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Chapter 22 :iconzandmgregoryinc:ZandMGregoryInc 1 3
Mature content
Chapter 21 :iconzandmgregoryinc:ZandMGregoryInc 1 0
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Chapter 20 :iconzandmgregoryinc:ZandMGregoryInc 1 0
The Writer by ZandMGregoryInc The Writer :iconzandmgregoryinc:ZandMGregoryInc 6 24
Chapter 19
Paul still found it hard to believe he had made it out alive.
It was hours later, well into the night and Aldwick had managed to teleport them both outside a small market town, where he and Paul found a hotel and booked a room for the night. Aldwick immediately, after using so much magic, jumped into bed and fell asleep. He was still snoring deeply. Paul, on the other hand, was wide awake. How could he sleep, with all the recent, horrible memories still stuck in his mind? Skeletons, rising out of the churning river, nightmarish figures, driven to turn him and Aldwick into one of them. The images would probably haunt him for a very long time.
He sat on the bed, staring at the now faintly glowing crystal, which was still warm in his hands. It was truly a marvel. Whoever had cut it had a remarkably steady hand. The edges were so fine they were almost sharp. How much was it worth? Paul wasn't very good at guessing, but he knew for definite that what he was holding was probably worth more t
:iconzandmgregoryinc:ZandMGregoryInc 1 0
Chapter 18
At last, mercifully, a small, twinkling light, like some distant star began to shine through the blackness. It was only dim, but to Paul and Aldwick after being in this darkness for so long, it was as bright as day.
The two of them exchanged a look. Both of them knew that, at last, they'd reached the crystal.
Naturally, they ran for it, glad at last that the jewel was theirs for the taking. Except just grabbing it was not as easy as they presumed. The light was distant and there were bound to meet a few obstacles on the way. And they did...
The first came at the end of the passageway. At least this place was lit. The crystal was casting a brighter light now, closer than ever before. The only thing between it and them now though, was a fast, ice cold flowing river. They would've wadded into it if they hadn't heard it from a distance, the water gushing past in the gully. As well as very fast, it was very deep.
The duo halted at the shingle, at the very edge of the river. A small splash o
:iconzandmgregoryinc:ZandMGregoryInc 1 3
Chapter 17
Ten o'clock the next morning, Aldwick and Paul were already out of the motel and heading down toward the beach where they appeared from. The magician was fully refreshed after a good night's sleep and a very hearty breakfast.
"Egg was a bit soggy, but they make brilliant toast!" he said.
They hadn't got breakfast from the hotel, even though they provided it. Instead, they had gone to a little cafe around the corner, were Aldwick said the prices were cheaper. The poor waitress girl who served them was so startled by Aldwick's eccentric appearance that retreated into the back of the cafe to avoid eye contact. Paul couldn't help but feel uneasy sitting amongst all the people in the cafe, who were all rather rudely staring at Aldwick without trying to hide it.
Next, they had found a charming little clothes shop, where Aldwick had paid for some fresh clothes for Paul.
"You don't have to give me anything," Aldwick explained, chuckling at Paul, who was counting up how much cash he owed the ma
:iconzandmgregoryinc:ZandMGregoryInc 1 0
Chapter 16
It was sunset.
Aldwick Roxburgh noticed his new apprentice sprinting from a distance, at his vantage point on top of the rickety rollercoaster known as the Screamer. It was quite a peaceful location, despite the grim surroundings of the dilapidated rides. The wind whipped at his greying hair and goatee, making his red cloak flap in the breeze. He'd always loved this cloak. He bought it from an antiques clothes shop and he couldn't believe the weedy shop assistant who'd served him had actually pulled it out when he'd asked for something to go with his Victorian outfit. The man told him it had once belonged to a great lord, who'd' worn it because he thought it repelled evil forces – including magic. Aldwick laughed at the irony. He wondered what that lord would think if he could see him now.
Paul ran into the funfair, which seemed less threatening in the daytime, closing the gate behind him, completely out of breath. Sweat was pouring down his face and he had to sit down to catch hi
:iconzandmgregoryinc:ZandMGregoryInc 1 0
Chapter 15
No contact for the next few days.
Paul had never been so anxious about anything in his life. He had made a deal with a magician to become his associate, apprentice, accomplice, whatever you want to call it, just to save his family and friends from suffering what life threw at them. When he got back that night, he was beginning to wonder whether it was the right decision he made or whether it was some dream and he would wake up any minute. But sitting on the bed until dawn, not tired in the slightest pretty much proved he had experienced the whole thing.
Over the course of that day, he began to understand what Aldwick meant about not feeling whole after the possession of his soul was switched. He may not have lost it, it was still there, he knew that, but now it belonged to somebody else. And he began to become conscious of every beating organ of his body, as if he were someone else sitting his own body. It wasn't quite right. He kept zoning out randomly, not really taking in any sound
:iconzandmgregoryinc:ZandMGregoryInc 1 0
Chapter 14
"There is something we must get," the magician explained. "Something so precious and so powerful that it's never in one place for very long – the location of this item always changes for maximum security."
"What is it?" Paul asked, breathless with curiosity.
"A jewel made of pure crystal. But it's more than that. Within is contains unimaginable power that if it were to be smashed, the entire Earth would be cracked in two."
Paul swallowed.
"Don't worry," Aldwick laughed. "It is very hard to break. Almost impossible."
"But... crystal?"
"True, crystal is a very delicate material and simply dropping it will do the job. But this jewel is different. All sorts of protective spells and charms have been placed on it to stop it shattering. And we don't intend to break it open. We are going to use it."
"Okay," Paul said, nervously. "So... where is this jewel now?"
"I don't know. Like I said, it's moved all the time for maximum security. Because, if it gets into the wrong hands, there's no te
:iconzandmgregoryinc:ZandMGregoryInc 1 3
Mature content
Chapter 13 :iconzandmgregoryinc:ZandMGregoryInc 1 0
Mature content
Chapter 12 :iconzandmgregoryinc:ZandMGregoryInc 1 4
Yo by ZandMGregoryInc Yo :iconzandmgregoryinc:ZandMGregoryInc 1 9
Mature content
Chapter 11 :iconzandmgregoryinc:ZandMGregoryInc 1 0
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Chapter 10 :iconzandmgregoryinc:ZandMGregoryInc 2 5
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Chapter 9 :iconzandmgregoryinc:ZandMGregoryInc 1 2

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