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Backdoor Into Luxuriance



Oil paint on canvas - 80x120 cm.
Bizarrely, that word .. Luxuriance... had been running in my head for days like an intriguing leitmotiv, and painting it out seemed the most natural and only way to shut the voice.

Here is a painting I finished in january after 3 months of daily efforts. I've forced myself to paint everyday, despite the usual overwork at 2Roqs.
For once this painting isn't about a deep worry I may have had, it is more simple in the meaning. Instead, I've explored domains quite new to me: for instance, I've plunged almost the whole painting into penumbra to allow a brighter light to fall down on the hand.
I worked out the movement and the body language. The weird cropping of the girl should produce a disequilibrium that contradicts her course. On her face, I tried to display an expression of joyful surprise mixed with a bit of worry.

Close-ups can be seen at

I hope you like green!
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Mar 19, 2007, 1:22:48 AM
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I think this is 1 of the most thought provoking pieces. Its really interesting how the girl looks lonely, depressed and misplaced. The whole picture has that feel to it as well yet at the same time seems to have a paradox of being somewhat natural as the background and buildings are all greenish making it seem kind of not very far from nature. Not sure what the main message is but it looks as if shes from a more natural setting and however she has come into this new world, she is unsatisfied with it. I'm not sure if all the buildings being green and looking like they are growing out of the ground with roots underneath them suggests that this whole area used to be pure and natural at 1 point and is now becoming more synthetic and harmful to the environment but it looks so very cool.
I really like this. Really nice work and its more thought provoking and makes you stop and think about whats going on and the message of this art more than most art I've seen on this website.