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still-life training

drawing studies
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If that's training then I will never be able to do art!
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it's training but long and exhausting training under the careful tuition. you will
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ЗдОрово! Детализация на высоте! Рисуй и делись еще, только желательно чуть чаще чем рисунок за год. ;)
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Mentor Critique~

I see that Kyverica has already pointed out much of what could be fixed. x3 And I definitely agree, the shading on that vase is gorgeous. Also, the texture on that you achieved in the background is amazing! There's not much I can add that wouldn't go over the same things that Kyv said except that maybe there should be some brighter high lights on some things? It all seems very gray but with good dark values. I definitely see a few light gray high lights on the vase and the bowl. Then again, if this is a picture of the piece then the camera could have just dimmed the high lights.

Other than that, everything looks great! This is, honestly, a wonderful still life~ Great job~
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thank you a lot.
I agree that it's too gray in general.. and I'm going to work with it
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Mentor Critique*

Very nice still-life. All the pieces seem to be sitting firmly on the table, which is always a bit tricky to get right. And the shading on the vase is remarkable. I have just a few ideas that may help you improve the piece a bit more.

First, the liquid in the seashell looks a bit dark. It doesn't capture the feeling of liquid as well as it could. I think some surface reflections, or perhaps letting us see a bit more of the bottom of the seashell would do the trick.

Second, the back right corner on the table is muddled. The piece is so crisp in detail that it's odd to get this bit of indistinguishable material. Try pulling the detail out on that a little.

The last comment I have is on the fold at the front edge of the table just below the cracked bowl. It seems out of place. The rest of the cloth seems soft and folded, but that particular fold looks more like paper than cloth to me. Just softening the very dark shadow behind the ridge should do the trick.

A really great piece of art. I hope you post more in the future, as I enjoy seeing your work. Keep up the excellent work!
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Thank you very much for critique!
About liquid - there is NO liquid on the picture))) But now I see liquid too. Maybe.. let liquid be?...))
I'm kidding. Your idea shows me my mistakes with the shell and shadows on it.

About table - I don't like this cloth in general, it's my first experience. I see a lot of mistakes but I fed up with it)) I'll think about deferences between paper and cloth folds.. In the next works.

Thank you a lot
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Apparently you have ninja liquid! ....or not. The piece really is quite good overall. Just work on some of the details and I think it'll really stand out. Cloth is usually quite hard to do, just be patient and work very lightly. That usually gets the effect I'm looking for when doing cloth. Draw on!
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Very nice - great detail !
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Awesome still life !
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Отличная работа!!! Долго рисовала :) ?
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спасибо. о да, долго)) в часах не скажу, ибо это тянулось год может редкими перебежками)
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