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TF: Mudbather

By Zanne
I kept threatening to draw a picture of my favorite Transformer, and here he is. :D

Hound in his happy place, folks...I'd even go as far as to call it his natural habitat. XD What mech would find basking in the mud after a long trail drive, preferable to the sterility of Cybertron?

Nature Boy, that's who. *pats Hound on the head*

Photoshop CS.
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ButterLatias's avatar
lorge jeep is in his happy place
TheMedicsApprentice's avatar
Woah. The detail is amazing in this. By far one of my favorite pieces of hound
Zanne's avatar
Thank you so much, I'm very glad you like him! :)
Jazzo01's avatar
Hound seems to be enjoying himself :)
Zanne's avatar
Yes indeed; one of the few bots I think that actually enjoys getting dirty. XD
bunkiecycles's avatar
Eh... Count Joel in. She doesn’t mind getting dirty
Phenometron's avatar
Hound is enjoying Earth very much. ;)
Zanne's avatar
Yes indeed he is. X3
HappyArmyWife's avatar
Hound is my favorite too!
Zanne's avatar
Awesome! It's always good to see another Hound fan; Nature boy needs more love! :love:
kcjones88's avatar
Hound is in his happy place! lol lol lol nice job ;)
Zanne's avatar
*laughs* Yes indeed, he is. :3 I would be right in that mud with him, too. XD
bunkiecycles's avatar
Joel would be too
kcjones88's avatar
IKR?!?!?! it looks like fun X3
Kenthayle's avatar
LOL! He looks like he was just driving along, and then whoop! Mud puddle! Transform! :XD:
Zanne's avatar
Hahahah, that's very much Hound. XD :giggle: I can just imagine him driving right up to it, transforming, spinning on his heel and promptly flopping himself down in it like a toddler. XD

Thanks for the fave, too! :D
Kenthayle's avatar
That is exactly how I pictured it :XD:
Dragon-Mage-Chick's avatar
I love this! The tranquil expression is perfect. On a side-note, I am now a Hound fan thanks to this. XD
Zanne's avatar
Hahah, thank you! I really enjoyed making that picture, and I'm very glad you like how it came out. :) And yay, Hound always needs more fans! :boogie: *feels absurdly happy that one of her pics converted someone XD*
Dragon-Mage-Chick's avatar
You're very welcome!

Yeah, I want to start watching more of episodes with him involved now. Sucks because my boyfriend doesn't like watching G1 that much anymore. XD
Zanne's avatar
Heheh, sadly Hound didn't get very many episodes; but it was enough for me to absolutely adore him as a kid. XD

*laughs* I love the cheesy camp of the original cartoon; it was back when kids were a bit less jaded and didn't care that Prime's trailer disappeared into thin air when he transformed, or that Blaster and Soundwave were huge as robots, but human boombox-sized when they transformed. And the dialogue..oh, the dialogue. *cackle*
Dragon-Mage-Chick's avatar
No matter, I'll just pay attention to the background when he's there. XD

I love it too. I have a thing for 'bad' movies, so the campy-ness of G1 is just my style. And yes, the dialogue is incredible. XD
Bittythings's avatar
Hound, look at you, what are you, 5?

Beautiful job painting all that mud and grit, it worked really well. I love his face and pose too- he's just so blissed out to by filthy. Silly alien.
Zanne's avatar
*laughs* I'll be honest, I'd probably be right there in the mud with him, having a blast. ;)

Thank you very much! I love the fact that Hound isn't as wrapped up in his appearance as other 'bots are; and enjoys Earth's simple pleasures, like mudbaths. XD
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