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Motorola Droid X .PSD



Motorola Droid X "Shadow/Extreme" .PSD (Real .PSD, not rendered.)

by Zandog (AG Design) [link]

- The actual .PSD is at 2000x resolution.
- 115+ Layers
- 25+ Groups
- 15mb Zipped, 25mb unzipped .PSD

Just the wallpaper: [link]

Update (6-17-10): So there is a lot more we've learned about this phone. Most note worthy is the fact that it doesn't have a front facing camera. It was suspected to have one because of the multiple sensor heads it had showing on the receiver piece. We now know that it's just not so... SO, I changed the front facing camera to sensor element. The camera is still there though. I also changed the status bar to reflect the actual OS version it's running on instead of a stock Android OS template. Conference call now reads Camcorder instead. Other small tweaks and adjustments are made as well.

Update (5-28-10) Please Read: I've gotten a few emails from tech industry insiders and fans of my work regarding this .PSD. Apparently this device is not to be considered the next version of the original Motorola Droid. In fact, there will may never be. Verizon owns the name Droid and allows companies like HTC and Motorola to market their phones under that name when releasing devices. I have removed the Droid 2 name and updated the device name to just Droid Shadow / Extreme. That way there is no confusion as to what the phone really is before it's official announcement and release.

If you havent been paying attention to the mobile market then you may have missed that another smart mobile tech employee left his shiny new Droid: Shadow at a local fitness club. The lucky employee who found it was keen on what he had and snapped some not too shabby pics. Also, the guy who found the device (as the story goes) managed to confirm a few details with the chap who picked it up-specifically, that it has 16GB of internal storage, runs on a Snapdragon processor, has a HDMI port, and yes, the 8MP camera and 4.3-inch screen all checked out too. For the full story check out Gizmodo. [link] I was lucky enough to gain access to some really nice pictures of the phone and jumped right on the .PSD. As always, free to use in anything non-profit, non-commercial, just credit and post me a link in the comments if you use it in your project. If you see something wrong with the .PSD, have a request for a product or just wanna say hi, please do! Feed back is encouraged.

A big thanks to the boys over at Gizmodo for always comin through in a pinch.

I PRESENT: THE DROID: Shadow | Extreme | X

Remember that this phone may not be the final product but as things are turned out that way with the iPhone 4G, it's probably legit. The UI is depicted exactly like the images provided.

Thanks for the :+fav: my friends and leave a comment if you download! If you like this .PSD, visit my main profile for a full list of .PSD gadgets I've done and watch me for more stuff like this if your a DA member!


Please go to my web store for information and pricing.

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Awesome! Best phone ever! Ahem, I meant, best computer ever!