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Hey boys and girls, the next installment of the Secret Ones series is now out!  This action-filled elf extravaganza is available as an ebook at Smashwords, in print at Amazon and at Kindle for your convenience.  See what the elves and Lilith is up to in my newest book!

The eldest of the Sidhe, Garmon, must placate an angry just-awakened dragon and fend off a troop of werewolves with White Death’s guitarist Malcolm and manager Brent in tow. Singer Joe West goes with drummer Keith and best friend/rival Lindsey on a mission to secure reinforcements to the mysterious Grey-elves, who are friends with no one and like to keep it that way. All this while keeping Keith from falling prey from the blood-drinking, vampyre Drow. Meanwhile the Sacred Lady Kanaidwen, who’s mind is a shattered mess, hunts down werewolves in her attempt to find the First Werewolf, Lilith. The bass player Roger with other humans sucked into the action unexpectedly run into Kanaidwen and even more trouble when a cursed, magical sword reappears from the dim past to wreak havoc. It’s fun on the run in this fast-paced sequel to Secret Ones Volume 1.

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