deal I am told
idea from a friend hope it all came out well
PS. I had no idea on what a skeleton of a lizard person looked like so I drew from a 3d model I seen person made of the net and altered it to fit the details of my friends idea 
Aurora Flamehand
Idea i was making up of character they fire but also practice light healing and with in her family thus she given her name
(WIP) Aurora Flamehand
concept in progress felt I share what I have so far for her 

 still ways to go I feel but it turning out great so far 
Kit Version 1
seemingly an ordinary lady with magical powers or is she 
let me know what u all think  
As I make art I keep seeing others do this as well and few friends so I been getting inspired too as well
Do you all think I can and or would you all like if I open up commissions and or requests  for art as I thought I would ask you my watchers and friends if u would like that and or think would be good idea 


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