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Texturing for World of Tanks,

diffuse map 2048x2048
normal map 2048x2048
specular map 2048x2048
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Ya know..looking at this again..actually makes me want to go and get the PZIV in game.
Seriously one of, if not THE best, tank texture in the whole game.
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Wow thank you a lot!))
You're welcome. :D

And this is coming from a diehard US Tank lover, haha.
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should be pleasantfully))
It's taking forever..I seem to be getting like half the XP I did before the patch..oh well..I'll survive. are things going over there?
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yes, gaining XP is boring.. You need to be patient
everything is cool, thank you. We are hard working. Hard orking...))
I'm like.. 400xp away from the M4
Oh well, I'll make it. :P

How are things in Belarus?

By the way..just to get it out of the way..I'm not going to pester you for information or secrets or anything, I'm not like that. :P
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don't worry, it's ok.
Belarus is boring gray country with quite gloomy people( I don't like to live here. There is nothing big and wonderfull, you know.. Faceless cities.. And vestiges of Soviet Union. I like Italy for instance - with sun, smiles, with kind happy people, with gorgeous art, architecture.
But my work and studies are the things that help))
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