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:iconzanesakamaki:ZaneSakamaki posted a status
Creepypasta Story 4: True Story Of Ben Drowned
I see you have come here to find out the real truth of how I got like this am I correct?
Well here is my story my name was.....
Can't believe I'm about to say my true name even though the last name reminds me of my damn dad!
I'm sorry did I scare you? I'm sorry I tend to get like that whenever someone wanted to hear my story anyway my name was Benjamin Blake I was just a normal kid with a perfect family anyway it all started way before I was "drowned" and before my dad lost his job but I love to play Legend Of Zelda games the characters on that game were like friends to me since I couldn't make any friends for some reason people wouldn't come near our house cause every time my dad lost a job he sometimes takes his damn anger out at us and most of the time he would beat me up and wishing that I was born a girl and not a boy the job that he had currently paid him a lot while I like to stay in my room and play my games I already my future planned out when I grow up I wanted to be a video game creator till one day my little sister Molly disappeared both of my parents were upset wanting her to come back home then my mom got very sick so she had to stay in bed to get better but when my dad came home he was drunk again cause he lost another job so he came up to my room opening the door while I was playing the new game Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask I was almost done with it yet my dad grabbed my left arm saying that were gonna go for a walk so I put the game on pause and went with him after walking for an hour we came up to a lake there were men there dressed in dark cloaks I couldn't see their face I got both confused and scared I wanted to run away but my dad grabbed my arms and held me under water saying that I have met with a terrible fate when I opened my mouth to let the bubbles out which was a huge mistake causing the water went into my mouth then into my lungs causing them to start burning my eyes popped out of my head after I stopped breathing and sank to the bottom I heard chanting from the surface when I woke up my soul was trapped in the game I had on pause I couldn't get out my eye sockets were pitch black with red pupils that has slits blood poured out where my eyes used to be I looked around noticing that I was wearing Link's outfit but I was different I moved my hands around along my body to check for any scars till I flinched badly feeling three sixes on the top part of my back I tried to get out but failed so now whenever you play the game and if you drown the character or delete the file Ben I hope you are prepared to see me coming out of the game and pulling you into the water drowning you after you die I will take your heart out of your chest and eat it right in front of your dead corpse for all eternity you will always remember my eyes that will forever haunt your soul.

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