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:iconzanesakamaki:ZaneSakamaki posted a status
Creepypasta Story 1: My Life Was Ruined

My life was going so well until he showed up and changed my life forever.....

My name is Nicholas iam 16 years old my mom works at the hospital as a nurse while my dad works as a therapy I hardly see them since both of them work very hard and late so I'm always alone yet I don't have any siblings in other words I'm a only child

Anyways this happened when I was 10 years old I was on my way home from elementary school I have been noticing a car I remember it was an navy blue 1979 Ford truck please note that this happened in 2006 my parents always told me to stay away from strangers

Yet this man was following me I tried to avoid him by taking a different way as soon as I finally got home there was a note from my parents saying that they won't be home till the next day which is Saturday lucky I knew how to cook so I made myself soup

After I was done eating I went into my bedroom to work on my school work I heard the doorbell ring I stayed in my room still hearing the door bell being rung I went to the phone to call my parents but the line was cut I became scared making sure that the windows and doors were locked I hid in my bedroom under the bed

hours later my parents finally came home from work around 2:43 am I came out from under the bed I wanted to give my parents a hug but stopped the door hearing the men that followed me home there was gun shots coming from the living room I became more scared I managed to open the window after unlocking it I climbed out of my room and started to run down the street hearing the man chases after me in his truck I screamed for help no one heard me it was to late cause I was grabbed by the man and thrown into his truck he locked the doors preventing me from escaping he drove back to the house where my parents were killed once the truck stopped he grabbed me again by my left arm pulling me into the house I noticed a few police cars passing by I screamed again he through me into the house into a pool of blood and got ontop of me using one of his hands to hold both of my arms above my head while his other hand took out his pocket knife from his left coat pocket making the knife come out the next thing I felt was the piercing through my body fear entered in my eyes soon after I passed out months later I woke up in the hospital barely moving I had to stay there while I recovered then I was adopted into a different since I didn't have any other relatives to be with the city buried my parents under a tree and torn the house down so now you know my whole story I wish I could tell me more but thats all I remember but one thing I know is that guy is still looking for me so thank you for coming and listening to my story

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