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:iconzanesakamaki:ZaneSakamaki posted a status
Creepypasta Story 3: Marco Polo

Hello Everyone..My Rick..
Do you remember that game Marco-Polo?
You know..The game a group a kids would play..while..there is a frightening information about that game...that i found..the hard way...
It was June 3th,1996. It was just 3 twelve year old kids Mike, Jessica and me Ricky. (that's what they called me back then..I didn't like to be called that..But they were the only ones who would call me that..) We were so excited that it was finally summer vacation! No more homework,bossy teachers and bullies! Me and my friends were planing our vacation for weeks! (but as kids we realized we couldn't do anything like go to Europe..but hey a kid can dream right?) We were hanging out at Mike's house, thinking more of what to do for that moment. Mike just burst out "Wanna play Marco-Polo?" Jessica and I smiled and nodded in agreement. "Your it though!" Mike said to me and pouted then I just laughed.I started counting to ten so they could hide...that's when things went terribly wrong...
"Marco!" I yelled then as the game goes they replied with "Polo" but once i said "Marco" the 5th time. All i heard was Jessica's voice..not Mike's. I thought he was cheating like he always does in these kind of games. I then yelled harshly "MARCO!!!" again i just heard Jessica's voice saying "Polo!" I stayed silent for a while to hear Mike reply. i then started hearing whispers. could barely figure out what was saying..but once i kept hearing it. It was actually saying" I wanna play! can i play with you?" I just ignored it and yelled Marco but i then bumped into a wall."Ouch!" i shouted as i started blinking a few times to see where i got hit.I then see a small bump on my head. I then sighed and closed my eyes...But all i saw was a little our old school uniform.looking down.crying and kept saying" I wanna play..please...I just wanna play with you!"..I thought my mind was playing tricks on me of some kind then i heard Jessica scream. I then opened my eyes "Jessica?!" I started to run to see were she went. she was at the closet. her eyes were widen in fear. pointing at the closet. I then walked to the closet and saw something i regret seeing....Mike was on the floor leaning back on the wall. his legs and arms crushed. his eyes pushed deep into his sockets. his tongue ripped out from his mouth, his head busted open. showing his brain that was smashed inside explaining the blood and brain parts covering out of his ears and nose and his stomach was ripped open like some animal just peeled his stomach open and ate his insides. Jessica just kept crying as i just stared down at this corpse paralyzed..Jessica then handed me a note that had his blood written on it. I then grabbed it and read it. It said "You shall not ignore me...YOU WILL PLAY WITH ME!".

My heart started beating rapidly. Jessica just continued to cry. I was thinking of what to do but once i blinked for like seemed the 10 millionth time. The boy in my vision appeared in the closet to replaced the corpse. My blood then ran cold. The boy then whispered until his breath "Marco..." I grabbed Jessica's hand and started to run for the door. The boy appeared like nothing to block the door. the doors appeared to be locked and the windows shut tightly and covered with curtains. "How rude..." The boy spoke as he stared at us with sad eyes "First you didn't want to play with me...and you just run away from me...? I punished you once...I can just do that again...but..i shall give you another chance..and you WILL play" We then quickly replied Polo then started running.The boy started chuckling."Marco!" we just kept running and replying Polo over and over. The boy then appeared in front of us once again and said with a grin "Marco~"

I replied but Jessica yelled "LEAVE US ALONE YOU BASTARD!" I never heard Jessica use such a language. The boy then frowned.. "You didn't reply.." he said harshly as shadows then surrounded her. All I heard was her screaming. Silence then surrounded the room as the shadows disappeared. My heart sank for what i saw...Jessica was dead on the ground. her eyes ripped out and stuffed in her mouth. her tongue ripped out. her arms and legs crushed along with her skull smashed from the inside. her hair being pulled along with her skin on her head and her stomach ripped open and inside of her was organs were found but only a note was found.I started throwing up. tears falling down my cheeks grabbing the note reading "This is so fun!~"

I looked up at the boy that was floating over me.laughing.I just glared at him. The boys eyes then rolled out of his sockets. "Marco~" i yelled polo then started running. the eyes just followed me. I couldn't hear anything else but "Marco" and that laugh...that evil wicked laugh....He then appeared in front of me for the last time..and said "Marco~". I wanted to reply back but i ran out of breath."Oh No.." I thought "I-I'm gonna die! just like Mike..and Jessica! maybe more dreadful and painful!!" The boy then grinned wickedly. he grow out his claws. his stomach opened like a mouth with sharp teeth. all i could hear was Jessica's and Mike's screaming. I closed my eyes tightly and covered my ears. praying to God in my mind, wishing for this nightmare to end. Once i opened my eyes and screamed, I found myself in the hospital. I felt a pain in my back for laying down too much on this bed. Once i looked up in a mirror. Bandages were wrapped around my left eye. once i poked at it...It was hollow inside...I inferred that little bastard did this to me...I saw a note beside the bed. I picked it up to read it.."That was fun~ we shall continue..RICKY" It was written in my blood i guessed...All through that summer....I never smiled...That boy took my peace of mind...I am still waiting for him to finish me off..or..does he only want me to suffer the fate of my dear loving friends?

What was the information about this kid?

Apparently his name was Justin Smith. He was 6 years old and went to my school and was always alone..he tried to make friends...and always ask them to play "Marco-Polo" he always loved to play that game..he would love to play it, he even played the game by himself. he was always rejected and bullied..One day, he went insane and started killing kids at the school and forced them to play Marco Polo..if they didn't reply..he would killed them...

After a couple days he had committed suicide in the hallways of the school, he had cut open his stomach, ripping his organs out as quickly as he can before he died. Cuts his tongue off with a pocket knife and ripped out his eyes from his sockets and stuffed them down his throat. choking and jumped out a window. his ribs were crushed along with his skull smashed open. dying on the ground...and now..People say he's looking for someone to play the game with..if he sees kids playing it without him..he gets angry..and jealous of the don't want to share the same fate my friends had..or suffer my pain..i am not willing to share this pain..with innocent people..

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