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Cinnamon Breath

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Breath in.
From the day I started to paint this canvas, to the day I put the last stroke, I went through so many moods. From the greyish days of boredom, to the glorious moments of love that I didn't expect. Her wind has blown so strongly, that crazy storm that blew everything up, that at last calmed down.
Breath out.

Cinnamon Breath, oil paint on canvas, about 5 month work.
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NicostrataHobbyist Traditional Artist
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this piece shows incredible movement and invokes feelings of wonder. the shadows give the painting an incredible depth. While the two mysterious figures draw you in, the inventive background captivates you. I interpret the breaking free of the Stone that held him as the defeat of an enemy-the growth of cities. the City's dull colors compared to the lively hues of the forest provokes a feeling of the wild beauty of nature. The plant creeping up the building sends the message of the evenvtual crumble of all things. the beautiful symbolism and vivid imagery together form a tre masterpiece. The clear thought and Raw talent poured into this makes this, in my opinion, one of the best.

keep creating,
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susha017Hobbyist General Artist
the time you put into this really shows x0 
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BonyStarkHobbyist Traditional Artist
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BoxxMannDAHobbyist General Artist
it just looks great like at the edge between civilization and nature
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Amazing work!   Thank you for lavishing so much time on it. WE are the beneficiaries!
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Holy cow...this is something truly unique! I like what you do here.
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NickBertkeHobbyist Photographer
I don't know why but I think this is absolutely fantastic.
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wow I relate to this so much. I've lived in the innercity for my whole life but have always had a love affair with the woods. Someday I hope to escape for good, it's just a matter of convincing people to come with me ...

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and i feel that when i do finally leave, it may be in ruins. :/
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This is sublime.
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absolutely amazing. and i love the title too
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meimei808Hobbyist General Artist
The young man is waking up out of stone with the free-flying sprite's breath? wonderful!
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Natalya-NSY Traditional Artist
OMG! You are SO good in dimentions and lights/shadows!
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so much and so well done
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You make the females so beautiful.
I don't know why it's called Cinnamon Breath,
I'll assume she has the cinnamon breath.
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wow, how did you get that translucent effect? Paint thinner and white? I absolutely love this piece, awesome work!
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zancanHobbyist Traditional Artist
No ... :) You have to repaint the background, with opaque paint, but by mixing with your color a tiny amount of white to make them look paler. If the cloth has multiple layers piled up, then your color must have more white. No transparent trick here, only using the right color to paint what you see.
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Awesome! I'll have to try it out! Thanks again for the awesome information!
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Great picture, I especially love the fish out of stone <3
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I cant help but be reminded of Adam and Eve: leaving the beauty of the garden for the stone cities of the civilation they build.
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CanveySueHobbyist Photographer
Great perspective, your artworks are astounding, and I love the way that within each one there is a story just waiting to be interpreted, a story which surely means something different, and personal, to each and every one of us. Beautiful.
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SacaisHobbyist Traditional Artist
Did you wanted to show the love between people from the "land" and from the city? When so... awesome work ♥
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bubble-huggerHobbyist Traditional Artist
How big is this? You are sooooooo super talented
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It's gorgeous!
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