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Google Nexus One Redux .PSD

Google Nexus One Redux .PSD (Real .PSD, not rendered.)

by Zandog (AG Design) [link]

- The actual .PSD is at a massive 4000x resolution.
- 300+ Layers total. (Averaging 125+ per stock phone)
- 80+ Groups, Labeled (Averaging 25+ per stock phone)
- 17mb Zipped, 70mb unzipped .PSD

Progression. The first Nexus One .PSD I released (my first phone) is low in resolution and jagged. I tried my hardest to correct the minor issues effecting that .PSD, but I came to the conclusion that it was more effective for the developers following my .PSD's to get a far higher resolution development file to work with instead. I had plenty of requests asking me to correct the flaws, sorry you guys had to wait. It was a learning experience non the less and now all of my .PSD's come in high res. As promised I added a few things to the .PSD that you guys find useful. Like before, I sectioned the phone in customizable pieces so color coordinating is pretty easy. I also added the first look at the new Deep Blue user interface that will ship in a ROM update that has yet to be decided. For those who root, watch out for this one. It will be complete and may add a few new widgets you don't get with the stock Android interface. Please read the legal note below regarding the new interface. The rest of the .PSD is fair game. As always, free to use in anything non-profit, non-commercial, just credit and post me a link in the comments if you use it in your project. If you see something wrong with the .PSD, have a request for a product or just wanna say hi, please do! Feed back is encouraged.

Legal Note:
The Deep Blue user interface is developed and protected under the Creative Commons Law; Sections 1a - 8e ( [link] ) and is property of the posting author and Android based ROM developer. Any use of; and/or reproduction in it's likeness for profit is a violation of the Creative Commons Law globally. If you are not sure, check your countries CC laws for details.

Thanks for the :+fav: my friends and leave a comment if you download! If you like this .PSD, visit my main profile for a full list of .PSD gadgets I've done and watch me for more stuff like this if your a DA member!

Please go to my web store for information and pricing.

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merci beaucoup
lent-i's avatar
thanks my frinds
xFino's avatar
used your amazing work here: [link]

hope you don't mind!
zandog's avatar
Nope, don't mind at all ;) Wonderful work.
xFino's avatar
That means so much, thank you :)
very nice, i like it...
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thank you my friend
Hello, could you provide the ungrouped version of the icons etc. of the first screen (blue one)? And thanks a lot for sharing all your wonderful works.
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That interface belongs to a rom developer so it's not for use. I'm glad you like the .PSD though.
I see. Thanks.
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very nice. got a question for ya .... what application changes the home screen like displayed in the first phone picture? or is that just your own creation.
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As described in the notes, its a proprietary user interface.
freekin incredible...massive talent!
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thank you much. watch me for more like this!
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hi.. zandog.. i love ur render.. it looks like the real thing.. just like my nexus one... anyways i wanted to ask u whether the widgets in the Stock Color are real... the one that shows the time,missed calls, and messages... and also the bottom part that shows the dialer, camera, music buttons..
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The widget are concept only at this point my friend. I've asked some of the best Launcher developers if they would be interested in developing UI system like this, but no ones stepped up. Let me know if you know someone reliable. ;)
v3rstatica's avatar
sorry i know noone that can be of help at this point.. try xda developers .. or

i am also requesting WM7 widgets to be ported to Android (and WM7 isnt even released yet. lol)

it's a nice concept btw..
zandog's avatar
Yeah, I've talked with Fede at LP and tried to pick up a Dev from xda but no one commits. Coders are kinda flaker like that.
v3rstatica's avatar
yeah ... hard to find someone who are happy enuff to make something for free. :P
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Awesome, would love to see the first one on my Evo!
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Im hoping someone will step up and allow it to be a reality. Thanks for the support. ;) I'll post updates if I can get it done.
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