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Support Jjinomu by ZaneSakamaki Support Jjinomu by ZaneSakamaki
Hey everyone it's ZaneSakamaki If I can just get your attention briefly please
If you appreciate Jjinomu's work, or love her as a person, can you please take a quick look at this?  I really need your help!! [Please, Please read]I don't normally make journals like this, and I usually try not to sound desperate when I do... 
But I really need help from as many people as I can get. 
In the past few months, Jjinomu has gone through some really hard times. 
She was on Haitus, as some of you know, and when she came back... 
Sadly, she came back to a LOT of illegal edits of her stuff. 
Turns out, someone has been distributing her faces and hair edits as resources in a pack, so a lot of people have been using them without realizing it.
On top of that, in the past few weeks, some people she trusted also edited her stuff without permission, and it's really hurt her.
Because of all this, she's started to feel betrayed and lost. She's close to calling it quits for good, and ending everything on a sour note. 
If she does choose to quit mmd, of course I'll support her, but.... 
I don't want the reason she leaves to be because she doesn't know how many people out there admire and apprecia

She needs support, and I do my best to try and explain why and how you can help in there.
I'm only posting this status here because i am hoping to directly reach more people who look up to her. 
While hopefully keeping it a surprise? I don't think she'll check her own status so I think we're safe for now..

Please help us by supporting and helping her

Mikuo & Gumo Models By: :iconjjinomu:

Chessbored Stage By: :iconroosjuh14290:

Skydome By: :iconnightlightstar01:

Editted On PhotoScape
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Jjinomu Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2017
AHH i remember previously commenting but i'll comment again!! thank you for your support zane!! it really means a lot to me!!!! and thank you for using my mikuo and gumo hehehe
i really appreciate it ahHH
ZaneSakamaki Featured By Owner Edited Jun 27, 2017
Your are most welcome
roosjuh14290 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2017  Hobbyist
what a wonderfull support image ^^ 
could you only please credit the right person for the stage .. i only shared the dl link ( i have the creator credited with the link so it will be easy to just copy it )
ZaneSakamaki Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2017
can you send it to me through Note please?
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June 23, 2017
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