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First there were her eyes, eyes surrounded with a pure, indolent face.
Things started to swirl around. A miscellany of intricate organic and mechanic pipes and wires filled up the space between us, and i forgot about everything. I even forgot about gravity. But still...there were her eyes, pure, indolent in the middle of technical nonsense.
This drawing was initialy a sketch on a thin draft paper (A4 size), but i finally made it a finished artwork. I was almost not allowed to rub out because of the bad quality of the medium, so there are still errors that i can´t touch up anymore (like with the right hand).
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i like this one
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I like to re-watch my favourites and now I see that I have "favourites of the favourites" shortlist and this drawing is in it. I like the clarity of the drawing, the dynamic composition and the idea itself.
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the pencil work is just smoothe I love pencil
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OMG! so detalied! Bleedrainbow  
Awesome art Sir!! omfg Jawdrop 
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:happybounce: Heart Very nice work!

You´re really talented, thanks for such a beautiness!^^

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A masterpiece this one...and so many other of your artworks!
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Wonderfull artwork!
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Perfection = U! =D
DannyMechanist's avatar
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Don't be too hash to your self, this is awesome! I love both, the idea and the style!
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Wow, just amazing.
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9yrs here and this is still a total fave of mine :D back on the desktop!!
zancan's avatar
wow, now that is dedication ! :)
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Amazing art! Thanks for sharing! +fav

(Btw, you may want to note that "indolent" means "lazy." Dont think you meant she has lazy eyes, ya? ^_^)
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I haven't seen everything, but this is probably my all-time favorite deviation here!
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This is so intricate and well-drawn! I want to draw like this some day...
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My name is nonsense queen. Relevance? Everything. LOVE IT!
beachlegs's avatar
This is stunning..What do you like to do most Drawing or Painting?
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