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Interesting Read by Zaneko8 Interesting Read :iconzaneko8:Zaneko8 10 0 My world in hand by Zaneko8 My world in hand :iconzaneko8:Zaneko8 1 0 Grey - Lateral Reference by Zaneko8 Grey - Lateral Reference :iconzaneko8:Zaneko8 1 0 Lateral Transformation by Zaneko8 Lateral Transformation :iconzaneko8:Zaneko8 5 0 Grey - Lateral Form [Whitexkitty] by Zaneko8 Grey - Lateral Form [Whitexkitty] :iconzaneko8:Zaneko8 4 0 A Coloured Untitled. by Zaneko8 A Coloured Untitled. :iconzaneko8:Zaneko8 0 0 And a Bee by Zaneko8 And a Bee :iconzaneko8:Zaneko8 1 1
Crystal Matrix Prologue: Crystal Beginnings
Prologue: Crystal Beginnings
He fled thought the night. Fleeing the corrupt darkness that he knew would soon be searching for him. His body, in the form of a burning comet like aura, protectively surrounded two precious burdens. He could not afford to let either fall into those corrupt hands.
A spasm rippled through his body and he gasped soundlessly. His aura wavered for an instant before brightening to its former glow. His strength was failing, but he was determined to hold on. He could think of only one place within his range were the Realm Crystal could be protected. Not one of the energy-being home-worlds, or that of any of the other advanced races, but a primitive world whose inhabitants barely set foot on their own satellite. One whose progress was watched with awe and fear by the few other advanced races who knew of them. One of fastest developing species in the galaxy, and among the most innovative and creative races. A race that moved from believing that their planet was flat
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New Moon Chapter 1: A New Moon
New Moon
I hated my job, and I loved it at the same time. The latest victim lay on the table in front of me, its guts ripped out and scattered in half organized piles around it. The things the poor owners did to their goods and expected us to fix. I loved tinkering with electronics, and working at Klank gave me a steady supply of toys to fiddle with; from computers to toaster. But still, the things people did. At the other end of the room, Clark, my co-worker and boss, chuckled. "Give it up already. That thing's a lost cause."
"Give me a minute." I rummaged for the hammer from my tool bag and raised it as if I was about to whack it a few times. "Can I? Please?" I asked Clark.
"The customer might want it back. Even if it doesn't work anymore," he said with weary repetition. "Like I told you yesterday. And the day before. And the day before that…"
"Sue me if I want to get rid of hopeless causes." I did start putting everything together though. Clark had been in the business l
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Daniel and the Birds Color by Zaneko8 Daniel and the Birds Color :iconzaneko8:Zaneko8 0 0


Commission: Zaneko8 by Percy-McMurphy Commission: Zaneko8 :iconpercy-mcmurphy:Percy-McMurphy 24 11 Commission: Zaneko8 by Percy-McMurphy Commission: Zaneko8 :iconpercy-mcmurphy:Percy-McMurphy 31 13 [C] Irbynx by ChoralSeashelle [C] Irbynx :iconchoralseashelle:ChoralSeashelle 19 3 :COM: Zaneko8 by RyzzakTFs :COM: Zaneko8 :iconryzzaktfs:RyzzakTFs 60 8 Ych for Greycait #4 by Detcia Ych for Greycait #4 :icondetcia:Detcia 8 2 18 by KuroDark123 18 :iconkurodark123:KuroDark123 4 1 [C] Skal by ChoralSeashelle [C] Skal :iconchoralseashelle:ChoralSeashelle 13 3 [C] Moonlit Cay by ChoralSeashelle [C] Moonlit Cay :iconchoralseashelle:ChoralSeashelle 20 12 [YCH] Zaneko8 // 3 by ChoralSeashelle [YCH] Zaneko8 // 3 :iconchoralseashelle:ChoralSeashelle 13 5 YCH Commission - The Alicorn Amulet's POWER by Julunis14 YCH Commission - The Alicorn Amulet's POWER :iconjulunis14:Julunis14 25 4 [YCH] Zaneko8 // 2 by ChoralSeashelle [YCH] Zaneko8 // 2 :iconchoralseashelle:ChoralSeashelle 16 3 [YCH] Zaneko8 // 1 by ChoralSeashelle [YCH] Zaneko8 // 1 :iconchoralseashelle:ChoralSeashelle 19 4 14 by KuroDark123 14 :iconkurodark123:KuroDark123 4 1 -Comm- Walking and Talking by Cat-tastrophy -Comm- Walking and Talking :iconcat-tastrophy:Cat-tastrophy 14 7 Colored Sketch - zaneko8 by RyeIIeti Colored Sketch - zaneko8 :iconryeiieti:RyeIIeti 45 6 World Bits: The Griffin by Loryska World Bits: The Griffin :iconloryska:Loryska 168 18



Interesting Read
Interesting Read YCH, by Peachmayflower

Meet Seeking Dusk, his full name being Grey Seeking Dusk. My pony self. Why a bat? Because dreams partially. And also, I just sat down and thought it out. My first was a unicorn mostly for a love of magic, but you don't need a horn to love magic.

Now, I have a few storylines, but the commonalities: 
Dusk is from the night states (a topic I'll get to eventually...) and moved to Equestria proper for schooling at the school of magic. That's where the love of magic comes back in. Sure, he can't cast magic as a unicorn, but he can still study the theory. He's working towards a meritocratic title. He's admittedly a little short on true ambition and drive, so he finds a place learning more often random things. 

On the other hoof, he's a master dreamweaver, and surprisingly adept at non-horn based magic and crafting, having created a few magic items, including mirror platter that led to an interesting development in his future. 

Still he's an adorable bat pony with a love for stories and a little reluctant focus on his studies mostly because he can't decide on what to do for an actual job.
My world in hand
An awesome piece by Sweet Goat. I love their human art and they've done a lot form my pokemon trainer OCs, but I'm starting with, well, me. The human face to go with the pony and the furry (and the pokemon, and the trainer... I have a Sonas...)

In my continuum of characters, he's the One above All, the First of the Greys... we call him Trevor. As, well, me, he doesn't really have a story. Hopefully I can give a little quick summary of the rest as I upload them.
Grey - Lateral Reference
Building off the design Whitexkitty did for me, I got a reference sheet made for Grey's lateral form. Yes, the name he goes by as a pet is 'Thad'.

One day I might actually write the stories behind these OCs of mine, just know that what started as a prank, eventually became a way to save a life.

Art by :iconpur-fox:
Lateral Transformation
And a scene with Grey's transformation happening. Featuring his sister Sassy and bestie Skal.

Credit to :iconwhitexkitty:
Grey - Lateral Form [Whitexkitty]
Check it out! I got a commission of my fursona's lateral form from :iconwhitexkitty:

I probably should put up anthro art for him too lol


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Zaneko, Grey, even Zan if your feeling hip.
I'm cat lover (who's unfortunately never had a cat) and can appreciate art, even if I'm not that good at producing it. My strongest point is my Wellspring and it's unfathomable depths of creativity, even if the universe conspires to block it at times. I recently found out I'm an Idealist. Guess that's what you call a person who likes to think everyone has the potential...

Also, I lied. My strongest trait is my sarcasms. Seriously. It's like a disease. And I like it!


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