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Lantern Corp brush set

A brush set of the lantern corps from the Green Lantern comics.

All brushes are default sized at 150 pixels.

I ask that if you download these, PLEASE favorite them.

© 2010 - 2021 ZanderYurami
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Complete, which is a complement, since the Black and White Lantern Corps are on the picture ;).

I am leaning to Alan Scott of the Green Lantern Corps, but I am also leaning to the White Lantern Corps, so I am not sure which Corps I prefer.

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Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for!
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I didn't download them but I love the fact you did these! The sigils are beautifully done, sharp and clear!
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Thank you so, so, so much for making these~! They are awesome and I have been needing the Corps Symbols for some time~! <3 Keep up the awesome work~!!
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I'm not a Green Lantern fan, but in other hand... I loved it, like the movie!
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I loved the movie. I dont get the hate that it gets
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are these brushes compatible with gimp 2.0?
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made for Photoshop, not gimp
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that is a pity, thank you for your time
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They work great on my Gimp 2.8.4

Any ABR brush file should be compatible with Gimp. If not, there's a converstion program you can use to change that, though I lost the name and file, but google it. Shouldn't be hard to find. And thank you Zander. These are perfect!
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Glad I Could Be Of Assistance.....Assistence..... You Get It....
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Now to wait for a new computer
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are these brushes compatible for Sketchbook Pro?
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made for Photoshop, not SBP
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i tried downloading it for gimp but my gimp wont even open, does having a second art program like Sketchbook Pro make it unable to open?
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They were made for Photoshop.
These are awesome dude! I am getting them tattooed on me :)
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I downloaded your brushes and I'm trying to load them into my Photoshop's brushes but it says they aren't compatible
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