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Princesse Petit Pois

By zancan
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Inspired by the tale The Princess and the Pea, this drawing was made for a contest called "Ma Bulle" for the convention Art to Play (next November ). The artists had to draw a A4-sized picture where a blank space was left for a face, a character.

My own princess, Vanessa, who posed for me has a very fragile spine, which causes her many concerns. But oh, she also loves to party, and when she does, she can fall sleep on a stack of breeze-blocks :)

The drawing was done in two evenings ( plus a few more hours). First day for drawing and ink, and the second one for coloring which was done which Photoshop.

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So, I'm guessing that white thing under all the mattresses is a breeze-block?
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i remember this story (the princess and the pea)--just not so sexy of a version.
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I really like this piece I think the details add a nice touch with the wine glasses. Its so pretty and sort of dark at the same time:).
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...also, perspective-wise, I don't think we'd see the foot of the bed that's in the back underneath the bed, it seems to be coming out of the middle of the bed instead of the corner... but anyways, I love this picture to death!!!!!
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Awww, if you could draw a zebra stuffed into the empty space, change the wine glasses to pill bottles, and change the wording on the picture art to something else, it'd be absolutely spot-on as a symbol for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I have the hypermobility type, and getting to sleep is absurd, because any little thing will cause me to have to shift to get comfortable, then shift again when my bones settle too much and threaten to go out of socket. I laugh at my self for acting like the princess and the pea every single night!!!!
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cute :heart:
is she drunk
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Very nice concept and great style :D
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Loooove your style!!!
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Really awesome :)
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Coucou ! Cela faisait longtemps :) Merci !!
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Beautiful work!!
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It's always lovely to see a new deviation by you. It's different to see a digital piece from you, and you are certainly talented in that area as well. Very lovely!
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Très jolie interprétation de "La princesse au petit pois"!
Un style qui diffère de ce que tu fais habituellement mais qui est tout aussi intéressant ! J'aime beaucoup ses chaussettes ;) ...
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Merci! Oui c'est un peu différent, surtout dans le rendu "bande dessinée". Le fait de participer à un concours avec ses règles imposées te permet de sortir de tes sentiers battus, de ta zone de confort. C'est ce que j'aime bien là dedans. Et les chaussettes sont un choix vestimentaire du modèle :)
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