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High-hoof, Cloudchaser!

Flitter and Cloudchaser from Hurricane Fluttershy: Season 2, episode 22 [48]
They were a bit mean laughing at Fluttershy but I don't think think they meant it.

Cloudchaser! :tighthug: I really want to see more of these two. Especially such that we can see Flitter's Cutie Mark unblured and unobscured so we can actually see what it looks like. I had to make a guess based on what I could find out from the wiki "three dragonflies". I vectored my own Cutie Mark for flitter. :)

SVG available here: [link]

Cloudchaser & Flitter © Hasbro
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro
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I think I could work with this
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Gah. Flitter used to be my favorite. Until... I made an OC...
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Hi, used this to make the sidebar for my tumblr. Credits can be found here
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Mind If I make A Base?
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can I use this for a sister oc
ZanderalS's avatar
BluecakePrincessPony's avatar
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Used here: [link]
Awesome Vector BTW :D
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Do you mind if I use this?
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I have no problem with that. Just credit me when you do. Thanks. :)
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Thanks. I did.
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These two are my favorite OCs, besides Derpy. :)
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Oh yeah Flitter is my fav minor character :D
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Very nice! :) looks like you like Cloudchaser?
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