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Where Art Thou

Thu Apr 25, 2013, 1:18 AM
It's been over a years since submitting a PSD device or any other project for that matter. Many of you have msg'd me asking, what gives? A combination or personal and career changes have impacted my development priorities. I've been working in house, under the radar for awhile, curious myself as to when I'll get back on the horse and start pumping out more PSD's for you guys to enjoy. I'm here to let you know it's going to be very soon. My time away from DA and mobile device development was needed but it's time.. As I get acquainted with the current mobile trends and demand for certain devices, I'll prioritize and get working on them sometime in May. Expect a new device sometime in that month. 

Thanks for all the support, feedback and inquiries. I appreciate the interest you all have in my work. See ya soon! 

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Happier Customers?

Sat Jan 14, 2012, 9:06 PM
I got a few emails expressing concern about the price change and $50 seemed a bit steep for some. After talking with my accounting department (wife) I've decided to cut the price for the FULL .PSD's down to $35. I'm hoping this will generate a sense of fair trade and a boost in sales. As I said before, companies usually never had a problem paying the $50 but there were some who only wanted the screen to make a profit. Designers who just wanted to show design are made to suffer. The only way I can make it fair for everyone in getting full access to the PSD's is to find a middle price range.

All .PSD's that are not listed as free are now $35. And believe me, that gets you A LOT of a PSD.

I hope this works for everyone who purchases. I'm also giving another PSD away for FREE (HTC Concept tablet) I hope you enjoy and again, thanks for supporting my work! More PSD's on the way. Working on the HTC Rezound, Motorola RAZR, Motorola Xyboard Tablet, HP Touch Pad and another secret device. :) The latest device PSD, BlackBerry Bold 9000 will be available in a few weeks. If you have a device request or any comments, questions or concerns, please let me know.

HTC SABER HD Tablet .PSD by zandog RIM BlackBerry Bold 9000 .PSD by zandog

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It wasn't an easy decision to make to go with one commercial price. Having to weigh the benefits and consequences of going with one price cuts the folks on DA out to an extent but I could tell my mobile device PSD days were coming to an end if I didn't. As of January 15th, all mobile device PSD's will run with the commercial price range of $50. All PSD's will be FULLY editable and will come with a General Commercial Licence Agreement that allows the purchaser to use it for profit making purposes. All Licence Agreement content will still apply to the purchase.

I've had plenty of people tell me that even at the $50 price, the fully editable PSD's are still a great deal. Thanks for all who gave me feedback and I feel confident things will still produce in the long run.

If you intended to get a mobile device PSD but never had or want to stock up at the $10 price range before that version is discontinued, please purchase before January 15th.

Obviously honestly is not the first policy when it comes to a lot of profit making companies and individuals. Read my previous blog post to understand why the $10 price has been dropped. I'm just sorry everyone else has to take the artist hit in the wallet to allow these PSD to continue.

The version one Motorola Bionic .PSD is now FREE as I've rendered the current, final model for purchase. Anyone who purchased the v1 PSD can login and download the current version. I'm not sure if this device will ever see the light of day under another name but its now free.

Motorola Droid Bionic v1 .PSD by zandog

Thanks for understanding and most of all, for the feedback.

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*~Happy Holidays!~*

Fri Dec 23, 2011, 11:29 PM
I won't be near a computer screen during the xmas holiday so I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Christmas, merry holiday and a great new year! :la:

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First off, sorry for the long read, it means a lot to you and me if you pay attention and purchase my work.

I sell my device PSD's at two price points. $10 for the non-profit, no-commercial artists who just want a platform to showcase their themes and concepts on and the $50 price point for commercial, profit making purposes so people and companies can advertise and showcase their apps and accessories on. The $10 being static with on screen edit ability and the $50 with full PSD edit ability.

Here's my problem:

The vast majority of the time, buyers just want access to the screen element of the PSD to showcase their content on screen. I recently did an audit of the $10 price point purchasers and found several commercial, profit making businesses using the $10 non-profit PSD for their profit making purposes. Things like posting images of the device on their website, selling product. Using them in ad campaigns for profit. Making presentations to their clients using the non-profit PSD and the clients openly thanking them for professional development and presentations.

I've brought it up to these businesses and the responders have been saying they didn't know and/or it was a former employee who purchased the PSD or the License Agreement was too long and didn't clearly outline the usage of the Purchase Agreement. Most of whom have either taken the content using the PSD device, down or paid the difference and apologized. Two had told me that the License Agreement has no baring or law enforcement in their country. i.e. "Fuck off, your lucky we paid $10 for it."

As you can see, I haven't been putting out many PSD's lately. Some of it's life, but a lot of it has to do with income. I'm making more money working my other job right now because at $10 a head is not enough to justify putting more time into making PSD devices. Which brings me to a choice I have to make. Either drop the $10 PSD price point and make everyone pay $50, essentially screwing over the artists on DA purchasing them or only put out a select number of devices a year, justifying the limited amount of PSD's to select from.

Believe me, I'm not making much on these PSD's and I'm booked with other design gig's for awhile. I love making these devices and want to continue but just can't justify it if purchasers aren't being honest about their intent on using the PSD's. Anyone have a better suggestion or opinion?

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Been Awhile?

Wed Nov 30, 2011, 6:32 PM
Apologies to those who have messaged, asking why there haven't been any new PSD releases. The world has kept me busy both in and out of design and putting together a PSD for myself has proven difficult to say the least. I have plenty of catching up to do. Since my last post, I've moved, I'm working a new job and everyone and their publisher has been asking me to contract work for them.

I'm trying!

I just dropped the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android phone down on PSD, hope you like it. I've got afew more that have sat for awhile that need to be wrapped up. No promises on dates but here's what I'm working on.

• Motorola Droid Bionic Final
• Motorola Droid RAZR
• HP Touchpad Tablet
• HP Motorola Xoom 2

More to come. Hang in there and thanks for being patient with me!

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Commitment to the cause creates all kinds of perks and opportunities. I'm figuring that out everyday that I've been a Community Volunteer, which up to a week. The commitment, communication and coordination levels are all definitely there and at times, hard to keep up with. I've been planning my first content publishing's in collaboration of a few other staff for you guys and doing what I can to stay on top of the Daily Deviations. Thanks for hangin' with me while I get my ass in gear.

With all that's sincerely obligated of you, the #1 thing artists want are the keys to the categorical Porsche. Having the ability to discover, select and show the community what YOU think; is an awesome thing. Looking at the rest of Deviant Art outside of the Designs & Interfaces, it's difficult enough selecting a DD through out all of the great work submitted. I hope you like what I've chosen this week.

Like many of alexiuss's pieces, this CD cover provides a deep and detailed look into a series of images going back in this artist's gallery, that have made the cover of a few lucky musicians. The cover provides a wonderful scene of intensity, movement and detail. A well planned color palette gives this piece the focus it needs to convey a surreal and epic moment. The visual message is clear and convincing. This is my first Daily Deviation and it was a tough decision to make. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Suggester said, "This extraordinary piece is both mysterious and intriguing. It blows me away that its done in a ball point pen and inspires me to explore such a simple medium." ( Suggested by *Ev-sta )

Known the world over for his breathtaking fantasy art work, kerembeyit needs no intro to the DA community. That being said, Kerem rarely works on logo design, focusing mainly on cover material artistry. So when he can incorporate one of his signature dragons into a logo piece, you can assure it's going to get plenty of looks. Woven blade tip banners, genuinely unique logo font and a kickass bearded Fire Dragon. This logo is another good DD for the books.

Putting enormous amounts of time in perfecting the Dark Matter series, SkinsFactory dishes out one of the most comprehensive, fluid and tasteful themes for the Windows operating system. Subspace is one of a few jaw dropping themes in the lineup that provides a nearly full user experience with complete desktop, menu, sub-menu and icon upgrades with Hyperdesk at it's core. If your like me where it's all or none and will only settle for the best is OS theme replacement, this one has got to be at or near the top of the list. For a full demonstration, check out the Hyperdesk website to see it in action.

Suggester said, "The design of this website is just awesome! All the tiny details work so well together and create a fantastically fitting atmosphere for this topic. But nevertheless it's organized and user-friendly. I'm totally in love with this.." ( Suggested by =Shadowelve )


One of the more debated pieces in the advertising section, let alone Deviant Art. Paul certainly had brought himself attention with his clean, new age character design and no nonsense approach to illustration. This piece throws back to an era of innocence, public persuasion and pride in a country, not to mention the survival of humanity as we know it. Propaganda was a major marketing tool for a countries agenda during that time and Paul does a great job in conveying that with this piece. Coming from a CV who lost the vast majority of his family in this exact war, I felt not only the artwork but the artist's description feedback and the deviant comments that followed are worth this DD. Let's not forget who we are but also realize who need to be to get along and prosper as a civilization.

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^And Out Of Nowhere!

Thu Sep 29, 2011, 4:39 PM

Quite a busy week for me with a lot going on personally and socially. I'll try and keep it short but if you follow me or read my blog posts, you know what can be a hard thing for me to do. So here I go.

Thank You DA Staff!
I'm going to be honest, I've been trying to get on with Deviant Art volunteer staff for YEARS. Trust me, after reading through the intro material, talking with dedicated staff members and understanding the depth of communication DA has with it's volunteers and deviants, I can tell you it's not as easy as organizing a few submissions in a gallery and giving away a few Daily Deviations. I want to thank Moonbeam13 for selecting me to do a job that looks to be reshaping in many ways from it's previous occupants. Thanks to those who recognized and welcomed me into this position and I especially want to thank BurgerBunny and previous gallery staff for supporting my interest in becoming a staff member and helping me lobby for a more diverse yet organized Designs & Interface section.

The ^Hat Fits?
Designs & Interface covers such a broad, complex and rapidly growing area of artistic expression. From desktop to object medium, print to architecture, identity to free hand artistry. Design, in many ways, has become the new age of creativity that traditional art has dominated for so very long. I've seen some wonderful design concepts submitted on DA and my predecessors have done an excellent job at trying to identify and recognize many of these designs. I hope I can keep up with the standards set in place and that you guys will appreciate the pro active interests and decisions I make. A lot has been done to improve the section and there is plenty left to do. If anyone has any suggestion to make things easier and interesting in the section, don't hesitate to let me know. I'm getting acquainted with all of the options and opportunities given to the position and hope to be settled in soon.

Your Input Is Encouraged!
If you have some great ideas, think something doesn't look right or just want to give positive feedback, your input on how the gallery develops is greatly appreciated. I want to make sure that every section in this part of Deviant Art gets it just attention. There is so diversity and talent, it's going to take some time to get to know those people who submit in this gallery often and what they excel at artistically. If you regularly submit to this area of DA or know someone who does that deserves a spotlight on their work, let me know!

Organization, News, Events
As I get settled in, I'll be looking for more ways to get people involved and keep folks informed on whats going on in our part of the DA web. I've already been suggested a few options for contests, given some insight on great talent and thought about how I'm going to showcase art so the rest of Deviant Art can see us and the types of work that we create. Look forward to a posting on more of that soon.

My .PSD Mobile Design Work
If you follow me, you know I'm hot and cold. Providing for the family and staying semi-social is a priority but I'll be honest, I love what I do artistically and I'm the only one on the world doing it. I'll go on Photoshop binges where I get 3 or 4 concept designs done within two weeks and other times you won't see a submission from me in two months. Summer months keep me away from the desk but fall, winter and spring I start pumping out concepts. Right now, I'm a few weeks out from y last submission but I've already got two or three devices close to finished. Look for them in a near you.

Thank you for supporting me and giving me the opportunity to support you!

Free PSD's and Google Music Invites?

Thu Sep 15, 2011, 9:01 PM

I figured if you didn't get them the first time around, their now available for use. A re-release of the first group of PSD's that helped me get going in this direction. Your welcome to use them for whatever you please. If you haven't already, +watch me if you choose to download these PSD's. I'll be giving away more PSD's in the future. :)

HTC Incredible Smartphone .PSD by zandog HTC HD2 Smartphone .PSD by zandog HTC Touch 2 Smartphone .PSD by zandog HTC Eris Smartphone .PSD by zandog Motorola Droid .PSD by zandog

I've got 5 Google Music beta invites for the first  5 people who mention me in their journal blog! Say anything you wish about me just drop my profile link within your journal and the account is yours. Then post your blog in the comments below.

I also have plenty of Google+ invites as well so let me know. More PSD's are on the way!

To my wonderful customers and followers:

Sorry about that. I posted early this month that I'd be outing more PSD devices listed in my last blog post.… Some of you have emailed or messaged me asking when you can expect certain devices listed to be released. I've been wrapping up some corporate projects and fully intent to get going on PSD device work within the next week. It's been an insane summer and balancing family and work has been a struggle. September will see more activity. Thanks for hanging in there with me and I look forward to getting more devices out for you all.

I've seen two official Apple iPhone 5 concepts that never made production. I think I've finally seen the final production version. Once I get confirmation that it is, expect an iPhone 5 PSD well before the phone is announced or released. In fact, like a few of my devices, it may be the first time anyone has seen the device outside of Apple. *keeps fingers crossed* Read my previous blog for more details.

Mobile Design Update

Thu Aug 4, 2011, 4:08 AM

PSD's In Progress:
I haven't officially released a device PSD in over a month. Not something I intended, but I thought I'd give you an update on whats coming up and what the rest of the year for PSD's will look like. One thing you can count on in designing is that nothing is guaranteed. I've had to scrap 3 devices this year due to changes made in the hardware features that were unavoidable. The EVO 3D, Bionic and Thrill 4G all saw changes after I began design work on their PSD's. Most of which were nearly finished works of 6 hours each when I got the news that the concepts were not final and would need to be scrapped. Why, you ask? Read the Mobile Trends section below. Aside from that, it's been pretty smooth. In no particular order, here's what to expect for the rest of the year. Remember that new devices come out of no where and I will jump on them if I can.

° HTC EVO 3D (Sorry I'm late)
° LG Optimus X2
° Samsung Infuse 4G
° Acer Iconia Tab a500 Tablet
° LG Revolution
° LG Thrill 4G
° Motorola Triumph

Your device not listed? Ask in the comments and I'll respond.

° Apple iPhone 5 (Okay so...)
The iPhone is everyone's golden ticket to fame every time it comes to public light. I've seen 2 different design concepts of the iPhone 5, both of which were actual photograph images and I do believe they were real Apple designs. I've been burned already this year, I won't be burned again and again, read Mobile Trends to understand why. I'm not designing a device that, in the end, won't see the public for release.

Mobile Trends:
I used to get mobile device marketing kits before or right when the device was publicly announced. I also used to get great images of final production testing units before anyone knew they existed. It seems my insiders are getting left out in the cold and therefor I'm feeling it as well. Manufactures are now secluding information to in house employees and testing units are not reaching the media as quickly as they had before. I think device makers are learning their lesson from outing information or allowing employees to take test units in public to the bar or fitness club. (lol, iPhone 4 and Droid X) So we now don't hear or see models in development until they are close to final production or release. Something you and I are going to have to deal with. No, I don't believe in planned media hyped leaks.

I'm finally getting time to work on and with staff for the Mobile-Design group content. PLEASE support us and submit your resource work!


Mon Jul 11, 2011, 6:23 PM

Never was a Facebook fan but I am using Google+ pretty often now that I can have more control over my account and what goes on it. If your on G+, go ahead and add me, I'll do the same, so we can both keep up on whats going on.…

Ty kol Great idea.

Mobile Tech: A Whole New Level

Thu Jun 16, 2011, 4:20 AM

Twice a year I get moments where design work has to take a break. I took one of those for 3 weeks to enjoy the weather and family as summer gets going in a primarily wet and cold Pacific Northwest. While I was away, the build up of great new devices and content has not slowed, as we’ve had three major technology shows in the past 5 weeks. I’ve added quite a few new devices to my list of to do so I’ll have a busy few months as the new devices are announced and released. Lets talk about a few issues I have in developing before I get into that list.

Android UI Fragmentation Continues (Honeycomb UI Ditched, Sorta):
I mentioned that I would be developing an entire Android Honeycomb tablet UI that would go along with the Samsung Tab 10.1. Well that was based on the assumption that I would be able to ditch Samsung’s interface via root and grab the stock tablet components I needed in the SystemUI.apk to start designing in Photoshop. Samsung beat me to it. By eliminating the stock Honeycomb backup UI all together, I can’t find the stock elements I need to achieve a complete Honeycomb UI for the Tab 10.1...

I then went looking into other manufacturers practices in saving stock UI elements and found that all tablets currently available has done the same in favor of implementing their own UI’s with no way to convert to true stock tablet UI. This leaves me with only a few options. Design a full Honeycomb tablet UI based on each manufacturer’s shell or design a preliminary desktop UI for each tablet and call it good. Because of how fast these devices come out and how fast Honeycomb changes are made on each system, I’ve decided to stick with the latter of the two. In fact, I would be hard pressed to think that any designer will be able to come up with a true complete stock Android Honeycomb interface simply because manufactures wont allow it to exist on the current set of tablets. Sorry folks, Google hasn’t enforced complete unification just yet so don’t expect a complete UI on any one tablet I design for the time being.

PSD’s In Development (Updated):
I hope you guys like the latest two devices I've added:

Samsung Galaxy S II .PSD by zandog Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 .PSD by zandog

I’ve gotten so many new device references from my friends in the community that I don’t know if I can do them all. Here’s the updated list of what I’ve got planned though. There are so many others waiting in the wings though so if you don’t see the device you want there’s a good chance I have it on the next round of devices in development .

• Samsung Droid Charge LTE (Done)
• Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Done)
• LG G-Slate Tablet (Done)
• Motorola Droid Milestone 3 (Done)
• Samsung Galaxy S 2 (Done)
• LG Optimus X2
• LG Revolution
• Acer Iconia Tab a500 Tablet

Projects put on back burner:
• Samsung Infuse 4G
• HTC Flyer Tablet

Thoughts, Observations and Mobile Tyranny:
Apple is STILL the king of mobile computing and here’s why. And just so we don’t get ahead of ourselves, Google’s touted 400,000 Android activations per day and Apple’s tapering 250,000 iPhone activations does not mean anything when it comes to explaining how well both operating systems are doing. I asked these questions in a previous blog entry back in Nov. 2010 that I felt would set the tone for 2011 and would answer whether or not Apple would be dethroned as the king of mobile.

Android Says Apples Are Good:
Can Google answer the fragmentation concerns, mature it's OS and develop a real application Market for consumers and developers and will will it be lucrative enough for those developers convert over?

The answer is yes and no. While Google accomplished a lot in the way of OS and app market improvements, they still haven’t swayed the iOS dedicated developers to start developing for Android at a high level. To Google’s credit, they’ve acknowledged that fragmentation is an issue and they will be implementing new standards and restrictions on how Android device manufactures can implement Google’s operating system. We’ve seen this take effect subtly but, almost immediately in how OS and market app updates work and how often updates must take place. Even though this doesn’t sit well with device makers, they realize that it’s the only way to keep their phones and tablets selling. Expect this trend to continue. Developers who would only develop on iOS are now considering or even planning their Android ports and developments.

Apple Looks Forward:
So you think you know everything about how Apples devices work, huh? Not pizazzed or fanboy’d into the one system fits all mentality that they’ve decided for their users? Well maybe this will convince you. Your iPhone, iTouch, iPod, iMac and Apple TV all work seamlessly. You can now play your mobile device games, watch video, browse the internet or listen to music wirelessly on that nifty HDTV you have sitting in your living room. You can video conference call on all four major devices with anyone who has an Apple device with a camera and you can do it seamlessly from one device to another without having to close an app, hang up a call or press pause on your media. Something Microsoft and Google have been trying to perfect is available on Apple’s devices as I type this. In the near future, your entire Apple computing profile; Games, Apps, Contacts, Docs, Images and Videos will be accessible from any Apple device terminal that supports Apple’s new iCloud service, which is all of them. No need to carry much more than your iPad around. How does that sound?

Early Termination?:
With any new industry in demand like the mobile industry, comes the obvious question. Who is in control? Owning a mobile device is like any energy or communication provision. Prices are inflated, services are over populated and you don’t have control over what you pay for. When this all got started, it seemed like a great deal. Unlimited talk time, text, bandwidth and decent service to boot, on most major carriers. Times are changing rapidly as the grid fills up with users, carriers vie for exclusivity and the costumer gets locked into longer, more expensive contract commitments. The average user spends $130 a month in smartphone unlimited standard services. At just over $1500 a year without exceeding normal services, that’s a lot for talking to mom and playing online poker. Only the most dedicated users seem to be willing to fork that kind of currency over.

The Popularity of Free
The first year I began producing these mobile device PSD’s, the response was amazing. People found great inspiration and practical use in the development files and it was a good chance for me to refine my design rendering skills away from web and logo design. A lot happened for these PSD’s last year in the way of exposure. They were features on well over a dozen premiere Photoshop development websites, I was interviewed a few times and I even managed to get a Daily Deviation, not bad.

Since the beginning of March, I’ve begun selling the mobile device PSD’s and even though I’m humbly doing a decent job in sales, the number of people looking at the devices on my profile has dropped dramatically. Where I would release a free PSD and get 500-1000 views/downloads in the first 24hrs, now I’m lucky to get 500 views in the first week. Not surprising considering the nature of the designs and the kind of demand they seek but I did like the attention. Oh well, whatever gives me the ability to keep doing these I guess.

New PSD’s
As promised in my last post, all except the HTC EVO 3D and Apple device have been posted. I’ve even been able to sneak in a few unannounced device PSD’s as well.

HTC Desire S .PSD by zandog HTC Sensation 4G .PSD by zandog

The two mentioned above are flip flopping on me however. I’ve seen three different versions of EVO 3D and the official device image on the HTC website has been changed once with different renditions. I’ve decided to wait until we get a bit closer to launch so I can be sure what device I’m designing for. The Apple device is still WIP. I’ve added a few more devices to the development list though, so here we go:

Work In Progress:
LG Optimus X2 (Yes, I promised this already. Close to done.)
Samsung Infuse 4G
Samsung Droid Charge LTE
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1” (This PSD will including the entire Honeycomb OS UI elements set in high resolution PSD format. Both designers and developers will love this!)
HTC Flyer Tablet
Secret Apple Device

Dead Projects:
Motorola Droid Pro (Sorry, the time and demand were just not there.)
Samsung Epic 4G/Shift 4G (Fell out of the top tiered phone bracket.)

Launcher Complexity ( Android Theme Designers Must Read )
Let’s face it. Without mobile shell UI launchers like ADW and Launcher Pro, most of us would only be dreaming of the themes we design and manifest. Making it easy for the end user to develop their themes in Photoshop or by trail is what drives the diversity on the Android platform. Minimalists and babes seem to make of a good portion of the designers tastes on DA but we’re beginning to see people take it a step further. With the introduction of XML templates to these launchers, we’re seeing a few designers make entire custom themes with widget/dock skins, clocks, fonts and icons. It’s important that theme designers begin to take this into account and understand not just how to design a theme, but how it works on the user interface. I touched on these points in my recent interview with Deviant Art… . I’m all for simple design, but I’m afraid it not going to last. Theme designers need to start learning the basics of how an interactive theme is compiled in XML and ported to their favorite Android launchers. There is some coding involved, but once you’ve got the basics of how things work within a launcher environment, your options become almost unlimited. ROM themers have been doing this for 2 years now. With the new ADW Launcher and the upcoming recode of Launcher Pro, it’s imperative to get this stuff down or else we as visual themers, are going to get left out of the theming loop. Here are some quick links on what Launcher Pro and ADW Launcher are doing and how to learn and access it.

Launcher Pro Skinning:…
ADW Launcher Theme Templates:…

If you are interested and need help getting started, both of these apps forums are full of good information and have great designers helping each other out through this change in theming.

That's it for now. Keep pluggin' along!

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DA Interviews and Updates

Mon Apr 25, 2011, 3:35 AM

A big thanks to Deviant Art & BurgerBunny for selecting me in interviewing for the first Handhelds & Icons Project Educate Week. This week should be awesome for Handheld designers!

Check out the full interview right here:…

The response to charging for .PSD's has been awesome! People are supportive and really like the client login/download system I've implemented and the updates I've made to the current set of devices. I'm glad I can still provide you guys with these and keep the family happy at the same time. I've added four more since making the change and they may be my best PSD's yet.

Apple iPad 2 .PSD by zandog Motorola Atrix 4G .PSD by zandog
HTC Incredible S .PSD by zandog Motorola Droid Bionic v1 .PSD by zandog

Hope you guys like them and continue to support my work. I'm working on a few new device and unique concepts as well.
• HTC Sensation
•  Unannounced Apple Device ( I bet you can guess what it is :) )

I've been asked to design a ROM interface for Android so when that's done, I'll post it. Some FREE resources are coming. Thanks again people!

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PSD's Not Free? Oh Noes!

Wed Mar 9, 2011, 12:42 AM

I've not been as active as usual the past few weeks. I've been taking a DA break and setting up what was required for me to keep designing these PSD files. I hope everyone understands the direction I've gone with designing these and supports my work. Here's what is going on.

"Show Me The Money!"
That's exactly what my wife said to me after the first six or so .PSD's. I resisted for this long and the issue has come to a head. I spent a lot of time learning and developing my skills in designing these files and sacrificed a lot of time away from my wife and kids to bring you guys these great files. My wife and three kids have had enough. It was either quit doing these and continue my day job designing or make it worth the lost time with my family and the time effort toward these. Believe me when I say I enjoy doing these as a passion for the devices and appreciation for the feedback and exposure I've gotten on them. In order to keep bringing these development Photoshop files to you, I need you guys to help me out and support the cause. Head over to the store on my portfolio site for the full scoop on pricing and design support options. I’ve tier priced them based on use and believe me, they are cheap. I don’t want to kill you guys on these but I have to maintain the ability to keep doing them. In supporting my work, the updates in each of these PSD’s is warranted.

My Web Store:

PSD's Next Up
I've been juggling a few of the more requested .PSD's and was able to get one snuck in on time for release this month. Expect the:

⚫ Motorola Atrix
⚫ Motorola Bionic
⚫ Apple iPad 2

very soon. These .PSD's will be the first in the paid lineup and be supported with updates to their user interface in Android OS v2.3.3 and iOS v4.3 respectively. This will sit at a higher then average resolution as well.

Any question, comments or concerns, I would love to hear it.

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New .PSD's and New Technologies

Fri Jan 21, 2011, 6:09 PM

In case any of you missed the the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that wrapped up last week, we saw something new from all the major mobile device manufacturers and to be honest, nothing looked that jaw dropping or groundbreaking (atleast not yet ;)), but some very cool stuff none the less. A lot of improved rehashes and a few firsts in tech thus far, so we’ll talk about what .PSD’s I’m working on and then we’ll get to the technology. First and foremost!

Slave To The .PSD
Yep, that’s what I’ve turned into and I’ve been asked why I keep doing this instead of just flattening the images I post on DA and selling the real .PSD off site to make some profit. Protect your work, man!, they say. Well, I feel like I haven’t gotten to that point yet and to be honest, it will happen at some point, but not yet. <mini rant> People are generally good about asking me about licensing I’d like to think. I do get a lot of inquiries. But it’s obvious there are people making a profit off of my work integrated into their own work. I can’t go to a place like without finding a device of mine used in a Wordpress theme.. If you have a better suggestion on how to make this work, let me know. I’d be happy to hear it. But for now, I enjoy doing this for educational and non-profits.

Dude, Wheres My Epic 4G?
Okay, before we get into this, I’ve already been asked, “Epic 4G .PSD?” I know it and I’m close to done with it but all the following devices got in my developing way. Sorry, it’s a cool phone, but in my humble opinion, CES offered up better devices to start working on. I will get it done though.

Device Onslaught
We were defined in 2010 as consumers and hobbyist, this year we’ll be defined at OS designers and artist. The volume of different Android devices is going to open the door for quite a few new realms of customization. We’ll be designing and developing for laptops, tablets, phones and media players, all with the ability to receive the custom works that we pump out this year, but in a much higher amount of detail. With that, here are the first sets of devices I’ll be developing.

PSD’s In Development
I told you that only the top tiered devices would get my developing attention but there were so many that are close together, each offering betters traits than the other in specification it’s hard to chose, but here’s what I’d like to get done:

LG Optimus X2 .PSD
Motorola Atrix 4G .PSD
HTC Thunderbolt .PSD
Samsung Infuse .PSD
Motorola Droid Bionic .PSD>
Samsung 4G LTE .PSD

Motorola Xoom .PSD
Viewsonic ViewPad 7 .PSD

Bear in mind that we have a few more tech shows this spring. Some devices may get priority over others as demand is everything.

Apple Falls From The Tree?
The market is getting ready for a huge change in how we communicate this year. Unfortunately for Apple, the neighbors have resurveyed the property line to a larger percentage and they may have to move to other pioneering technologies, something they are adept to and crafty at. Believe me, we haven’t seen the last of Apple. One thing is certain,  everybody and their carrier will have an iPhone available in 2011 and the tablet market may be over for Apple. We’ll have to see how this year pans out. Jobs is not just going to give up.

New Tech
The first true 2Ghz, high performance devices are available this quarter and it was something the industry needed to take care of quickly. Qualcomm, Nvidia and AMD among others, have laced words of 2Ghz mobile processing introductions and with that bolster, we’re going to see bright, colour rich, high definition screens, beyond PS2 quality gaming graphics and memory capacities triple. Carriers will have the 4G bandwidth technology to keep up too. LTE and mobile WiMAX connections will keep the data traffic bridges flowing and most importantly, it’s not just on a phone anymore. Personal tablets will be the biggest breakout the year. You’ll not only see touch screen displays, but intuitive compact mouse and keyboard solutions as well. Bye bye laptops? I could go on with specifics but trust me on this. With iOS passing into its prime, I’ve been convincingly told that the mobile technology chest match will be nothing like it ever has this year. Ever.

With all the new mind candy coming out there will be so many options. Pick devices that you know will carry you over to the next technology cycle. Understand what your looking for and be patient with product releases. It’s going to be a warzone of “buy me, I have this cool feature or that great price”. Know yourself and your mobile interests, purchase wisely because from here on out, mobile technology will double itself everything 10 months.

Designers: Join Our Movement
Since this is Deviant Art, we’re beginning to see more mobile designers coming on with their own customization and concept design works. We need to get these folks into the right place and that place is Android-Users I encourage you guys to join up and support the Android designing community. Apple users have a great source in apple-fanatic. Join a group and support your interests! We’re the main driving force behind OS customization.

Hope you enjoy my work and my interests. You guys and girls have a safe mobile commute.

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End Of The Year, Already?

Tue Dec 14, 2010, 4:35 AM

First the meat, then the potatoes.

I've got the Samsung Epic 4G, Motorola Droid Pro, HTC Desire HD and Nexus S in design production.

Some of you continue to message me about the HTC Legend, HTC Desire, wondering if these .PSD's will ever see production. My personal feeling is that these devices, while popular, are at the end of their life cycle and won't get much use in the end. I won't be producing .PSD's for these two devices, sorry. :( I've also been asked about the HTC Desire Z, Samsung Captivate and Fascinate. The Desire Z is a variation of the HTC G2 so don't count on it. The two Samsung devices are different, but still belong to the Galaxy S family and a .PSD I've already done so I doubt it, but will think about it. The Galaxy S i9000 is the top end device in that family.

There are just far too many Android based phones being released for me to keep up so I'm selecting the creme of the crop, primarily top tier phones when designing .PSD's at this point. All of the new phone .PSD's are unique in some way and are very popular.


2011 is going to see a wide berth for mobile devices in general. From phones and tablets to media players and laptops. Everything is going "smart" mobile. You won't see a device made this year that doesn't have a cpu.  Expect to see Moore's Law kick in this coming year with dual and quad based processors, higher definition touch screen displays and faster bandwidth speeds on all new mobile devices. I will do my best to keep up and keep you guys glued to my .PSD's.

If you have any requests, comments or concerns, don't hesitate to let me now. It's been a busy end of year for me and I'm glad to see you guys and girls sticking it out with me. I hope your year was good and I look forward to seeing more deviations from all of you. Our community is nothing but growing. I love it ;)

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Good or bad, 2010 will be known as the year we stopped staring at each other and started staring at our screens. We are now in the mobile computing age. Really. The past few years has given us one of the most epic and lucrative industry battles since the automobile and personal computer. Mobile computing  not only allowed us to keep up with current events, it gave us a way to keep up with each other at any time, any where. With that, here are some important moments and observations.

The Build Up:
Flash back to 2007; With Google already leading the way, manufactures finally stood up and took notice that what Apple was doing with the iPhone, was not only genius, it was a threat. Apple was providing the first and only real mobile computing experience and they were going to take control of the industry if something wasn't done. Competing companies like HTC, Samsung and Motorola saw the sales numbers posted by Apple in the first two years and watched major mobile service providers from the U.S., U.K., Germany and France vying for exclusivity, they understood the consequences were literally “life” altering.. Back to 2010.

There Is No”i”:
With the successful responses of the HTC G1 and Motorola Droid in 2009, Google's Android operating system not only showed that there was another option, it was a better one. Providing a stable Linux based open source OS, it would prove to be profitable for Android and damaging to Apple's psyche. Best of all, the operating system was free to anyone. News broke at the tech shows that more than 30 new Android based devices would be in consumers hands by 2010-11 ranging from phones and GPS devices to tablets and even laptops. Names like Droid, Desire, Eris and Legend came first and with Apple binding those exclusive carriers with a no Android clause and essentially shutting out the other mobile providers, it gave the industry the ammo it needed to carry out it's plan, kill the iPhone. Android continues to evolve rapidly through out the year with three major OS updates. (v2, 2.1 and 2.2) All of which were meant to mature the  operating system and spread Google's information dominance to the mobile industry. Apple, I'm sorry but you now have company.

Touchѐ Android:
Apple quickly understood that simply providing an intelligent phone to the masses will no longer fly in the face of competition. Strategic or impulsive, Steve Jobs takes stabs at Android's prematurity while preparing a new iPhone. Apple announces the iPhone 4. A fast, smooth operating system and visually defining piece of tough hardware that improved all aspects of the previous iPhones, or so we thought. Apple fans or not, consumers flocked to exclusive carriers to get their hands on what was an already well established OS, application market and device. What would come next ultimately spelled disaster for Apple and placed Android neck and neck at the fore front of the mobile computing industry.

Can You Hear Me Now?:
iPhone 4 is an instant hit and possibly a big hit in the wrong direction for what Android was trying to do. Carriers can't keep up with initial demand and iPhone 4's are selling at $900 and up in some parts of the world but no one can find them for sale. Apple looks like it may take a good chunk of the industry and even announces that it will provide to other carriers that are selling Android based phones the following year. And then it happens. Massive reports begin pouring in about dropped calls and signal issues. Apple initially tells it's users that there is nothing wrong with the phone and “they are holding it wrong”. Weeks go by with people beginning to return the devices due to major call issues and denial from Apple and it's carriers. Jobs does damage control and accused the media blowing the iPhone 4's "death grip" problem (or "Antennagate," as he called it) all "out of proportion." After outcry, Apple offers to take back the phone from unhappy subscribers, give refunds and give them “bumpers” for a short time to users who could deal with the issue and wanted to keep the phone. Luckily, the chaos subsides.

The Two Year LIMITED Bandwidth Contract:
A year after wide spread criticism from consumers that cellphone providers were attempting to limit the bandwidth consumption on most smartphone users, even after the contracts on most providers stated that they would not alter internet usage, essentially breaching their own contracts, they finally come up with a feasible conclusion. Tiered data plans ranging from ten to forty dollars began to take hold. AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint tinkered with their plans while Verizon sat and waited for the response. Being that most providers were charging $30 a month to it's smartphone users for unlimited bandwidth, not much changed, but people who didn't use that much bandwidth and wanted a lower costing plan, could opt for a metered plan. Most users who were initially worried and ready to hop on the class action lawsuit train, shrugged the who thing off. Don't mess with our internet!

ARM vs. Tegra 2: The 1Ghz+ War:
The Snapdragon vs. Hummingbird vs. OMAP battle ensued through out 2010. Qualcomm, Samsung, Apple and Texas Instruments are currently the major SoC players, and they have something in common – all of their chipsets are based on the ARM architecture. ARM Holdings owns the intellectual property rights on processor architecture; they develop the next generation’s schematics, and then sell them to chip manufacturers to come up with their own custom SoC ( system-on-a-chip ) solutions. The current 1GHz mobile CPUs are based on ARM's Cortex-A8 generation, but Cortex-A9 is just around the corner. But now Nvidia has stepped into a mobile computing arena and many smart manufactures have waited it out, releasing their supply of 800mhz to 1.2Ghz processors to the public on an array of different styles and names, but all seem to carry the same elements; ARM CPU, 5-8Megapixel camera and Android 2.2. Regardless of what variation of “Top Tier” smartphone you have, it doesn't over power your competition much. That will all change in 2011. Nvidia has already released their first batch of 2Ghz Tegra 2 chip sets to manufactures who are prepping the new lineup of devices for release in the coming year.

iPad vs The Tablet World:
April 2010 saw another huge day for Apple as they released the iPad personal PC tablet to the world. Based on the successful iPhone iOS platform, the iPad would be an instant hit with fans and stock was shut out almost the weekend. Again, Apple became the innovator, drawing the line in the sand, leaving Windows to rethink their position in the tablet world and Android to step over that line. With over 7.5 million units sold, it looked like Apple may attempt to corner another market. Seven months later, Samsung releases the Galaxy Tab, running Android 2.2 to the public. A formidable iPad foe, but there are also a lot of unanswered questions about the Galaxy Tab. How much will it cost, and will consumers expect to pay less because of its smaller display? Also, can Samsung do as good a job as Apple demonstrating how its tablets and other products work well together?  The answer comes crashing down and literally no one bites. Samsung's tablet costs are too high and doesn't stack up and over the iPad . The iPad doesn't break a sweat, in fact sales increase with a price lowering of the iPad and news of the iPad 2 in development. Most manufactures see this as a sign that units costs must be lower and the Android OS and app markets need to be more evolved. Something that is still a year away. Manufactures await, Android OS 3.0 (code-named Honeycomb) and are refining their Tegra 2 based tablet stock.

Looking Ahead:
Lets get one thing straight. Apple is still the king of the mobile computing world, but that throne is being threatened by the companies I've talked about in this blog post. Android and it's manufacturing army not only has the power to convert Apple users, they are. Android is now on the fore front and is directly behind Apple in manufacturing for that front lines war. 2011 will be the biggest year for both Apple and Android as Apple attempts to fend off with more innovation and while Android finally peels on it's cocoon and shows the consumer world what it's really made of. Developers are slow to convert due to the nature of the Android OS, but Google has no choice but to evolve.  The key things to look for in 2011:

• Will Apple succeed in maintaining dominance by opening the iPhone up to everyone.
• Can Google answer the fragmentation concerns, mature it's OS and develop a real application Market for consumers and developers and will will it be lucrative enough for those developers convert over?
• Will Tegra 2 and ARM technology surpass the 2Ghz mark cost effectively?

All of which will set the tone for the next few years of mobile computing.

Final Thoughts:
Wow, what a year 2010 has been and what year 2011 will be. We're going to finally see the birth of a competitive mobile PC market and what could spell trouble for the laptop and desktop computer down the road. Regardless, it means that I'll be busy, working on new device .PSD's and drooling at the next tech spec and device to cross my desk. If you made it through this blog, I appreciate your patience and encourage your thoughts on this.

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Something For Everyone?

Mon Oct 25, 2010, 5:48 AM

I've been trying to stay on a tear of these new devices coming out. I've currently got the Motorola Droid Pro, Samsung Epic 4G and HTC Desire HD .PSD's in the works. Although these speeding new Android devices certainly provide carriers and their customers with good price points and options, it still bothers me that you can't just buy the device you want straight from the manufacturer and get it hooked up with any carrier who can support the technology. To a certain degree, I can see how this would make some devices more popular than others and we'd see a narrowed variety based on demand, the iPhone for example. If you could get the iPhone on any carrier, why would you want a HTC Desire? On the other hand, I think this would eliminate the low end smartphones available to those who are curious or on a budget... More than any other technology, smartphones and the market they sell in is confusing at best. ANYWAYS, enough blah blah.

Apple Logo HD .PSD
Apple Logo HD .PSD by zandog
The Android Logo HD .PSD I did was very popular and since Apple is the native designers platform, why not develop one for Mac users as well? Good idea Zan. People ate this up quickly. Featured on many design sites almost over night, this .PSD has gotten more attention than the Android Logo as I figured it would... Dam Apple users..

HTC G2 .PSD by zandog
Ahhhhhhh, a big sigh of relief.. T-Mobile subscribers can finally say they have a top tier Android smartphone. For months they had to stand by and watch Verizon users get Droids and Galaxies, Sprint users get Evo's and Epics and until recently when they got the Galaxy for themselves, there was nothing else. Now T-Mobile users can rejoice as they have something to call their own. The HTC G2 is a brilliant smartphone with something for everyone. HD display, qwerty keyboard and blazing speed. Welcome to the club guys!

HTC Saber HD Tablet .PSD
HTC SABER HD Tablet .PSD by zandog
Instead of following spec designs and high res reference images, I decided to put something together that wasn't out there yet and to be honest, may never be at the price point I set for it. HTC has been working on a new Android tablet that should square off just fine with the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad. If specs hold true or even close to true, this should break the tablet scene wide open next year. Regardless, this is just a beginning version of what I hope to cap off as an impressive .PSD for a hopeful device coming out soon. Check back for updates!

P.S.'s and Stuff
First off, a big apology to the Seattle DeviantArt Meet Group.  I really wanted to make it to the first meeting but got stuck with obligations. I read that it was a blast and from the pictures, they had quite a variety of artists show up. Glad you guys had a good time and I hope to make the next one. I've been asked to be a contributor and I think it would be fun. I'll work on slipping out of one of the other groups I'm in and join up asap. The 2GHz devices are coming! If anything has stuck out more in the mobile device world, it's been the power of the technology. Almost all manufactures have held out for this leap in processor power and it's going to turn out to be a smart move. Our media, games and productivity apps will benefit immensely from it. I am still pissed at Deviant Art. I lost so many page views and downloads stats on the devices list above and a few more. The HTC G2 should have 4000+ views and 1500+ downloads based on the average release everywhere else this file is hosted. Grrr.

Throne Update: Apple is still the king on mobile devices but only by a small margin. This time next year, Android OS 3.0 (Gingerbread  & Honeycomb) will have met up with and passed the iPhone in power and performance. The really question still remains, will Google provide the AP and support needed for Apple's superb developers to make the switch to Android? Without this as a confirmed "yes", Apple is still the gate keeper and they will do everything they can to keep it that way.

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