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Backyard view

By zancan
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Postcard 10x15 cm
Markers and watercolor on watercolor paper

This is the view from my kitchen window, in my current flat in Bordeaux, France. I drew and painted it this year in April, during a few lazy breakfasts before going to work.
It was then sent as a gift to my friend Megan in Florida. The artworks always run a risk when being lent to postal services ( how many beautifully handcrafted letter have I lost in the past! ) But it you want it to qualify as "postal art" it needs that stamp on it. Thankfully, this one crossed oceans and arrived safe : )
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J'aime beaucoup le graphisme un peu BD et l'aquarelle... le rendu est vraiment joli!
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This is very nice! I like the style and how muted the colors are,very nice work :)
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Beautiful work, beautiful view from the window, likely the beautiful neigbour, in a cottage?

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OK, never heard of postal art before, so let me get this straight: you drew and painted this on a piece of cardstock or whatever, addressed the back and stuck a stamp on it and mailed it to Florida taking the chance of getting it all bungled up in the mail? That's so scary! But it's really beautiful. Makes me wish I had a window view like that.
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hmmm, so nice, now a glass of wine and a good talk :)
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My dear O,O IT'S AMAZING ! I LOVE YOUR WORKS !Could I be your student,my master?xD
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j'adore :] c'est vraiment belle. je suis aussi des états-unis, comme votre amie. J'ai été en france l’année dernière. je pense que c'est magnifique la-bas! mieux que les états-unis :P mais je ne suis pas allée en bordeaux. je voudrais y aller :]
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remember me of Dicken's books illustrations
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What a lovely postcard for your friend to receive. Very nice. :hug:
:heart: Elle
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What a beautifully quaint view... And so masterfully depicted. It's certainly very different from all of your other artworks on here, I very much like it. Personally, my attention is drawn to the open sky above all the buildings; it gives a feeling of 'something more'... which I love.
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France is so beautiful...
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Simply lovely.
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Lovely job. And I'm quite jealous of your view.
Oh you are a wonderful artist!
I wouldn't be able to make something like this even if I tried.
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Wow!! It's soo beautiful!! Everything is in so much detail. And France is so beautiful . Your paintings has never failed to get everyone's heart on them. I just can't stop loving the way you have painted the plants. Love it. Thank you very much for your hard work and for sharing :)
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Very nice work!
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wow what a view. Great way to pass breakfast & a work morning. I love this. I feel this :)
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I like this soft feeling
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wow!! the mood is priceless!
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i want to ba as good as you sigh
you're talent is inspiring
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your ink and watercolor is absolutely lovely :)
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