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:iconzanesakamaki:ZaneSakamaki posted a status
Creepypasta Story 2: The True Story Of Liu Woods

I see you came here to know more about me. Well have a seat and we can talk now my name is Liu Andrew Woods, I am 16 years old.

When I was younger, me and my younger brother Jeffrey Alan Woods, were very close till one day our dad got a promotion at work so we had to move to a new neighborhood that changed our lives. Jeffrey became more quiet and more distance yet I always stayed by his side even though our parents sometimes argue.

But on the first day of school, we were heading to the bus stop waiting these three kids Randy, Keith and Troy came up to us saying that new people have to pay a toll to ride the bus.

So they stole my wallet out of my pocket.

Then I saw Jeff beating them up. My eyes were widen. After I grabbed my wallet we ran back to our house hearing the police coming as soon as we got to the house.

After the police got to the house, I didn’t want my younger brother to go Juvie so I told the police that “it was me” and got into the car even though I was hearing Jeffrey wanting me to tell the police that it was him. I just wanted to protect him cause that’s what older brothers do anyway.

After I was released from Juvie, I went to the hospital with my parents to see Jeffrey again. When I saw that his face and hair had changed, my eyes widen. After we got home he started to act different he wasn’t normal anymore. There was something in his eyes I couldn’t tell.

So that night I sleeping yet when I woke up. He was on top of me the eyelids had been burned off his eyes and he had craved a smile into his cheeks. That’s all I saw feeling the knife stabbing me my eyes closed and I stopped breathing thinking that I was gonna die yet I didn’t cause.

I woke up again noticing that I’m in a hospital bed recovering. So now I wander the streets searching for him even though I sometimes wear a mask to hide the scars on my face and a scarf to cover the scar that wraps around my neck. Now you know my story of what happened to me and my brother now if you excuse me I must go and continue my search.

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