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TLK - Nope, not getting involved in this! by Zandwine TLK - Nope, not getting involved in this! by Zandwine
"I won't get involved in your stupid plans. I want to forget about that whole Prideland...", annoyed lioness growled to the younger male who tried to approach her while ago, convince her to take a part in something rather not nice, to herself at least.
"Zira, I know how much you still want to go home. This might be our chance, even if it takes time!", the male once again desperately tried to convince the lioness, but the old hag made already her mind.
"Kopa, when I say no, I say no", Zira showed her teeth now as her mood turned from annoyance to anger. Why must all younger generations be more annoying and annoying, and more difficult to turn away?
"But... think about our kids, Zira... We're not allowed to any good fertile and safe lands, as there's already some kind or pride ruling over. 
They end up being scruffy and starving like your first son was-",
"Don't you DARE to bring Nuka into this discussion! Shame on you, brat...", Zira roared. But as Kopa mentioned this, she started to think of how their cubs, who were not even teenagers yet, would end up being such skinny and weak... Seeing them somehow suffer, getting ill probably since there's not enough food for them, and not water... Kopa saw a glimmer of hope in old lioness's eyes, but suddenly she turned cold again. 
"Honey, please.. think about us... I can't do this without your support at least.", Kopa put on his most charming smile, and walked front of the lioness. He tried his best now, it used to work before, but now that they've been together a while longer, of course Zira knows all his tricks. But somehow he hoped this time she could warm up.
Zira looked straight into Kopa's eyes, and she started to slowly break under Kopa's handsome, a bit sexy smile. She had issues to keep her eyes away from him, and ended up closing her eyes an turning her back on him.
"That doesn't work.", she hissed.
"Well, maybe not, but at least this proved me that anything is possible. I saw that look.", Kopa raised his eyebrows as Zira turned around to look at the boy.
"what look?!", She frowned.
"The look of agreement. I'll find it again, I promise my dear. But now I have to go, Tadra is waiting for me, we have to go investigating", Kopa winked his eye at Zira, as he took his course to the some kind of mixture of steppes and savannah.
Zira watched how the male lion ran away from her, and from time to time, jumped to the air like some little cub.
She bridled and rolled her eyes, before turned around and walked to the little homecave.
Whatever Kopa was trying to do to make her get involved in his and his crazy sister's plans, she wouldn't agree.
No matter what Kopa'd try to do.

Alrighty, I made this piece 2 days ago, and Now I decided to submit this, since I can't really submit later on anything, as we're soon gonna head to the south to...those weddings ya'know...
Here we have bit of Zira and Kopa, as you can see.
I've decided to stick kinda to my old version about Zira surviving the fall to the river, and ending up being saved by Kopa and perhaps Tadra too. Some times have passed, and as you probably realized, Zira and Kopa are couple, and they have kids.
The kiddos are about 8 month olds, soon to become grumpy teenagers... okay, not so soon, but heading to it at least ;P
You might ask, what is that plan Kopa wants Zira to get involved.
Well, I bet you all somehow can figure out it yourself, at least part of it!
It all will be revealed in time...

 I think this picture is kinda good. I like Zira's expression, she even looks like herself at some aspect... XD
And the background ain't that bad either! I hope you like it as well. c:
also does anyone notice the pride rock in the far distance?

art by me
Zira (c) Disney
Zira's design, this version of Kopa (c) me
Kopa's name (c) unknown
DO NOT copy or use without my permission!
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HydraCarina Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2017
"Zira and Kopa are couple, and they have kids." :omg:
No nyt on kyllä astetta epätavallisempi teoria!
Jylhäkalliota piti ihan etsimällä etsiä, mutta uskoisin löytäneeni. :D
Zandwine Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2017   Digital Artist
Mä oon aina jotenki ollu kiero mieleltäni, ja tykänny aatoksesta että niistä tulis jotai...  :thinking: 
Musta se o liia kliseine että Zira vaa menis ja tappais Kopan tai jottai semmosta... Mun versios Zira pelasti Kopan pentuna :D
Kirjotin siitä kerran ku...oon mahtanu poistaa sen täältä.  
Ja Kopa sitte ku Zira tosiaan tippu jokeen ja näi, ni pelasti naikkosen sieltä joesta. :dummy: Tää on vaa sitte tämmöne lisämauste että niistä tuliski jotain ^^ 

Siellä se kallio nöpöttää, vain harvat ja valitut sen näkevät... :D 
HydraCarina Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2017
Hyvä vaan, että näkyy välillä muitakin teorioita kuin se perinteinen "Zira murhasi Kopan ja siksi Simba karkotti sen Jylhämaasta", joka ei edes käy yhtään järkeen. =P

Naikkosen. Nöpöttää. Nauran aina noille sun sanavalinnoille. :XD:
Zandwine Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2017   Digital Artist
Sanoppa muuta.... tietty sen voi saada näyttään järkeenkäypältä, mutta valtaosin... ei. :D

XD Sanavarasto on rikas täälläpäin!
Percy-McMurphy Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The subtle little Pride Rock is really cool :D
Zandwine Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2017   Digital Artist
Ah, I see you saw it :D Haha, I tried to make it look like priderock even if it's so small XD
Percy-McMurphy Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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