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Just a Dream
Like a nebulous cloud
Adrift on the whims of time,
The winds of change,
You dance before my eyes,
A tantalizing prize
Displaced by leagues of circumstance
And random happenstance
So far beyond my reach.
A distant delusion,
A fragile illusion
A lingering indecision
On the fringes of my vision
Out of reach, out of touch
Out of bounds
My fingers grasp at you
But close on thin air
Because no matter where I think you are
You're not really there…
You flicker in the distance like a dying candle flame
So very far away,
As fleeting as a dream;
Just a dream…
:iconzankoutao:ZankouTAO 0 4
The Tortured Poet
Words don't come easy
Not to a tortured poet
Despite what you may believe
Or what might make sense
Because nothing makes sense
What can I say?  I have nothing to say
Just the ten million things I want to tell you
But can't
Ten million things but nothing to say
Why does it have to be this way?
I have all of these words
On the tip of my tongue
With an infinite capacity for combination
But none of them work
And nothing makes sense
And everything hurts
And I just can't express
Blocked up
Full of shit
With nothing
Nothing to say
Except everything
But how to express it?
Words don't come easy
Not to a tortured poet
Especially not one
Who has nothing to say
And nothing
Makes sense.
:iconzankoutao:ZankouTAO 0 2
Me by ZankouTAO Me :iconzankoutao:ZankouTAO 0 0
Will this feeling ever go away,
This dull grey ache inside my heart
Like fatigue at the end of a long, long day,
But present from the long day's start?
The clouds above, a great grey wall,
Obscure the sun and block his light;
As the clouds descend, so too my heart does fall,
But I lack the strength to put up a fight.
The days are long, and laborious too,
And lacking love and fun and joy;
There are many things yet left to do,
But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
I'm  weary of life, of its many demands,
And of all the problems that I'm to inherit;
I feel the weight of the world in my hands
And I don't know if I can bear it.
:iconzankoutao:ZankouTAO 1 3
The Wall
I would say I had a broken heart, if I had a heart to break, but the one I had has been ripped apart, and has long since ceased to ache.  
There's no feeling left inside me, I'm just a fount of acrid gall—a foul and loathsome darkness locked away behind a wall
That was built from scars and loneliness, with jadedness and fear, so that I could hide behind it, so that I could disappear.
The wall, it hides my soul away, and keeps it safe inside; it's there to keep the pain at bay, that which I cannot abide.
This pain, it comes from having had, and then soon after lost; and it bites and gnaws and gnashes like a cold and bitter frost.
I try to keep the love away, I let nobody in; too keep away the ending, I won't allow it to begin.
I sit behind the wall I built, in silence, and I frown; I fear my wall's become too strong, and will never be broken down.
:iconzankoutao:ZankouTAO 1 6
Apres la tourmente
Le restant final d'une tourmente,
Qui peut restaurer l'humeur contente…
Des gouttes d'eau qui sont frappés par la lumière,
Et, à travers le ciel, jettent un spectre de couleur…
À la fin, on pourrait trouver
Un bol d'or, si on est fortuné…
L'arc-en ciel, la bande colorée,
Qui pend aux dessus de la terre...c'est une chose de beauté.
:iconzankoutao:ZankouTAO 0 1
All sense of time has eroded.  All sense of meaning is lost.  The letters swim before my eyes, the air stings my throat; a blanket of smoke layers my senses, and eternity ceases to be an obstacle.  No more am I limited by my mortal flesh, for I transcend all that is and was and ever shall be.  I see beyond my eyes, and into the tangled terrible truth, as things are and should and must be.  The atoms and molecules dance before me in the light of ten billion photons, as the waveform collapses and life itself ceases to matter, and matter itself ceases to live.  Protons smash into each other, igniting in a glorious explosion as they overcome their repulsion to bond into orbs of shimmering light, which bedazzle me as I drift in the black void of complete understanding; everything is reduced to swimming equations, letters and numbers mixing together in a slurry of cosmic significance and meaning. I see the fabric of reality ripple in fro
:iconzankoutao:ZankouTAO 0 4
All That Glitters, Devours All
I fled in terror from the slowly advancing mass of beetles.  
My shoes pounded a dreadful tattoo upon the sidewalk as I pushed myself to escape.  The beetles pursued me with unremitting fervour, their shiny carapaces glistening in the moonlight, their mandibles clicking with vicious enthusiasm as they sought to tear my flesh.  The skittering and clicking of the beetles echoed softly in the dark and eerie alleyway, as they moved steadily toward me.
Catching sight of a mass of garbage piled up against a fence, I turned and jumped up, and, bringing myself in reach of the top of the fence, I clambered over it and into the back yard of a house.  I ran to the gate, looking behind me to see the beetles pouring over the fence even as they consumed it.  Without stopping, I scrambled over the gate and fled into the residential street.
As the beetles followed me into the road, they tore through the house and the cars that stood in their path.
:iconzankoutao:ZankouTAO 0 1
Goodnight Cruel World
"Goodnight cruel world, my dear old friend,"
I said to the Earth, as the day reached its end.
"It's days like these I love the best;
When I can lay my head to rest,
Secure in the knowledge that you have not won,
Ere the end of the day and the set of the sun.
For today, the hatred, cruelty and strife,
Were occluded by the beauty and splendour of life."
And the Earth, of course, made no reply,
but to turn on her axis as time passed us by.
:iconzankoutao:ZankouTAO 0 11
Sans vous
Vous me manquez tellement, ce soir.
Sans vous, la nuit, elle fait noire.
Ce n'est pas juste, ma seule chérie
La vie sans vous n'est pas la vie.
Sans vous, je me sens seul toujours
Il fait froid et sombre dans mon séjour.
Mon cœur est lourd avec tristesse,
Quand je n'ai pas ma belle princesse.
Je vous adore comme le beau soleil,
Qui s'est enfui lorsque vous m'avez quitté.
Pour vous de revenir bientôt;
Ce qui serait un bon cadeau.
:iconzankoutao:ZankouTAO 0 1
I heave a sigh, and so it goes,
And no one knows, and no one knows...
The tangled webs that we do weave
Are but trifles we can not percieve.
The fate of man lies not within our sight,
In the darkest recesses of the most frigid night.
And who's to decide how things will be,
When the future is something we cannot see?
:iconzankoutao:ZankouTAO 1 2
Up, Back, Forward, Down
I take careful aim through a rifle sight,
And a shot rings out through the cold dark night.
Across the field, through no man's land,
Reaching out with a cold and deadly hand,
It chokes the life from my enemy's throat
With a single, loud, resounding note.
Up, back, forward, down,
The rifle cracks with a deafening sound
As one by one the soldiers fall,
But I cannot hope to kill them all.
The trench is muddy, cold and wet,
It's about as bad as it can get.
The machine guns shred the frigid air,
And kill my friends without a care.
One by one, my comrades die,
And I heave a heavy, mournful sigh.
Up, back, forward, down,  
The rifle goes off with a sickening sound
As one by one the soldiers die,
With nary a chance to say goodbye.
The bullets fall in a deadly hail,
And our faces all are ghastly pale,
But there is no relief, and no respite,
For we are obliged to fight this fight;
While the general sits in his warm, dry tent,
The soldiers go where they are sent.
Up, back, forward, down
:iconzankoutao:ZankouTAO 0 0
Surrounded by chaos, surrounded by life,
Surrounded by suffering, surrounded by strife,
Surrounded by anger, surrounded by fights,
Surrounded by darkness, surrounded by lights,
Surrounded by failure, surrounded by pain,
Surrounded by coldness and drenched in the rain,
Surrounded by warmth and enshrouded in flame,
Surrounded by hatred, surrounded by blame,
Surrounded by war, surrounded by love,
Surrounded by swords, surrounded by doves,
Surrounded by ignorance, surrounded by bliss,
Surrounded by friends whom I desperately miss,
Surrounded by enemies, surrounded by guilt,
Surrounded by rubble that must be rebuilt,
Surrounded by thoughts, surrounded by fears,
Surrounded by sadness and drowning in tears,
Surrounded by people, but desperately alone
I fall to my knees with a piteous moan.
There's so much around me, so much to feel
So much around me it doesn't seem real,
And I don't know how I can cope with the stress
All alone and adrift in this uncaring mess.
With my head in my hands, I inw
:iconzankoutao:ZankouTAO 1 4
The Darkness Spreads
Lo and behold, the time is at hand
The darkness spreads throughout the land;
The trees do tremble, the earth doth shake,
The black things quicken beneath the lake;
The wolves, they howl at the bright, full moon,
And the birds, they sing their mournful tune.
As the villains assemble at their enemy's gate
Their minds are filled with lust and hate.
The king draws back, the sirens wail,
His enemies' will begins to fail.
With one fell swoop, the battle is won,
But victory is felt by none;
The blood lies thick on the winter snow,
And Death's cruel list begins to grow.
The day is won, but at what cost?
What's won is won, but what's lost is lost.
As the days grow short, the nights grow long,
All that is right, it seems so wrong.
The tension leaves as night descends,
And so this vicious bloodshed ends.
:iconzankoutao:ZankouTAO 1 6
The Final Chapter
Here we go again,
The clock begins to tick,
The sand begins to trickle down,
The Judge's face begins to frown,
The crowd is laughing all around,
And my throat begins to stick.
The Final Chapter now begins,
and all at once it seems too late.
The stress and pressure take their toll,
How am I to play my role,
How can I reach my final goal,
when faced with such a dreadful fate?
With knowledge that I can't pretend,
I turn at last to face the drum
That mocks the beating of my heart.
All my life I've seemed so smart,
But now I can't perform my art.
It feels as though the gods have struck me dumb.
I know not either how or when,
But I somehow find my last resolve.
I choke back all my bitter tears,
I trample all my pointless fears,
The crowd now roars with mighty cheers!
Pencil touches paper, and the problems I now solve.
:iconzankoutao:ZankouTAO 1 3
Il n'aurait jamais du arriver
Il n'aurait jamais dû arriver,
Mais il est arrivé plusieurs de fois.
La Génocide, c'est une chose horrible;
Fortement, je le crois.
Dans les feus de l'Holocauste,
Millions de personnes one été tuées,
Sans clémence, besoin, raison, ou droit,
Pourquoi laissons-nous l'arriver?
Au Cambodge, les Khmers Rouges
Ont tué tout leurs  « ennemis » :
La fidèle, et les éduquée,
Et nous n'avons fait rien.
Au Rwanda, les Hutus,
Ont massacré les Tutsi.
Avec la machette, brutalement,
Et nous n'avons jamais essayé de l'arrêter.
Il faut que nous nous souvenions;
La jeune doit être enseignée,
Parce que le don de connaissance
Est le meilleur qu'on puisse donner.
:iconzankoutao:ZankouTAO 0 0

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