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Look who's back

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I admit I haven't read a Spider-Man comic in many, many years so for all I know Gwen has already made it back from the dead.
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well...the ultimate spiderman one was a carnage clone...
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Ah Ha! GWEN's not back, but her KIDS, (the ones she had with Norman Osborn while she was dating Peter and didn't tell anyone about and grew into adults really fast because of their Golin DNA) came back and fought with Spidey.

Betchya didn't see THAT coming! ...Probably because because it was totally illogical and moronic and almost ruined the franchise.
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That sounds horrible. One more reason that, when it comes to Marvel and DC, I only read reprints of the old stuff. the very old stuff.
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Run Spidey! Knowing these resurrections, she's probably a Green Goblin scheme waiting to happen.
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Now that's just creepy... lol
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A friend of mine saw that and told me I had a sick sense of humor.
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It looked like she was buried at a Pet Semetary.
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Nope, Gwen Stacy is right there with Uncle Ben and Bruce Wayne's parents as people who actually have stayed dead. Recently though Captain America's old sidekick Bucky came back (though they gave an interesting, compelling explination for it) and the second Robin Jason Todd made a jailbreak from the afterlife (though they... well they pretty much pulled that one out of their asses :upset: )
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Jeez. Bucky of all characters should have stayed dead as far as I'm concerned. But I'm an old cranky person who thought it was silly that John Byrne brought back Ma and Pa Kent...

In fact I wish they'd just let all the characters that die stay dead. How can you ever have anything dramatic in a book if any character can be brought back from the dead any time they die?

Let 'em stay dead.

Well, I feel better now.
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Well in Buck's case his barely-alive body got fished out by a team of Russians, who promptly used every cybernetic and chemical treatment the KGB could think of -along with a healthy dose of brainwashing- to create the blackop superagent codenamed Winter Soldier, who they used for all sorts of fun things during the Cold War and after.

And yeah, comic book death has gotten ridiculous. If Doomsday had beaten Superman into a coma he'd be even more badass without the "Oh well Supes is going to be back in a month or two" feeling hanging over the whole event. And as for killing minor or D-list heroes/villains to make someone else look badass, all it does is force a future writer who may have had a cool idea on how to use that D-lister to fudge things, which gets the continuity fanboys honking in confusion. Death is a tool for cheap drama that's become even more cheapened via over-use
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:)) lol, this is great. They should do a spiderman in a zombie holocaust story, love zombie movies,
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