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January 18, 2009
Garden of Giants by `zancan really brings out the true talent of this artist. The joy and emotion in this image is so overwhelming and awesome that its almost scary. Wonderful painting with beautiful details and lighting. Fascinating!
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Garden of Giants

Tears for Joy in the Garden of Giants
Digital painting

(details and close-ups here )

I had this thought one day about the fact that feelings belong to oneself, and that it was foolish to pretend being able to share. Later I found that maybe, thanks to art, their was a possibility for the sharing to happen.
As an artist, I consider it's my mission to give shape and color to feelings that otherwise are trapped within an individual. With time I turned to be a quite "romantic" person, in the literary definition of the term, i.e. a person who is fascinated by the spectacle of his own feelings.
In the immense diversity of emotions one can feel, I choose to extract a striking and rare one and turn it to spectacle. This emotion is a joy so immense that it makes cry tears; smiling and weeping at the same time, the widest range of behaviors concentrated in one single emotion.

**edit october 2009**
You really have to read the detailed analysis that *sequentialscott wrote about the painting .
It is extremely fluid in the writing, thorough in the analysis, and insightful even for myself. I can't thank him enough for the great honor it was to receive such quality work and honoring attention.
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design25's avatar
Very impress work art =)
Love your content and sty
Tym-G-S's avatar
FiaDeSpiderFLower's avatar
How stunning and lovely. I didn't know what direction I wanted to take my story in and this helped with my writers block! 
SteamHead1880's avatar
Wonderful work!!!
Paudraic's avatar
Very imaginative.
JAFNOVA's avatar
Very cool. Kinda reminds me of the "Botanical Building" in Balboa Park in San Diego, CA.
Tuiteyfruity's avatar
really!? I need to go there then!
kelseyganous's avatar
It is amazing, I love that everything is so elongated
danydiniz's avatar
This is very gorgeous!
Vainam0inen's avatar
Aivilonique's avatar
I think that it is a very interesting angle you choose.
Great light/shadows too :)
Votre peinture est trés belle. Haha, just practicing my french :I
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alicequeen's avatar
feel 天空之城
SpectreNectar's avatar
Gosh what a masterpiece!
JuliaKuchaeva's avatar
WOOOOW! I adore it!
animehappygirl's avatar
i agree with the comment below
This probably the best work in Deviantart.
TokioGemini's avatar
Wow breath taking :) great job :D
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