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[ Patreon ] by ZannyHyper [ Patreon ] by ZannyHyper

You can support my comic A Roads Journey over on Patreon now!

Hi guys!

Today is the day I announce the re-launch of my Patreon!
My Patreon is now solely focused on the creation of my webcomic A Roads Journey, a Pokémon Nuzlocke fan comic.
I also have several other comics and games I want to work on, but for now, the Patreon would be exclusively for A Roads Journey.

Bullet; Pink So why use Patreon? Bullet; Pink 

A Roads Journey is a solo comic project by myself, and so far it has taken me 6 years to reach the half way point of the FIRST installment of this story, due to having to work as a full time freelance artist to just cover rent, but if you donate anything even just $1 a month, it will help me help me greatly towards my monthly rent, and hey if I reach $500 a month I can make A Roads Journey a full time job without worrying where my next pay check will come from!

Bullet; Pink So what do I get if I pledge to you? Bullet; Pink 

Heck, you'll receive a lot of goodies! Even free goodies if you simply just follow my Patreon!

Bullet; Orange For Free Bullet; Orange

  • Free Daily art, from sketches to completed pieces.
  • Announcement of what Sims 4 House build I will be creating next!
  • A poll for what houses to build next in Sims 4!
Bullet; Green Paid reward tiers Bullet; Green
  • A poll to decide what fanart I should doodle for that month!
  • Sims 4 house build for your game!
  • Name in video credits and comic credits / description!
  • Comic page preview of the sketch and lineart once they are done; no dialogue.
  • Quick doodle Q&A 
  • comic once a month for the characters.
  • Flat colour commission discount of 25%

But if you just want to make a one off donation, I also have a Kofi account!

And, of course, thank you guys for all your support!

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