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TLK - Surrounded by Zandwine TLK - Surrounded by Zandwine

The continuation for this: The meaning of her tears
Where everything started: Enough is enough

It was about to start raining. Vitani and her son were trotting on the dry land, almost like a desert. There was sand everywhere, and no big plants to be seen. Still the two continued walking, heading to anywhere but Pridelands.

Afua who walked behind his mother’s back, suddenly heard weird cracking and soft growling somewhere near. He became cautious, and stopped walking, looking everywhere. The one in the front, Vitani, turned around.
"Afua, we have no time for this. We need to go”, She frowned.
“But… We’re not alone”, the young lion mumbled silently. The lioness had struggling to understand what he said, but somehow she recognized the words within few moments. She looked around, carefully, and tried to listen to any sounds that’d diverge from normal.
“Stay close to me, and don’t do anything that’s too loud”, Within these words, the two continued their journey, slowly and very cautiously. Vitani glanced at each big rock that were near to them, and tried to smell if someone was around. She couldn’t catch any foreign strenght. It could be because of rain. The sky just started to cry, and it let out all its tears to the down, onto their fur, everything and it mixed all the scents, making it impossible to tell if there was someone else.

Then, all of sudden the two heard roars from front, and noticed three silhouettes appearing to the high, brownish rocks in the distance. Vitani and Afua tried to turn back, but they noticed there was more than just those three. Vitani, as an former outlander and a warrior, knew there was no use running - expect if they were gonna slaughter each lion in this place, that tried to come to their way. It would have been easier if Vitani knew who it was, but this time she had no idea. Afua was shivering behind him, trying to not say anything, but it seemed difficult. He was frightened, and it was no wonder - the lions that surrounded them did not seem to be very friendly, with their growls and hostile attitude.
“Who are you?”, Vitani tried to ask politely, even if it was a bit difficult.
She got nothing as an answer to back. Vitani frowned and let out a little growl.
“I made a question! Answer me!”, She hissed. This time, someone answered, but not in a way Vitani hoped they would. Some female on the top of rock, started laughing at her question. Vitanifelt at the same time embarrassed, confused and angry.

Who is this lion? And why was their laugh so familiar? 

“Such a shame that you don’t recognize me anymore”, The laughing feline was apparently a girl. She spoke on very low tone, with a bit of sarcasm in her voice. Vitani gasped, she was sure she had heard the same voice before, but nothing came to her mind, not until she saw who was sitting on the rock, when she went few steps closer.

Vitani growled, and showed her teeth to the brownish orange lioness who was sitting there, looking at her with her piercing, green eyes.

“Tadra”, Vitani mumbled.

“Missed me?”, The lioness smirked.
“What are you doing here? I thought you were gone for good!”, Vitani yelled. She managed to make her son even more scared. Afua looked at all the lions, trying to be calm, but it was difficult now that his mother was acting like this as well.
Tadra laughed at Vitani’s words, glancing at the other two who were standing besides her.
“It’s so nice to see you again. It seems like you have… reproduced since last time we met. How interesting…I always thought you were the type to not have kids”,
“and I thought you were the type who cuts the crap before I do it for them”, Vitani glared Tadra. The green-eyed lioness smiled at her, chuckling a bit.

“My, motherhood haven’t changed you much, ‘tani. I bet your mother will appreciate that…”, Something inside Vitani, trembled. She couldn’t believe what she heard. And then again, she remembered it was Tadra who was talking. There was no way Zira was alive.
She showed her teeth again, letting out an angry growl.
“Let me and my son pass, and you won’t hear from us again.”,Vitani decided to cut this meeting short. She didn’t want to spend any more time with this lioness, not anymore.
Tadra bursted out laughing straight at her face, and so did other lions as well.
“What do we do, aunt?”, The lion on Tadra’s right asked.“They have only 2 options… Jioni, tell them”, Tadra glanced at the lioness on her left. The creamish, dirtybrown lioness nodded at her, and then looked at first Afua, then Vitani.

“You’ll either come with us with constent, or then we’ll force you to come. There’s no option ‘let us pass’”, Vitani growled to the lioness, and then looked at her son.

“Afua, whatever is gonna happen, remember: Don’t turn your back to the enemy”, And without a warning, she attacked the nearest lioness, almost managing to kill her straight away. The two lions on Tadra's sides seemed horrified and shocked, but they got their confidence back when Tadra roared:"Attack them, but do not kill them!", 
And that's when a huge fight started.

... Well, tbh, I'd say the fight was not that huge: there was Vitani and her son who had only trained a bit fighting and so on, against few lionesses who probably have had almost as good fight training like Vitani. But, Vitani managed to keep things up, but she got beaten up so bad. Afua gave up when he realized he wouldn't win them. He surrendered after few bad strikes onto his body.
Vitani was left alone to fight - and of course, she only then surrendered when she fell to the ground and got knocked out.

It was kinda stupid move from Vitani to attack such a group with her young son. But she still did. I guess the reason for this was she underestimated Tadra's group - since she saw how young the two, Jioni and Takku were. That probably was the reason why things went the way they did to her and Afua. *shrugs* Up to you as well, tho'.

I spend almost my whole free-time after school on this. But it still ended up to look crappy :stare:  I hate when that happens...
But yeah, finally some TLK art after 2 days...?
Been busy pretty much lately, and I will be a lot busier in the future... I shall tell about it more on my upcoming journal.

I think I could say this picture is a continuation to this one. And more related to this and everything will come later on! 
I'd say this is interesting sub-plot that is pretty important to the main one, and contains lots of things I bet you guys will be interested about!.... or actually I'm not sure if you are interested least I am! :dummy: -Zand's pessimistic optimism intensifies- 
Anyways, I hope you like this, even if I don't :stare:

I apologize for all the possible grammar mistakes and typos, I wrote the text when it was night. And, also, if the anatomy seems to burn your eyes, I'm sorry. Shit happens, as always when it's about me and my pictures xd

art by me
Tadra, Jioni, Takku, Afua, Vitani's design (c) me
Vitani herself, TLK (c) Disney
DO NOT copy or use without my permission!

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