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Due to circumstances, I now live with my friend and we’ll be moving again soon to a house with two bedrooms, but it has no furniture, and we still have to pay bills. So any help you guy’s can provide me with my bills, as well as getting furniture (ie. a bed!) would be super helpful!

commission info:

  • you need to provide me with some references  
  • I can draw anything you want (Furries welcome!)
  • If you are interested message me at JESPOLDEN@GMAIL.COM (Tumblr messages don’t work for me)
  • payment made via paypal invoice before I start drawing
  • don’t be afraid of asking questions

reblogs are welcome (they can help a lot)
tips are very welcome ❤ 


[ Patreon ] by ZannyHyper

Hi guys!

Today is the day I announce the re-launch of my Patreon! My Patreon is now solely focused on the creation of my webcomic A Roads Journey, a Pokémon Nuzlocke fan comic. I also have several other comics and games I want to work on, but for now, the Patreon would be exclusively for A Roads Journey.

The plot follows the journey of Jamie Roads, as he uncovers a huge secret that will not only change the course of his life, but the course of the entire world’s future. Where villains can heroes and heroes can be villains.

A Roads Journey is a solo comic project by myself, and so far it has taken me 6 years to reach the half way point of the FIRST installment of this story, since I have planned 2 other regions and a mini arc for this plot line.

I've tried speeding up the process by creating the backgrounds in Google SketchUp and Sims 4, but due to most of my time being used for freelancing for clients just to pay rent, I don't have much time to spend on A Roads Journey let alone my other projects, so at this rate I will never finish this series but with your help I can! 

If you donate anything even just $1 a month, it will help me help me greatly towards my monthly rent, and hey if I reach $500 a month I can make A Roads Journey a full time job without worrying where my next pay check will come from!

Heck, you'll receive a lot of goodies! Even free goodies if you simply just follow my Patreon!

Simply by following my Patreon with the +Follow you would receive:

  • Free Daily art, from sketches to completed pieces.
  • Announcement of what Sims 4 House build I will be creating next!
  • A poll for what houses to build next in Sims 4!

Paid reward tiers

$1 Trainer Tier

  • A poll to decide what fanart I should doodle for that month!

$5 Master Tier

  • Sims 4 house build for your game!
  • Name in video credits and comic credits / description!
  • Comic page preview of the sketch and lineart once they are done; no dialogue.

$20 Guardian Tier

  • Quick doodle Q&A comic once a month for the characters.
  • Flat colour commission discount of 25%

Hi guys!

It’s finally Monday 26th February and it’s time to announce the final tier name and rewards that you will receive on my PATREON!

But like last time, I want to announce the other tiers, so you all remember!

Free for everyone!

  • Free daily art, from sketches to completed pieces!
  • Announcement of what house build I will be creating next!
  • And if I don’t have any houses that need building in that month, you will get a poll to decide on whose house I should be next in the Sims 4!

$1 Trainer Tier!

  • Everything everyone receives publicly!
  • A poll to decide what fanart I should doodle for that month! (It can range from Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, South Park to anything else! You guys get to decide what you’d like to see! Heck you could also leaves suggestions for the following months poll!

$5 Master Tier!

  • Everything everyone receives publicly!
  • Everything from the Trainer tier!
  • Sims 4 house build
  • Name in video credits and comic credits / description
  • Comic page preview of the sketch and lineart once they are done; no dialogue.

So now, onto the final tier!


For $5 a month, you will become a Master and receive the following!

  • Everything everyone receives publicly!
  • Everything from the Trainer tier!
  • Everything from the Master tier!
    • Quick doodle Q&A once a month for the character's from the comic
    • Flat colour commission discount of 25%

Tadah! With this tier, you’ll be able to ask the cast from A Roads Journey any questions and receive a quick doodle comic of their replies! As well as a discount for a flat colour commission in the vain of the image below!


And there you have it folks!

All three tiers of rewards have been announced and each one I spent a lot of time thinking of what to give you all and what reward goes into each tier. So I hope you all enjoy them!

So the last announcement will be on 💚️Wednesday 28th February💚️ with the updated Patreon page for you all to check out and follow! Following a Patreon page by the way is also free, so everything I post publicly you will receive for free but if you do want to donate, well there’s you incentive of all the reward tiers I’ve been announcing!

I hope you all enjoy the content I have coming your way guys, and any help is super appreciated.

Thank you and until Wednesday!


Hi guys!

It’s Saturday 24th and as promised I’ll be announcing the second reward tier’s name and rewards that you receive on my PATREON! But firstly, I would like to remind you all what you receive by simply following my Patreon and pledging just $1 at the Trainer tier!

Free for everyone!

  • Free daily art, from sketches to completed pieces!
  • Announcement of what house build I will be creating next!
  • And if I don’t have any houses that need building in that month, you will get a poll to decide on whose house I should be next in the Sims 4!

$1 Trainer Tier!

  • Everything everyone receives publicly!
  • A poll to decide what fanart I should doodle for that month! (It can range from Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, South Park to anything else! You guys get to decide what you’d like to see! Heck you could also leaves suggestions for the following months poll!

Now onto the $5 tier! Also known as

For $5 a month, you will become a Master and receive the following!

  • Everything everyone receives publicly!
  • Everything from the Trainer tier!
    • Sims 4 house build
    • Name in video credits and comic credits / description
    • Comic page preview of the sketch and lineart once they are done; no dialogue.

How about that guys! Since I build the sets for my comic pages in Sims 4 and Google SketchUp, I thought, “Hey why don’t I give these sets to my Patron bakers? That’d be fun right? They’d be able to have their Sims live in the sets of places that appear in my comic! Like Giovanni’s house (Which will appear in the comic!) or Jamie’s house!” But even if you don’t own Sims 4 you still get really cool things in return for your pledge, your name and thanks in the video credits of the Sims 4 House Builds I’ll be making for Youtube, as well as the credits of my comics; in the artist description of each comic page.

Along with exclusive looks of the entire comic pages BEFORE ANYONE ELSE HAS EVEN SEEN IT!

So yeah, just follow this [LINK] to my Patreon you can receive all the things stated above publicly for free just by simply hitting that +Follow and if you want to help me out you can consider pledging to become either a Trainer or a Master and receive a bunch of cool things in return!

So with your help of just $1 or more you’ll help me be able to work on A Roads Journey as a full time job and not have to worry about bills! It also means I’ll be able to devote myself to more original projects for comics and games, one of which I’m currently brainstorming right now!

So finally thank you! And I will see you all 💚️Monday 26th February💚 to find out what the $20 tier name and rewards will be! And trust me, you’ll love what I have in stall for you all at the $20 tier!

So until then!

Seeya guys!

Hey guys!

It’s Friday again so that means A Roads Journey update!

February’s comic PAGE was published 2 days ago [LINK] so go check that out, it’s good!

So since the last page was recently published, I’ve taken two days off to relax, whilst working on my Patreon which I’m editing to focus on the following:

  • A Roads Journey
  • An original comic
  • An original game

So, so far over the past week and following week I’ve been and will continue to do so announcing the new and improved reward tiers, which are all primarily focused around A Roads Journey, as well as some other goodies! So your help with my Patreon would be greatly rewarded and it would help me to be able to pay my bills.

Now onto the next page of A Roads Journey, since yes! I indeed have started working on it!

I’ve got the next page completely scripted at roughly 72 panels (6 more panels than the last update) and I’ve began thumbnailing the page today!

I still have to create three unique sets for this page but they’re not too heavy on the scenery so it shouldn’t take too much effort! These sets though will be created within Google Sketch Up.

So yeah pretty chill update on the next page, but a huge update for my patreon so, I think that’s pretty good!

So until next Friday guys!

Take care!

Hi guys!

It’s Thursday 22nd and as promised I’ll be announcing the first reward tier’s name and rewards that you receive on my PATREON! But I decided to also announce what people will receive for free if they simply just follow my Patreon too!

So first and fore most, what will YOU get for free if you simply just follow me on my Patreon!

  • Free daily art, from sketches to completed pieces!
  • Announcement of what house build I will be creating next!
  • And if I don’t have any houses that need building in that month, you will get a poll to decide on whose house I should be next in the Sims 4!

Isn’t that awesome!

But yeah yeah enough stalling, what will you get if you donate $1 and what will that tier be called?

For $1 a month, you will become a Trainer and receive the following!

  • Everything everyone receives publicly!
  • A poll to decide what fanart I should doodle for that month! (It can range from Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, South Park to anything else! You guys get to decide what you’d like to see! Heck you could also leaves suggestions for the following months poll!

So yeah, just follow this [LINK] to my Patreon you will receive all the things stated above publicly for free, and if you want to for $1 a month, the extra goodies of decided what I’ll draw for the month for fun as well as suggesting neat ideas for the next month!

So with your help of just $1 you get all of that above and help me be able to work on A Roads Journey as a full time job, whilst also being able to work on other projects for you all!

Thank you! And I will see you all  💚️Saturday 24th February 💚 to find out what the $5 tier name and rewards will be!

So until then, take care!

Hi guys!

I’ve got a huge announcement to make about both my Patreon and webcomic A Roads Journey, as well as secret projects that I have in the works, from a video game to another original webcomic!

With your support I’ll be able to make this my full time job, creating webcomics and video games for you all to enjoy! So if you enjoy any of the following things: Webcomics / comics / games / pokemon / nuzlockes / witches / magic / cute characters / LGBT content / magical modern world setting / fantasy and just general fun with a hint of drama and heartache, please stick around and check out my stuff!

But now onto the announcement!

As you all know I’m updating my Patreon with a whole slew of new rewards for the tiers, and this announcement is a schedule announcement for what days you can expect to receive update information on my Patreon updates!

But first, I would like to announce the release date for my new Patreon updates!

⭐ Wednesday 28th February! ⭐

This will be when my new rewards come into effect. The first week of March (Thursday 1st March to Wednesday 7th March) I will be posting the first batch of rewards for my current patrons and any newcomers to the scene!

But I still have one other announcement to make.

I’ll make announcements between today and the release date for my new rewards and I’ll release information of what each reward tier will be called and what each tier will offer to everyone!

So the schedule will look like the follow:

⭐Thursday 22nd February - $1 name and rewards announced
💚️Saturday 24th February - $5 name and rewards announced
⭐Monday 26th February - $20 name and rewards announced
💚Wednesday 28th February - New Patreon rewards are released & updated!

I hope you’re all as eager and excited as I am for the upcoming announcements and release of my new Patreon!

I can’t wait to show you all what I have installed for everyone!

Signal boosts and reblogs are highly appreciated to get the word out, even if you can’t support me financially.

So, until Thursday 22nd February take care loves! 💚


Webcomic: A Roads Journey

Patreon: [UPDATE]

Social Media: [Instagram] [Twitter] [Tumblr]

And it’s Friday again! So it’s another update for A Roads Journey!

Heck yeah!

Okay first of all, I would like to thank you all who’ve shown me support over the years of creating A Roads Journey, as well as recently all the well wishes for the comic series, it truly means a lot and makes me feel like what I’m doing isn’t just disappearing into the ether.

So thank you!

Secondly, I have lined 54 panels of 66! I ended up adding an additional panel to the page so, whoops. Below you can see everything that’s been doing.

Purple = Fully Lined

Blue = Fully Lined Today

Red = Fully sketched

White = Still need to sketch

So that’s always fun, but I plan to get the lineart all completed either tomorrow night or Sunday night if I have to push the deadline back a wee bit.

SO once I complete the lineart all I have to do is add the colour, since I’ve been adjusting and fixing the speech and bubbles as I trudge along with it!

Now onto Patreon.

I’ve been writing and re-writing my description for my Patreon and I think I’ve got it nearly completed, so once I finish this A Roads Journey page, I plan to start updating my Patreon before the end of this month, with the whole new perks and rewards!

So all of you who want to ask questions about A Roads Journey, request doodle art or even you Sims 4 players better get ready for a whole slew of new rewards and perks coming your way!

So I will leave you with that update for this week, and hopefully next week’s update will be a new page for A Roads Journey as well as updates on my Patreon!


Star! EDIT: Question about updates! Star! 

Guy’s I’m curious.

Would you guys want me to update more regularly? By regularly I mean every week at a set day, on a set schedule?

  • This would mean that the elongated pages would be chopped up into smaller pages


  • Would you guys prefer to have one update per month as the elongated pages?

I’m still debating and want to weigh up the options and such. 

So please any opinions and answers would be lovely!



It’s Friday again and that mean’s we get another update! WOOHOO!

This week has been fast paced whilst also being slow at the same time, but regardless of that I’ve sketched up 48 panels from the 65 panel page!

Check it out!

So that’s progress right?

Also I’ve been updating my Instagram on the daily with progress shots of the page from previews of the panels basically!



So much progression happens, that would have originally taken 2-3 pages, and just.


Plus once we get past this page, y’all are in for one HECK of a journey.

Since we’ll finally be stepping into the waters of my original plot, properly. like you won’t know the full extent of what’s going on, but if y’all haven’t noticed the changes I’ve been making to Kanto’s story line yet…WELL.

You’ll definitely notice after the page after this one.

ALSO Heads up on my patreon situation!

I’m still working on updating the patreon page, I aim to get it all updated at the end of Feb by the latest! Basically I’m just bad at the whole, writing up part of things, but you’ll get the rewards starting from this month! (so within the first 1 or 2 weeks of March you’ll get your rewards!)

Hey guys!

Long time no see huh?

Heck I honestly forgot Deviantart had a journal function, oops.

Anyway, what's up! I plan to make Friday’s (Even though it's currently Saturday) a general update on the progress of A Roads Journey and such! AND OH BOY DO I HAVE A LOT TO TELL YOU GUYS!

Okay firstly, I’ve realised earlier this week, I was constraining myself to work at 30-40 panels and no more which…When I sat back and thought about it, I realised, that’s why it’s taken me 6-7 years to get half way through the Kanto storyline and I have two more region stories planned for Jamie and the gang, and yeah..I need to speed up.

So I’m speeding up, putting more onto a page, and disregarding the panel count, and that’s the thing. I condensed what was initially 11 pages, into 3-4 pages. SEE HOW FAST THIS SHIT IS GONNA BE GOING NOW?!


I bet you’re thinking though, that’s all the information I have for you all, well NOPE!

This weekend I’m going to be renovating (is that the word?) my Patreon, to be centered around A Roads Journey, so goodies and exclusive rewards you can get from becoming a patreon to me exclusively for A Roads Journey! There’ll be other content for my other original works and comics, but the main focus would be A Roads Journey.

Well now what could be the rewards? You’ll have to wait and see this weekend coming, BUT I will let you know of one of them.

Sims 4 houses and rooms.

BASICALLY I’ve began to make houses and rooms and set’s in the Sims 4 for my comic,so I can use them in my comic as the template for backgrounds, so THAT MEANS, instead of me just deleting those builds. I will share them with you folks! If you have Sims 4, I would upload the houses/lots/rooms exclusively to my Patreon, for you to download and to play in in Sims 4!

So now YOU can play in Giovanni’s house and feel like a badass Team Rocket boss! 💚


Also, I’ll be recording the builds too, and uploading them as video’s on youtube too so that’s just a quick side note I thought I’d add |D

Whelp I've finally gotten around to this! I got tagged by :iconjustsnooze: so here goes!

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.


1. Originally Jamie wasn't meant to be a proper nuzlocke character. I was just playing Yellow as a casualocke, named the protag Jamie cause I like the name, but I was getting to invested into the character's that I switched to Leaf Green; which is what I wanted to do my 'serious locke' on. Hence why he has a Pikachu starter and a Bulbasaur.

2. Jamie has not caught any of his pokémon like other trainers. They just come to him and follow him, so he asked if they want to join the team, and he lets them.

3. Jamie's nationality is Kantonian, but he's from a mixed family in both nationality and race. He's half Unovan from his mother's side, who's white, and half Alolan from his dad's side, who's black.

4. Jamie has un-diagnosed ADHD, hence why he struggles to stay on task or interested in anything for a long period of time.

5. Jamie only has 2 grandparent's, his mom's parents, who live in Unova. He visited them every summer holiday with his mom growing up.

6. Jamie also loves baseball, as a child he always dreamt of being a pitcher for Striaton City Sawks. Meaning if Jamie ever had to throw a pokéball, you would see him using proper pitching form.

7. His granddad is a coach of a Little League Baseball team, which Jamie was apart of growing up.

8. Jamie's favourite food is Bungeoppang

Could only think of 6 people, sorry!

:iconandalsopineapples: Sam
:icononiwanbashu: Rhames
:iconaerorwen: Charlie
:iconprotocol00: Xaden
:iconkatarinu: Roland
:iconreagentnein: Nathan

I have these items currently available at Art Corgi

But below I also have other commission styles available, so if you want something, be they comics, illustrations, concept art, game art, pixel art, game animations or anything else, do not hesitate to contact me at for an enquiry!

I will discuss with you what you want and keep you up to date on the progress of the commission, with progress shots and such if you request them.

My paypal account:

Please note I won’t start the commissions until I have received payment.

Willing to draw

  • OCs, Fanart, Fan characters, anything really.
  • Multiple characters [Will cost additional payment we’ll discuss it upon.]
  • Fanart
  • And pretty much anything else! Just enquire for more details!

If you can't afford to buy anything from me but you know someone who wishes to buy some artwork, I would love you forever for mentioning me too them!

Thank you!

Commissions OPEN

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 22, 2014, 12:33 PM

The local Job Centre has changed how much money I receive because I was honest with them and told them about one commission job I did, now they think I’m earning £20 a week even though I’m not and explained this too them.

Plus I’m trying to save up enough money to Teach English in Japan with Interac, since I would need about £2000-3000 for the first two months whilst living in Japan to live, which I don’t have.

So I’ll be saving up my money for rent for where I’m currently living and to get enough funding to Teach in Japan, so I’ve opened up more thing’s that you are able to commission from me.

To commission me email at with the following information.

Please include in your message:

The type of commission you would like!
Reference images of the character/s, and if possible some basic details of their personality, and any additional things you may like me to include in the final image (i.e. you want them holding a certain item or be in a specific pose, etc.)
I will discuss with you what you want and keep you up to date on the progress of the commission, with progress shots and such if you request them.

My paypal account:

Please note I won’t start the commissions until I have received payment.

Willing to draw

:bulletwhite: OCs, Fanart, Fan characters.
:bulletwhite: Multiple characters [Will cost additional payment we’ll discuss it upon.]
:bulletwhite: Pokémon Team can have a maximum of 6 pokémon including 1 trainer, but you can have less if you want, we can discuss this.


I will only be taking 3 commissions at a time


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Comics and projects

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 21, 2014, 6:26 AM
Decided to update about, well projects and such so here goes:

A Roads Journey:
My Leaf Green Nuzlocke comic is cancelled. It held way too many thorns and bad memories, I may pick it up in the future, but not in the foreseeable one.

Emerald Nuzlocke Comic:
My shits and giggles Emerald Nuzlocke comic. I am still working on this since it's my experimental comic with panelling and pacing and story telling. They're just very far and few between the updates

As you all know, I love OCTs not that I'm any good at them but I do love them, the thing is, they're taking up too much of my time. So I'd like to announce that the current OCT I am in PKMN-DreamLabs will be my last oct for the foreseeable future. Especially whilst I work on my own comic projects.

Original Comic: Ripieno:
I am dead set serious in creating this comic but due to OCTs I've not yet had the time to sit down and plan it al out, but this is will be my first solo début of an original comic.

Original Comic 2:
No title yet, but it will be a shits and giggles comic between the very talented andalsopineapples and myself. Still very much in the planning stages.

GAME Project:
Again lack of time to sit down and work on this, but I have a game project in the works, the over arching story is down, I know what sort of game play and visual style I want, I just need to sit down and work on it.

That's pretty much all of my updates on my comics and projects.

If you read this thank you for your time. Here have a cookie :cookie:

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Haven't done one of these in awhile

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 19, 2014, 7:10 AM
These are the rules : 
1. - You must posts these rules.
2.- Each person has to share 10 things about them
3.- Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
4.- Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
5.- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged.
6.- No " you are tagged if you read that"
7.- You have to legitimately tag 10 people
8.- No tag-backs
9.- You can't say that you don't do tags. 


10 Things About Me:
  1. I'm 5'5" and I'm the tallest in my blood family
  2. I bite the skin under my nails and I should really stop but it's hard
  3. I put way too much pressure on me and my work that I ultimately screw myself over and never finish things ha...
  4. I really like One Piece and should continue to watch it but it's so dang LONG
  5. I 99% of the time always recall my dreams, whether the recollection is just snips and pieces or full blown stories is another matter
  6. I was dyslexic until I was about 13/14
  7. I have seriously fucked up my sleeping pattern and I'm trying to get it back in order!
  8. I'm actually asexual, go figure huh
  9. I'm also gender fluid but idgaf what pronouns you use, I'm fine with anything okay?
  10. I'm fucking cold >< again

Questions by this goober :iconprotocol00:

1. Pick a celebrity waifu/husbando, aaAAAAnnny waifu/husbando
Aaaah....Harrison Ford *hides under desk squeeing* shut your face

2. Anything particular get you into art?
A school teacher. When I was a wee lass a year 3 school teacher suggested I draw a picture from a book, so I could purposely stay inside the class due to the excessive amounts of bullying I had been going under. It was a boy riding on the back of an elephant. Break time ended, but I wasn't finished drawing, teacher tried to stop me, I didn't even hear her talking too me. So she got the headmaster, who tried to get me to stop but I ignored him too, apparently he told the teacher to just leave me too it. I really am grateful to that but I hate it at the same time because from that point on no teachers would answer my questions if I was confused in class and would always put me at the back of the class to just draw, thus I didn't know how to read or write or do maths.

3. What's one thing you cut out of a nuzlocke (or any other story you've come up with, if you haven't done a nuzlocke) that you really wish you could have made fit in.
Hmmm. Honestly for my nuzlockes I've not cut anything out (Yet?) but I can answer this for any of my OCT stories. The biggest bug bare for me was Round 4 or 5 of End Run, when my character Teddy was taking over the radio and psychically synced up to his Espeon, he was meant to see how badly damaged Nate/Amelia had gotten because of his stupidity, but due to reasons I'd rather not state I had to completely changed the story and it came out utter shit compared to what I had originally planned...Fuck I had to change a lot of Teddy's original story because of other people and how his story 'didn't fit with there's' or 'was making their story sound like shit'.
Wish I had just took the reigns of Teddy's story and went 'fuck it' and did my own thing.
Oh well.

4. Which pokemon do you wish had a different colour scheme/ a different shiny colour scheme
Hahaha I...I don't know? Hmmm...I guess any of the Eevee evolutions shinies, since most of them are butts...Actually Eevee's shiny. I wish it was black or something. Baby ;v;

5. damn it i'm running out of ideas, least favourite game?
British Bull Dog.
But for video game? Any strategy based games, I just can't get my head around them I'm afraid and regardless of how good the story is, I just can't bring myself to play them.

6. favourite game????????????
Then there are Final Fantasy IX, VI, Star Ocean 1 and 2, Tales of the Abyss and Symphonia.

7. favourite character from the pokemon anime?
I want to say Ash, because he's just grown so fucking stale. But I loved him as a kid up until hmmm, just before Hoenn region? S'when I went through the whole 'pokémon sucks' phase in high school but still secretly played it then I grew out of it cause fuck, the games were still badass.
So I would have to say Ash. But if I had to pick another character to hate. Cilan. I just didn't like the guy I'm afraid :/

8. favourite pokemon gen?
In order:
1. Kanto - First pokemon game, got the game when it was released, well my granddad got it me when it was released, Pokémon Red, along with so many trading cards and keychains (I still have my light up pikachu keychain!) Plus I just love the simplicity of the entire story and how we can build so much into it!
2. Sinnoh - THIS FUCKING GAME. I didn't play until I was in university a few years ago, Platinum, but omfg I felt like I was punched in the face because this was the first time I realised 'POKÉMON GAMES HAVE STORIES?!' and I'm not even kidding, I grew invested in the story and world and wanted the world to be save but I also felt bad for the bad guy because of his punishment too. Plus the three lake spirits are creepy as BALLS MAN! Just loved it so much!
3. Kalos - Holy shit do I even NEED TO SAY ANYTHING? The only thing I don't like about this game is the fact one of my favourite pokemon, Pikachu, say's it's fucking name rather than that weird 'BZJHCGZ' noise
4. Hoenn - Le GASP HOENN ISN'T LAST? Heck no. First nuzlocke, it holds sentimental values the more I play it and look into it the move I appreciate and love this little region. Plus I would fucking LOVE to visit Hoenn, it's like a tropical fucking paradise!
5. Johto - Eeeeeeeeeeeh. Only reason this game isn't last is because POKEMON FOLLOW YOU AROUND! COME ON GAMEFREAK BRING THAT BACK PLEASE!
6. Unova - Meh, it's a good game, good story, good pokemon, good innovation, it just didn't grab me from the get go y'know? Plus that and the fact it leaves a bad taste in my mouth due to broken friendships. *Shrugs*

9. uhh top 3 nuzlockes?
I hate you so much.
I'm going to do 3 top nuzlockes, and 3 under appreciated nuzlockes and you can't stop me >P

Top Three (Popular) Nuzlockes

1. A Petty Nuzlocke LG & A Petty Nuzlocke HG - This is number 1 because of the fact if it wasn't for pettyartist and her nuzlocke, I would never have started my own, thus I would never have given myself an excuse to practice regardless of quality how to draw comics. So I appreciate this nuzlocke and pettyartist more than she knows.
2. Myths of Unova - I must confess, I've never read ky-nim's original Nuzlocke, I just keep loosing focus, but Myths of Unova is such a cool read man!
3. Eeeer...WHELP I WOULD USUALLY SAY DEATH'S NUZLOCKE but you stopped it which is fair enough...I just genuinely can't think of another famous nuzlocke? :'D Honestly not read any new nuzlockes yet...

Top Three (Hidden Gems) Nuzlockes

1. Cross Out - Your style has improved so much dude and every time I see a comic by you it pumps me so much to work on my own comics even more! YOU'RE MY INSPIRATION SENPAI!
2. Fuck all the nuzlockes I used to read have stopped...Fuck well...Fuck it there you go you have three nuzlockes I enjoy.

butts y/y?


My Questions:
  1. Favourite story from any media
  2. Colour or color
  3. Anyone you're crushing on?  Celeb or otherwise? (Don't state their names if you don't want too)
  4. Which was your FIRST ever starter pokemon?
  5. The left boob or the right boob?
  6. What do you do if life gives you lemons?
  7. Favourite quote, be it inspirational or not
  8. Your favourite childhood snack
  9. Your current favourite snack
  10. Marco
Okay so time to tag some suckers.


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Commissions Open - Pay whatever you want!

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 19, 2013, 11:49 AM

 My only source of regular income has been cut for a short period of time so I'm opening up a new form of commissions.

That's right, you pay me whatever you deem worthy for my artwork and for whatever style you wish to receive!

Shown above are a few examples of what I can offer you!

There are only four rules

1.Payement's must be made through Paypal to
2. Minimum payment no less than $2
3. I won't draw smut
4. I also have the right to refuse commissions

I will only accept 3 commission's at once

:bulletgreen: OPEN
:bulletgreen: OPEN
:bulletgreen: OPEN

Thank you for reading.

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Okay as people who know me should know, money wise and job wise recently has been SHIT for me so I'm reopening commissions for the foreseeable future!

I still have two old commission's to complete so those will be top priority okay?

!!!Commission Details!!!
Chibis: [Example]

£5 / $8 - 1 character

Full Body Flats: [Example 1] [Example 2] [Example 3] [Example 4] [Example 5] [Example 6]
£10 / $16 = 1 character
£2 / $3 = 1 pokémon or additional character

!!!When ordering a commission from me!!!
Please fill out the sheet below and then send the information to me through NOTES on here please
Name: (Your username or real name)

Contact Details: (Email or Deviantart account so I can send you previews of the work)

What Style: (Chibi or full body)

What it is I would like: (Please put write down your information here, from trainer and pokemon you wish to commission from me, please include detail's such as their personalities, any poses you would like them to be in and any situation such as a fight or eating etc.)

Reference: (Please include references, the more references the better of the trainer idea's for clothes if you have any also this goes for the pokémon too, don't presume I know what a Dustox)

Price: (What the total cost of the commission would come too, please be aware, I will double check this)

  • One character per picture (With the addition of 1 pokémon if they wish)
  • The same commissioner CAN commission me multiple times at once if they wish to have more characters drawn by me!
  • No extreme gore
  • No porn
  • If you REALLY want multiple characters don't hesitate to ask me and we'll see if we can't come to some sort of agreement, but please respect my wishes if I decline
  • Fill out the form! No form no art!

I only accept paypal as a payment method, send the payments to -

Now onto the commission process:

  • You order your commission
  • I draw up some rough thumbnail's for the layout of the picture, the poses and such
  • You tell me which one you like best
  • You pay half the total cost (So if your commission is £10 you pay the first £5 to me)
  • I rough up your picture and show you a preview to see whether you like it still  or if you would like some changes
  • I then finish the commission and show you the preview watermarked version and you tell me whether you're happy with it or not
  • If you're happy with it, you pay the remaining fee on the commission
  • I then email you the full sized version of the commission, free of water marks

Thank you for reading this and telling your friends if you have!

It is really appreciated and I love you all for even reading this if you have!

Thank you!

PS. Also please take into account I have real life obligations to take care off as well such as college, family and the comic competition so don't freak out if your commission isn't done ASAP okay? I will keep you updated on the progress

Update on life

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 1, 2012, 1:07 AM

Firstly I'd like to update and explain, a lot of my graphics are still buggy, like the header to this journal, I'll get it fixed later tonight so yeah sorry about that.

Now for my comic updates:

Emerald Nuzlocke Challenge: I am still working on it, I'm currently thumbnailing the next update so do not worry about that okay?

A Roads Journey: Hopefully by this weekend I'll have the next update finished so bare with me okay? I'm also changing the approach I go about creating these comics okay? So please bare with me

College: Sucks...Period...But life goes on


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Journal Entry: Sun Feb 5, 2012, 10:19 AM

Here's the deal:

1. For each of the first 15 people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and three deviations I like from their gallery on the list!

2. If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!


:bulletgreen: 642 by e-Hjorth Age Meme - Paratroop by e-Hjorth Red Rocks by e-Hjorth

2. :iconmislingen:
:bulletgreen: I got Bazooka by Mislingen Shy little Rapunzel by Mislingen You can't run Daniel by Mislingen

3. :iconraxel1447:

4. :iconburstxshadowzx:
:bulletgreen: JShark Nuzlocke Challenge by BurstXShadowzX (well more to point you all to his nuzlocke comic) HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEXA by BurstXShadowzX Slender Man Birthday Wishes by BurstXShadowzX

5. :iconaoisora19s:
:bulletgreen: request - Lisa by AoiSora19S be a real man by AoiSora19S Pistil Sisters logo by AoiSora19S

6. :iconumikit:
:bulletgreen: Tea Time by UmiKit Battle Rage by UmiKit Raging Flares by UmiKit

7. :icondenali404:

8. :iconscarlet-shimmer:
:bulletgreen: SCHOOL: Value Project 2 - I'm Not Sad Today by Scarlet-Shimmer

Mature Content

Abysmal Content by Scarlet-Shimmer
Oekaki Pink Wolf - 2.5.11 by Scarlet-Shimmer

9. :iconneonwhispers:
:bulletgreen: Seven Pools by NeonWhispers Eucalyptus by NeonWhispers He needs lotion. by NeonWhispers

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:bulletgreen: In Memoriam by DPhyreROX Second Chance by DPhyreROX Pain by DPhyreROX


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