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A Siren's Call

By Zanariya
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This is a remake of an old painting ([link]). It is also my entry for the "Draw This Again" competition :D I'm really happy with the new painting, although i wish i had more time to work on it... but so many deadlines... i... can't... *faints*

Mermaids are EVIL! >8D
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The picture is very good but I have a question - why all people think sirens were some kind of a mermaid?? Sirens came from Greek mythology and there they're described as half-women half-birds. We have plenty of art, sculptures, etc. depicting them this way.  
I just wanna understand why this image suddenly turned into mermaid-like?
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Hi there!

Where can I purchase this Zanariya? My boyfriend is a Merchant Marine Captain and calls me his Siren all the time. We saw this and he loved it.  Please let me know:)
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LOVE that your focus and coloring make it so that I clearly will not see the man in the foreground until it is far too late. I am entranced! Great job!
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Glad you like it! ^^
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>:D I agree mermaids are a piece of work! But we can be fun too. Just don't let us get hungry. Next best thing and such ^.^
I used your image on my tumblr (see my profile for details) and I hope you dont mind. If you do, please let me know how I can fix it!
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Thanks for letting me know, my only condition is that you link back to my DA page and make sure you give me credit for the painting :)
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Yes I did! :) there is a follow through link on the picture if you click it, and I put a link to your DA page on the caption. You're welcome to visit my tumblr and check :D thanks for letting me use it! I just really liked how bad ass she was!
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so cool :iconiloveitplz: gahh i love her experssion, she looks so...unsatisfied, like, "ugh, is this it? C'mere you..."
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Tehehee she's still hungry >8]
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I love the tail! Whoa, i didn't notice that there was a guy there until after like a minute! It's creepy (in a good way) and so pretty!
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Thank you so much :)
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awesome tail
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Her tail looks great! I really like the distressed look of the tailfin.
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This is a brilliant piece of artwork. The longer I look at it, the more I adore it.
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