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HTC EVO 4G .PSD (Real .PSD, not rendered.)

by Zandog (AG Design) [link]

- The actual .PSD is at 3000x resolution.
- 155+ Layers
- 30+ Groups
- 12mb Zipped, 32mb unzipped .PSD

First off, a big thanks to the folks over at HTC. I was trying to gain access to images of the phone that noone else in the world had and it managed to work out my way. Launching next month on the Sprint Network, the EVO 4G represents the largest multimedia phone on the market and the very first phone to sport 4G high capacity bandwidth technology and let me tell ya folks, this phone screams. HTC EVO 4G includes a blazing-fast 1GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor, the award-winning HTC SenseTM user experience, an 8.0 megapixel auto-focus camera with HD-capable video camcorder and a forward-facing 1.3 megapixel camera. The large vibrant 4.3 inch display, built-in kickstand, 3.5 mm headset jack and HDMI output make HTC EVO 4G an unparalleled platform for wireless entertainment. With built-in mobile hotspot functionality, HTC EVO 4G also allows up to eight Wi-Fi-enabled devices, including laptop, camera, music player, video player and any other Wi-Fi-enabled device, to enjoy the benefits of 4G speeds on the go. If and when this phone comes to my network, I'm skipping over the Incredible and going with the EVO 4G. As always, free to use in anything non-profit, non-commercial, just credit and post me a link in the comments if you use it in your project. If you see something wrong with the .PSD, have a request for a product or just wanna say hi, please do! Feed back is encouraged.

About the User Interface:
Comped for the EVO 4G, the Firm Red theme is based on the corporate features being demanded on today's fast paced business class smartphones. Hope you like it and I hope to see it on an Android sometime in the near future.

Thanks for the :+fav: my friends and leave a comment if you download! If you like this .PSD, visit my main profile for a full list of .PSD gadgets I've done and watch me for more stuff like this if your a DA member!

Please go to my web store for information and pricing.

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the HTC Evo, was one of the best cell phone i had.
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I am really confused and I don't understand too..But everyone us here like it.. :)
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you dont understand you made soemthing awesome that was free for years and then when people start to actually need it you charge for it... Beat if you ask me... Like I said its still on [link]
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In my mind if you were gonna charge for it you should have originally its on if you want it... B/c its definitely a necessity for us theme dev's!
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I dont understand.
TheAL's avatar
If you google "Evo PSD," a lot of websites serving up the ZIP file can be found. Just letting you know since you've put it up for sale.
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Thanks for the heads up
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have you made this theme!??? cause i really want it... lol
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I havent been able to get a rom developer to take hold of it. If you know of one, let me know. I've talked to Cyanogen and Blackdroid, Chevy, but all are too busy to make it.
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I love your .psd's for all these awesome phones, but can I ask, where is the Epic?
Lol, that would be sweet if you made one!!!
Until then, this will be my favorite.
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Read my latest blog! Good stuff coming! :D
Downloaded! I'm willing to help wwith ideas for themes...gettings ready to play!
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Just got an update from Magnus, here it is: "im all over it. actually i already have a rosie lemme send you the mod for it. Soon as i saw your buddies setup here i couldnt dismiss it. i have to find the problem with it but it looks sick!!!!.Ill send you when its complete and keep me in the loop, ill do w/e i need to to get this done. shouldnt be that hard for me."

He is pretty excited about your design. He doesn't think it will be to much of a problem. Looks like your concept might become reality!
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Sounds great! There are some tricks to the concept of the UI, I'll talk to you via gtalk, we can go over that stuff
can i get my evo to look like that? So nice man! great job! any info on how i can get my home screen to look like that?
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It's a concept design. I've been looking for someone to code my ideas into a ROM or app, but no luck so far. it if does happen, I'll definitely post it on my profile ;) I know, I want it too :(
I cant believe that people are not lining up to help create this design! So sick!! keep up the great work. Im going to talk to a couple people who might be interested. I'll let you know. If there is anything i can do to help this move forward please let me know. Great work, truly Inspiring.


P.S. any links like twitter or something like that where i can follow your work?
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Creating this design is quite a bit harder than most think. I had some of the best rom developers, people who would have some idea about what it would take to make this a reality and said it would have to be its own rom or launcher. I'm always open for options on getting this theme going. I'd love to make more if things work out. My devart profile is the best place to watch me but my twitter is updated any time I release something. Twitter: ag_designs and google buzz: zandog

Let me know what you come up with.
I spoke to a very creative rom and theme developer from xda-Devs, who goes by the name "MagnusRagnarok". I gave him the link to check out your design. He loved it and said that he would definitly be interested in helping to make this concept a reality. He has some questions, so im going to copy and paste the message he sent me, so you can better answer the questions.

"im more than interested by the looks of it. Does he just need help implementing it and making it real? If thats the case, im pretty sure i can help. Let me know exactly what is needed of me and ill do my best to help. i googled the psd's and read up on them, but did not understand the concept fully. Care to enlighten me so i can be of some use?"

Let me know if any of this is unclear at all or if you have any questions.

zandog's avatar
Nice. I'll msg you my gmail and if you or him could get a hold of me, I'd appreciate it.
Im going to have to deviant watch you. That is a great matching theme. My Evo needs it.

And thanks for the psd, ill be using it for my shots :)
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