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20 minutes

By zancan
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This painting is the result of my participation in the "Arting Spirit" competition, as part of Polymanga 2012 convention, held in Lausanne, Switzerland. 28 illustrators worked for 22 hours on the subject "20 Minutes".

I first though about the name of that free newspaper called "20 minutes" that I used to browse during one of those boring train travels between Bordeaux and Paris, which inspired this setup to me.
I imagined this character, dressed in a busied man's suit, who arrives in a train station to catch the next departure in 20 minutes, but finds an abandoned scene instead. Two different timescales meet in this painting, the one after which we run, and the one that inexorably flows by.

Technically speaking, I applied the same process that I used previously in those speed painting sessions: underpainting with acrylics the first day, followed by a layer of oil paint on the second day.
The painting made it to the 4th place of the competition. Although it didn't win anything, it found a buyer before it was dry, and a nice home place in switzerland.

details here: [link]
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The setting of a train station I really in its own right a very interesting area and In my opinion this painting is one of the best pieces of art I have seen on the setting aforementioned...

that being said now I shall begin my interpretation of this marvelous work.

Though the contrast and colour of the painting is lively I do find the concept it delivers to be a stark contrast to its outlook... which is in my opinion a good touch ...
The fact that the station is empty and the only passenger standing on the platform is a man in a suit reminds me of all those times I've stood alone in a situation which I desperately wanted out of.
the plants growing about the station only serve to emphasize the fact that it's been deserted for quite some time.
the tracks are broken that means that the train cart though being present cannot be of any use to the passenger and the only way for him to get anywhere is on foot. The fact that there is also no engine shows that the conjecture has no end or direction in any case.

In all... the painting serves well to emphasize the lonely feeling that occurs every so often when one is caught in a situation to which one knows the way out but is still bound into it by things beyond one's control

Bravo! A well executed painting
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Normally, when one hears of a drawing of a train station assumes Rush and crowd of the industrial age. Instead, this drawing gives a bold yet pleasant new perspective where nature and artifacts blend with indistinguishable ease. Yet that might have cost the emphasis on the character in the picture.

Moreover, the painting done rigid enough to sustain an attractive quality yet have a loose and nebulous texture giving overall sense of balance and perfection.

Lastly,The ruins and plant growth on the rail and the brightness of the drawing seems to tell a story of someone who has long waited believing in the train taking him to better place yet not not able to see the reality in front.

Overall, the painting holds a unique vision and lasting pleasant feel in the eyes of the observer.
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The piece is beautiful and the sense of perspective is amazing the way that you have the back ground almost faded makes the viewer come up with something going on with out actually knowing what is going on in the background. It allows the viewer to come up with their own story in the painting. The only thing I can comment on is very tiny and something that unless your really looking at it you don't notice BUT the tower in the back ground has been slightly cut off. It is perfectly straight every but the second half towards the top. Other wise this is a beautiful image and I can not wait to see more from you. Good work, keep painting!!!
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enchanting painting
Jane Ianniello
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Nice, some classmate was telling me to go to Polymanga for the artists... Looks like he was right. You going this year ?
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Not only i am going, but also I'll have a room dedicated to an exhibition of my paintings, nearly all of them! I hope that it will be another motive for you to stop by ! 
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Ben je vais faire mon possible pour y aller alors !!
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This is so beautiful - reminds me of a Ray Bradbury story!
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I don't know why but at a first look I thought "damn, did he paint it in 20 minutes???" Then I read the description well and got that you painted it in 22 hours. I felt better :D ahhahahah
This is as all your other work a beautiful piece of art, the concept is tremendously great and you painted it so well. The color palette is just.. perfect. :+fav:
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I don't know how to create it in 20 minutes,but it looks very soft and charming^^
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Beautiful and dreamy...
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I really like the concept a lot. And the composition is very good. I see it is less detailed than your other work, but it is as beautiful.
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Zancan, my friend. I'm concerned. Surely it could be upsetting to have someone of far lesser skill than yours critique your work as less than glorious. You strike me as a man who is asking for truth as others really see it. "Don't bullshit me," is how you strike me. I'll take the risk. If I'm wrong, I'm about to find out.
COMPARED to your previous works, you played it too safe. It is beautiful and desirable as evidenced by the fact you sold it so quickly. However, my opinion is, you didn't win because of a lack of risk.
There is nothing in the art to suggest you are bored with painting. However, I see the same colors as with that painting of you I love so very much. The patterns have become predictable and in their own way "academic".
Let's excise all of the painting which is world class: the theme, the layout, the concept, the composition, the use of color. You get 100% on all that stuff. So, my critique is not "bad". It's that one missing element: drama - surprise, risk, aggitation, mystery. Did I share with you when I first emailed you that I believed you were Irish? Green. So much green. It's like your theme is "look how many varieties of green I can make without using tube green". How is the sky blue and yet all the reflected light is green? If this were the first time you had done that, it would have been risk. It wasn't.
The focal point of my critique is about DRAMA. There is something inside you which is so offended by...something in art--something primal. Maybe you hate Raphael's work because it's so dark. Maybe you don't want your work to look like anyone else's work. To me, you moved away from your strengths. You have a devine talent with figurative and portraiture art. You own a soul with a spectrum so wide, most of us will never acheive what you have here. I think the judges saw that in you as well. They just didn't see it here.
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beautiful painting and story :) your work never fails to inspire
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J'adore la façon dont tu retiens tes personnages dans l'instant, souvent avec des tiges de plantes enroulées ou des lianes ! 4ème place + 1 acheteur, deux belles récompenses pour un sacré challenge :)
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oh wow, this is awesome.
really beautiful!
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Wa-au.. It is so beautifull.. I like such colors - they are calm and soft : )
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I love your works. They're always so...clear.. It looks like a place i'd like to step into. So warm and cosy.
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Thank you this beautiful lovely work :)
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I love it ^^
The thought you gave it, and the two worlds that meet (sort of).
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