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What's Your Favorite Pokemon Game? 

12 deviants said Other
2 deviants said Sapphire
2 deviants said X
2 deviants said Sun
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2 deviants said Utlra Sun
2 deviants said Ultlra Moon
1 deviant said Ruby
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Commissions, Request, and Features

Commissions ~ ASK ME by Nimylu Requests ~ ASK ME by Nimylu Gifts ~ FRIENDS ONLY by Nimylu
If you need examples just go to my gallery and look under commissions (I have subfolders in my
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The Infinity Chronicles Volume 1 Act 11Act 11: "Testing One's Abilities.. "
The platoon had arrived in the wee hours of the morning. Six transport helos dropped them off on the eastern shore of the lake, near to the south side. 24 men in heavy duellist combat armor, carrying assault rifles and damned little else. They fanned out along the shoreline, as the sun crept slowly over the mountains. Tina sat in an improvised sling chair beneath several branches of a sturdy old oak, just south and west of the main landing force. She watched the troopers as they fanned out, telling Alex over her implant COM exactly what they were doing. Several of the troopers had scuba gear, and were preparing for a dive as several others oversaw the inflation of a small rubber boat. Alex smiled hearing about divers.
"So, should we let them board, or just stick with Plan A?" He asked Cygna.
"I think I like Plan A best Master. Besides, we'll never know how far I can teleport unless I test now and then."
"True enough. Plan A it is." He said as he wor
The Infinity Chronicles Volume 1 Act 12Act 12: "Rebellion.."
Kinsman Industries, Blue Sector, 3-Feb-2329
"Are you sure?" Kinsman said into his COM.
"Damn, this isn't good. Not at all." He said, as he disconnected the line. Leena moved from her pillow and snuggled against his leg, her deep blue eyes looking up at him longingly. He looked down at his beautiful Marrokian slave girl, and smiled.
"That time of the year again, my sweet?" He asked, as she nodded. Reaching down, he scooped her up in his massive hands, and carried her over to a blank wall. As he approached, he silently spoke one word, 'heaven', and the wall panel opened, revealing an opulently appointed bedroom. Lying her down on the bed, he undressed quickly, as she succumbed to Marrokian Heat.
It was over a few hours later. It seemed to him that as of late, the only time he got to spend with her was when she went into season.
Leaving her to sleep it off, so to speak, he dressed, and moved back into his office. The news he had been told was quite distressing, but i
The Infinity Chronicles Volume 1 Act 13Mountain Town Idyllwild, Southern California, Alternate Earth, 3-Feb-2329
Act 13: "Ichubirn..Part 2"
Alex ate in silence at the small cafe, as Elisha picked at her eggs. After her bout of nausea, she wasn't particularly hungry, but Alex insisted she eat something. The few other morning patrons looked at this super-model couple with a mixture of awe and suspicion. They had come into town on foot, claiming that their car had been wrecked a few miles back. They both declined a tow, which immediately made everyone to hear their claim of a wreck suspicious. Alex asked if anyone in town had a vehicle for sale, and finding none, resolved to wait until dark before heading back to their grav-car. Finally, Elisha broke the silence at their small booth.
"How do you feel about me?"
"I care about you, but I don't love you, not in a boyfriend/girlfriend way, but I do have feelings for you. Why, what brought this up?" He said, looking up from his plate of Canadian bacon and eggs.

Jotaro Kujo - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure by JoeHurovich Gyro Zeppeli - Steel Ball Run by JoeHurovich Joseph Joestar - Pilot (Battle Tendency) by JoeHurovich



What Champion Are You?
What Champion Are You?
Hosted By Anime

RQ-Clefairy Fan Button by Supremechaos918 Pokemon Stamp by SeviYummy
RQ-Pikachu Fan Button by Supremechaos918 Pikachu Stamp by SeviYummy
RQ-Squirtle Fan Button by Supremechaos918 Squirtle Stamp by SeviYummy
RQ-Charmander Fan Button by Supremechaos918 Charmander Stamp by SeviYummy
:iconseviyummy: She did these awesome Pokémon stamps:heart:




Land Of Angels

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