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I hope he looks ok in dark clothing ^^; and I gave him blue colors cuz I didn't want him to be..too vampire-y with the blacks and red (you know, the cliche color combination) since his part elf?...or something .____. sorry if I don't remember.

Wll hope you like him tirsden!

Halechin (c) :iconweaverofthenight:
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He's awesommmmme and he's also not mine, :giggle: he belongs to :iconweaverofthenight: :nod: who has the dolly form too. (Okay Aster wants to say "he's mine!" and then runs off blushing. :XD:) I love the colors, they work very well for him being a rogue. ^__^ *loveloveloooove*
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Y'all should really tell me who belongs to who or I'll be confuzaled :shakefist: I gotz to go change me description XD

Well anyway I'm glad you like it and I hope :iconweaverofthenight: likes him too. :meow:
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She doooes and LOL I thought for sure I did, I think it was like 5am on a livestream night/morning though. :XD: Time of braincell fry! :dummy: So far I only play Aster in that game, although if we get quite a ways I think I'd like to start running a second character... just have to figure out exactly who. :meow: