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Win7 Boot Animation STARGATE

This one was originally created by SergeyDruid (all credit goes to him)[link] And, I've converted it for compatibility with Windows 7's boot animation.

to use this as your own Win7 boot animation, you'll need this program: [link]

PLEASE NOTE that this is alpha software, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, it *may* damage your windows installation (Works in both x86 and x64)
Where the program lets you select an animation, choose the folder (not the file)that you've extracted (it must be the ONLY ACYIVITY.BMP file in the folder).

Don't forget to enable testsigning! and choose "{current}" from the drop-down window, and click Go

activity.bmp and the program Windows 7 Boot Updater MUST be on the same partition

disable text due to problems with non-English versions of Windows

Big thanks to Jeff from coderforlife for his amazing tool..
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Very well idea about this Star Gate.
glazuki's avatar
Chevron 1 encoded!
Chevron 2 encoded!
Chevron 3 encoded!
Chevron 4 encoded!
Chevron 5 encoded!
Chevron 6 encoded!
Chevron 7 locked in place! :iconstargateplz:
it is not working..

windows boot updater only accepts .bs7 files
this is .bmp file
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Stargate fans rejoice!
looking for something like this but did not know until I found it. awsome!!!!
thevizir's avatar

That is all
I've been using this for over a year. It always gets noticed and comments from others. Great job and thanks! Use "@Stargate Universe" and "Activating Wormhole"/"Re-opening Wormhole" in bright yellow.
thanks man i think ur stuff are great
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how do you download the file from here to your computer:?
C0DESUB's avatar
program cant find my winload.exe.mui?
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:iconfavwhoreplz: Absolutely awesome !!!

:iconswbassplz: :iconswtamtamplz: :iconswdrumsplz: :iconswsoloplz:
pneuma's avatar
Looks like a stargate to me!!! 9 chevrons just like the show! nice boot screen
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I like that.
heilnizar's avatar
It looks like a "white rice dish" to me at some point :\
Good job though :D
martinlo64's avatar
Glad you like it!
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