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December 16, 2012
No Doll by `zancan
Featured by STelari
Suggested by LadyofGaerdon
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No Doll



Oil painting on canvas
27x65 inch (70x165cm)

This is the painting that I've done last year, started on january 1st and finished on december 31st ( with long moments hovering in between ).

It's a project that had been dear to me for many years, and which went through a lot of conceptual changes until I came up with a painting.

You might be interested in finding symbols that echoe with another painting in my gallery called "Pas d'Ange" . Not exactly candidates for a diptych, because their color schemes are way too different, but the concepts behind are linked, the objects in the scene show some relationships. The canvas are the same size, too. Ah, and the slope is the same.

For details, close-ups and a bit of discussion, you can check out the page on my blog: here

Many thanks to Joëlle who was the brave model for this one.

Cheeeeers !
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Very lovely and well executed piece that is purely open for interpretation which only adds to its appeal. Regarding the criticism, the things that I feel can be improved on are:

- The wall. The manner in which it was painted in is very soft and lacks texture. This is especially evident when comparing to the very well detailed and sharp texture of the floor. I can understand softening it, to add more emphasis to the figure, but I feel it is way too airbrushed and randomly colored, making it resemble human flesh.

- Drapery / wallpaper in the top right corner. Not exactly sure what that is, due to the bottom of it being vary vague, looking like it's dissolving into the wall. A bit more refinement as to what's going on there would've been nice. In addition, the blue lighting in the corner of it feels out of place and is distracting to the eye once you notice it.

Last thing is minor and some may say it depends on personal taste, but I feel that her revealed breast is small in proportion to her head, as well as can benefit from more refinement. A subtle highlight along with a stronger shadow at the bottom can give it better definition.

Hope that helped. Great work man!