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TLK - Spending time by Zandwine TLK - Spending time by Zandwine
"can't believe how much our cubs have grown...", Kiara yawned while she tried to stay still as Kuva, one of her twin sons was jumping on her back. Vitani only nodded, sighing.
"They're around 6 months olds, my how the time passes! And Baako and Adar... goodness, their mane has started to grow so fast! They both look so much like their father...", Kiara smiled as she thought of Kovu, her mate. He was at the moment accompanying Kion on his patrols. The lion queen was so happy about that how her brother and beloved husband got along. In the beginning it seemed impossible to get them get along, and now they're acting like they were brothers to one another!
"And Afua looks so much like his father, that I wonder if you did give birth to Kion himself", Kiara tried to keep up conversation, which seemed to turn into her own monologue. She then chuckled for her own little "joke", but couldn't get a laugh back from Vitani.
Instead, Vitani only smiled a bit, but remained silent.
"Is everything alright?", Kiara asked then, as she did not receive an answer to her earlier words.
"Yeah, It's just.... nothing", Vitani looked at the savannah, and noticed a huge zepra herd running far away. If she looked closely, she might've seen Fuli, cheetah as fast as light, and member of the lion guard. Probably it was just one of the regular cheetahs, but you never know. It could easily be Fuli.
"If you find it difficult to talk with cubs, I can ask my boys and your son to go play somewhere near us, but not too near ", Kiara suggested.
"No need to... I mean, It's not big deal", Vitani seemed to avoid talking. Kiara stared at Vitani for a little moment, then cleared her throat.
"Kuva and Karu! Go find your brothers, and take Afua with you.", She then said.
Kuva jump off from his mother, and went to bite his brother's tail. 
"oww! Kuva! You're gonna pay for this!", Karu hissed as he tried to get down from Vitani's back, and chased after laughing Kuva. Afua stood up as well, and purred towards Kiara.
"see ya", He then uttered and nodded only to her mother, and ran after his cousins. 
As the boys were far enough, Kiara decided to open up her mouth.
"I've noticed that you've been pretty much somewhere else on your mind, than here. It's like, I'm not sure, you're not here. Something is bothering you, and I can see it clearly. Is everything alright in your family? Are you still thinking about past? Or what is it?", Vitani's expression changed from tired and bothered to bit sad, in a way. She looked at Kiara, and sighed.
"I don't know... I'm not used to live such a good life like this. Afua is perfect son, so kind and has positive view of the world. He's so innocent... I'm afraid I end up ruining him.", Kiara nodded to Vitani's thoughts,sighing herself as well.
"You don't differ much from your brother, 'tani. He used to think the same things, even before our first sons were born. He was afraid he wouldn't be good father, but look at him now: He's pretty strict, but he tries his best. And I think he's doing well!", Kiara tried to cheer up Vitani by telling her about Kovu, but Vitani seemed not to want to hear that. She grunted a bit, and looked away, rolling her eyes.
"You wouldn't understand, Kiara. Not because you're a princess and pridelander, but because you weren't raised the way I and Kovu were. But that was not the mainthing that is bothering me...", Vitani looked down, and sat up. Kiara looked at her, trying to think what else could be bothering the troubled lioness.
"Tell me", Kiara demanded as she stood up. She looked straight into Vitani's blueish eyes. 
"It's probably nothing, Kiara... I'm just overthinking.", Vitani thought of telling Kiara for a little while, but she decided it was for the best if she kept this to herself.
"Is it related to  my brother somehow?", Kiara tried, but all she got was just an cold look from Vitani, with flinch of anguish.
"Don't get mad Kiara but, I need to go. I'll talk to you later if I see it's needed.", Vitani nodded to the queen at the same time as she headed to the Pride rock's den to look out for her son. Kiara watched as the other lioness walked to inside the cave. She turned around, and watched from the tip of the rock the whole pridelands, wondering if Vitani'd ever tell her what was the problem. She had some kind of thought in her head, but she didn't focus on it, there was so much more important things to do. For an example, going to give a royal lesson to her sons.

Alright, so, firstly - story's english sucks so much. I'm sorry for that, I was half-awake when writing it in here.
There might be some grammar mistakes and typos, but I'm too lazy to try to fix them.
Secondly, I know this picture compared to latest pictures. The original sketch file disappeared, so I had to "re-draw" this.
I was frustrated while planning, so the sketch went the way it did. I was too frustrated to re-make the sketches, so I then just started doing lines, colouring ect... 
I tried to use new brushes when doing the shading, and  for real, the "soft" shading was pain in the ass. Never gonna do it with the brush I did it this time :stare:
Everything in here could be SO MUCH better, but... meh. :P 

I wanted to draw Kiara with her sons spending time with other people, and I ended up making Vitani with her son, Afua. 
Karu and Kuva are same age with Afua, and they all get along pretty well. Afua is one cutie, looks like his father, but at the same time so much like her mother<3 I think I did well with her design. I shall bring up here the cub-picture of Him that I day. I need to change few things with it.
I don't think Afua's hair will stay like that - it will probably change when the puberty hits.
So no worries - he won't be THAT MUCH like Kion :XD: 

Whatever the thing is that bothers Vitani, will be revealed... I think. I haven't thought of it much yet to be completely honest with you guys, but I have some ideas in my head already. If you have a theory, feel free to tell it, I might even be inspired by it :dummy:
Anyways, I hope you like the picture, despiting the fact everything about it sucks (expect Afua).

art by me
Kuva, Karu, Afua (c) me
Vitani's and Kiara's colours (c) me
Vitani, Kiara (c) Disney
DO NOT copy or use without my permission!
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