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Mizo the Mew

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I always feel like somebody’s watching me and I have no privacy

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Do you use Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp?
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Facebook Tracks you anyways if a side has something related to facebook on the page Facebook's trackers are loaded so they always know who you are and which websites you visit
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And not only facebook is tracking you permanently every big company is
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I knew a mew these drawings aren't far off they are a bit closer that how the actual franchise makes mew look. Good luck getting back to your pokemon world- a fellow Riolu.
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Mizo‘s Mew form is so cute!

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Its nice to finally see her mew form. Now 1 . She gotta keep it hidden from dad

2. Worry about kids inheriting those genes


3. Tell Zander you part mew even though he will love you regardless

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You definitely love mews, good work, i love it!

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Is it really bad that now I want to see Zander or Zanick as a Mew?

LilacMonarch's avatar

zander deserves the privilege. zanick does not

UglyToast's avatar

just wanted to see how would it look but okay

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pls draw her with zander lol

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What shall she do with all that power now eh?
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happy new year Zander ^^ nice draw i love it

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those are some big ears

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Man, you're so good with mews

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