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Purple Spattered Memories

Oil painting on canvas - 80x100 cm ( 31.5x40 inch )

Just like time eroding the tenderest stone
Memories have carved their way
Throughout my headbone,

I remember the wind blowing so cold
Biting your skin just like a blade
and I'm alright, you said
You said: for once I feel

I recall everything
The freeze tinting your cheeks with purple
Every mistake, every stumble
And each footstep you made
into the sand

I look at you
How long am I bound to stand?
Here, you seem so untrue
Desperately peaceful and quiet

Look for close-ups and details here.
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© 2006 - 2021 zancan
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I sincerely think yours are my FAVORITE oil paintings. You are one of my long-time favorite artists. I'm curious as to which brand of oil paints you use, if you stick to one brand? 
Also curious as to whether you have a youtube channel or patreon, instagram, tumblr, anything of the sort where I can see more of your work in action. 


Lexi :)
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Beautiful arwork! The painting flawlessly matches the poem :)
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Hello, again.  We :iconthe-fanart-society: already host your work, "The Book," in our conceptual arts folder and would love to add more of your wonderful art.  Thank you!
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Like all of your work, it is truly a perfect example of when intricate philosophy and superb artistic design combines to create something magical and unique beyond compare. Thank you.  
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I'm speechless. This is very beautiful.
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I love the motif of the stone fish in your paintings. It's just another string that ties in your art with your intentions behind your art.
Wonderful work!
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excellent work
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absolutely amazing traditional media-work.. you are truly a master at it :'>
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This is positively gorgeous!
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for this i have no words..... You all know it how it effects!
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Simply amazing and i :iconlove: the stone monument
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I love the way you coil vines around the people in a lot of your paintings. It adds so much depth to the picture; as if to suggest the person has been there for a very long time, or that they're very close to the natural things around them... I love it!
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Very beautiful!
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This is exceptional! Amazing and artistic piece and superb anatomy!
You draw feet very nice :)
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love the colours!
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